I recently finished a few new bone spiders and handed them over to Jana from Bonelust to finish as pendants. They will be available soon in her shop at www.bonelust.Etsy.com These spiders are made with rodent bones that have been removed from owl pellets. A long process and difficult to work with so I don’t make many of these! I listed new items at www.forgottenboneyard.com as well so check that out too.

Brown Hawk-owl (Ninox scutulata)

Also known as the brown boobook, the brown hawk-owl is a species of boobook (Ninox spp.) which is a resident breeder in most of tropical south Asia, ranging from the Middle East to south China. Brown Hawk-owls typically inhabit well wooded country and forests. Like most owls, brown hawk-owls are nocturnal and feed on a range of small birds, mammals, lizards, frogs and insects. N. scutulata like other members of its genus earns the common name “boobook” due to its cools which are a soft, muscial oo-uk..oook-uk.


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Strigiformes-Strigidae-Ninox-N. scutulata

Image: Michael Gillam