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I met Adam Young

To Violet, Kira, Vanessa, Lina, Tammy, Katie, Aundrea, Kenta and Hannah, thank you for everything.


Have you ever experienced the feeling of a sudden army of butterflies invading your stomach when you’re nervous? Triple that up, and you’ll feel how it was like in my shoe exactly three weeks ago, the 8th of May 2015.

Cue the tissues.

Every so often back then, I would sit alone in my room writing about how astonishing it would be to meet Adam and possibly ask him for a hug. Before, I’d have everything planned out— from what I’m going to say, to what I’m going to give. Then reality would hit me like a freight train that I can probably never even meet him, so why even bother writing?

Who would have known that after 3 years, I’d be alone in the same room writing again— but now it’s different. I’m writing about how I felt when I met Adam 3 weeks ago, and how everything still feels like a dream I’d never want to wake myself up from.

Though I know I need to depart from it, I can’t, because everything still hasn’t sunk in. Everything still feels surreal; like a page ripped off from a fairytale book; like a scene from movies, and I know I need to move on from it because by this time, Adam has probably forgotten about me already.

It all happened the morning before my birthday when he announced he’s coming to Manila this May. The odds must have been really in my favor that time, because to my surprise, the venue is only a 10 minute drive from my house.

It was a free show, but in order to be close to the stage, you have to buy about $46 worth (2,000 pesos) of items in their participating stores. I told my mom and at first, it was hard to convince her about it. But after a long while of promising that this’ll be the last time, she finally gave in. I ran all the way from building 1 to building 2 to make sure there are still some left for me. I got ticket number 794, not to mention that there were only 800 seats available.

As the days grew closer, I ran out of places to store my excitement in. Some nights, I couldn’t sleep just to the thought that I’m seeing him in less than 2 months.

I’ve been a fan since late 2011, and I’ve been longing to meet Adam to tell how much he has changed not just my life but also those others close to me. So I did what I’m supposed to, and waited for a meet and greet contest announcement. However, the concert was getting near and my chances of meeting Adam was fading.

I’ve tried everything— from trying to contact the Management, the venue owners, and everyone whom I thought could help me. I even tried contacting Adam himself, but if not ignored, I would be turned down. There was one day left ‘till the concert and I lost hope.

On that same day, (one day before the concert), the concert sponsor announced that they will be hosting a quick promo Meet and Greet for tomorrow’s concert. Euphoria engulfed my whole body as I quickly got my phone and entered because I only had one hour left to join.

Browsing through the tag, there were already almost 5,000 posts (some were spamming) and when I tried to post the picture again for a higher chance of winning, Instagram blocked me from posting any picture because of their so-called “Community Guidelines.”

I told myself that there’s no more chance and that I won’t ever meet him, just to prepare myself beforehand and to help myself face the bitter reality as well. Over time, the posts from people grew, leaving them to have higher chances of winning while I’m stuck with only one entry. I finally gave up and slept the pain that I was feeling away.

After a little while, my phone was blowing up with messages like “congratulations” and greetings similar to that. Befuddled when I checked, I was one of the 5 winners who won a meet and greet pass for tomorrow!

Fast forward to the concert day, I was shaking and heaving on my way to the venue knowing that I’m going to screw up or stutter or even embarass myself in front of him. Anxiety was eating me up, but the thought of me meeting him in just a short while lifted my soul up. We were called to the meet up place after the concert, and I couldn’t help but fear that he might not like me, or reject me if I get a hug, or even sass me out (like who he usually is on Twitter).

I was immediately called to when I went to the place. My CDs, my phone and my sharpie got confiscated because signing and selfies weren’t allowed, but I didn’t mind. Adam was in front of me already, what more can I ask for?

Adam was very kind and soft spoken, and was nowhere sassy in real life. He also giggled when I gave him a Pizza fridge magnet and said I decided to give him that because I know how much really loves pizza. Hearing him giggle, specially when you know you’re the reason why got be dumbfounded and frozen right at that very moment. After I gave him my gifts, he thanked me and said my works were ‘awesome’ and ‘wonderful.’ I also asked for a hug and it was the best feeling on earth. It was like sitting by the fireplace on a bitterly cold December. He was a very appreciative and kind guy.

To fans out there, from this fanbase or not, though I know that there are more inspiring stories out there than this, may this story serve as an inspiration for you to never lose hope and keep on dreaming :)

I’m sure there’s gonna be a 0% chance of Adam seeing/ reading this, but if ever, just by any chance you stumble upon this post, thank you. I don’t want to go into full detail on why, I just really want to thank you for everything.

All the love, Clainee.