I pet an owl today, what did you do? #owl #wildlife

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So I was looking through some old photos and found some pictures of me and my mother!

My mother was a very beautiful owl, no wonder she caught my father’s attention. And, as they say, nine months later, she laid an egg. But an owl did not come out. Instead I came out!

A white, barn owl (don’t question her) gave birth to a red fox! Everyone was very confused, but my mum loved me very very much.

I didn’t get along with my kind as well as I did with my mum.

I love my mum very much.

As I grew up she protected me, even when I grew bigger than her!

Soon, I wouldn’t let her baby me, I had to convince her I was a big pup now, and could protect myself. It took a lot of snoogins to get her to listen to me.

And now, I protect her from the haters and yanderes on Tumblr.

And we also snoogin alot.

スピックスコノハズクのマルちゃんと、ジュニア😍😊💕 #owl #フクロウ #スピックス #スピックスコノハズク #TropicalScreechOwl #hoothoot #kuuowl #owlpopopo #ふわもこふくろう部 (カフェ・リトルズー)

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