Oh so cute, an owl brooch …

I WANT IT !!!!!


This pretty owl is Zeus:  The Blind Owl With Stars In His Eyes.

This is Zeus, an amazing tiny owl. He has the most incredible eyes I’ve ever seen, which truly look like they are full of stars. This is how he got the name “Zeus”, after the Greek God of sky and thunder. So what causes his eyes to glitter like a starry night sky? Well, unfortunately Zeus is blind. He has a condition known as capsular cataract, which produces unique flecks caused by fibrin/blood pigment clots.

When I find Zeus here on Tumblr, I could not resist to paint his incredible beauty despite he is having a huge lack that is vision. Owls since always have inspired me but never one had hit me as much as Zeus. 

So I do for him a special acrylic portrait that have a message I need everyone to hear: No matter if you are blind, deaf or can’t walk. You always have something BEAUTIFUL outside or inside of you that shine so much that can eclipse any defects that you have :)

Enjoy the life! 

Laura / Lullaby Equine Art


My favourite photos from this past weekend.

Whenever the owl display guys come to our local shopping centre, we always pop in/ I think Soph just enjoys telling people not to take photos or touch the birds unless they pay/donate. She likes telling people off. Or rather, she likes telling on people. She’s often not brave enough to confront some random stranger, but she’ll sure as fuck let me know when she sees someone up to no good.

Anyway. This time I thought she was old enough to be allowed to hold an owl. The owls name was Rio and he’s a Chaco owl.

We also went to Kilmarnock Police Station open day. There was more than just police stuff, with face paints, bouncy castle and fire engines and junk. Sophie loved getting to see ( and sit in ) the Fire Engine. She said the helpmet was real heavy thou.

It’s just a shame the sun, which was blaring in the morning, decided to hide for the bulk of the day.

When we got home, just as soon as I’d put Soph to sleep, there was a police officer at the door. He was asking about a break-in and robbery at one of our neighbours. I told him that we had the best alibi, that we’d spent the afternoon surrounded by cops! Took him a second to realise I wasn’t genuinely concerned about being a suspect.