I was listening to a mashup of Owl City’s cover of Waving Through a Window and the original one, and I noticed that Owl City’s singing sounds a bit electronic (??? Sorry, not sure how to describe it) like in their other songs. Then I thought: What if Evan and Jeremy are both singing Waving Through A Window, but they have different scenes and views for the lyrics. In the part of the song where they sing about falling out of the tree, what if in Jeremy’s view, it’s not a tree and he’s actually going to jump off a building, but after singing “Did I ever make a sound”, Michael stops him, but no one is there to catch or stop Evan. At that point, Jeremy stops singing and it’s just Evan now because someone found Jeremy or “waved back at him”.

Here’s the link btw https://youtu.be/VJ9VwxaIfGU

(Edit: Owl City doesn’t actually stop singing after ‘Did I ever make a sound’, but in my opinion Ben sings a bit louder at that point)

[Another Edit: Just to clarify, I don’t own the mashup]

Songs About...(Owl City Edition)

I saw someone make one of these with another artist, so I decided to make the Owl City edition.


  • If My Heart Was a House
  • Thunderstruck
  • My Everything
  • I Found Love
  • Gold
  • How Deep The Father’s Love
  • Speed of Love
  • Enchanted
  • Can’t Live Without You
  • Honey and the Bee
  • The Tip of the Iceberg


  • On The Wing
  • Early Birdie
  • The Real World
  • Tokyo
  • Umbrella Beach


  • Hospital Flowers(sorta?)
  • Vanilla Twilight (well it could work…everyone seemed to think he wrote it for a non-existent dead girlfriend/wife anyway)
  • Youtopia (the video deals with death at least)


  • Back Home
  • Here’s Hope
  • Hey Anna
  • Sky Diver
  • This Is The Future
  • The Technicolor Phase
  • I’ll Meet You There
  • You’re Not Alone
  • The Christmas Song
  • Kiss Me Babe, It’s Christmastime
  • Hello Seattle 


  • When Can I See You Again
  • Shine Your Way
  • Good Time
  • Rugs From Me To You 

Fear/Inner Conflict:

  • Cave In
  • Bird With A Broken Wing
  • Fireflies
  • Silhouette 
  • Wolf Bite
  • Beautiful Times
  • Dementia 
  • Plant Life
  • Paper Tigers
  • Metropolis 


  • Tidal Wave
  • Galaxies
  • To The Sky
  • Verge
  • Shooting Star
  • Live It Up
  • Dreams and Disasters
  • Embers
  • This Isn’t The End