leading up to owl I was actually super anxious because of the whole unknown factory. so I decided maybe I should make a list of some cool bullet point info about what it’s like and what to expect for those of you who are going to this stage! if you have any questions or worries feel free to message me and I can go ahead and try to help you out!

  • if you get there an hour early you’ll get floor seats
  • there are vending machines and concession stuff like sandwiches (I think ham? and for sure peanut butter and jelly!) chips, water, monsters, and other drinks
  • the bathrooms only have a few stalls (yes they are the kind u can see through) so I advise going during a match or while they are setting up for next round. a line tends to grow during half time!!
  • while standing in line, your ticket is scanned, you get a wrist band, an overwatch league towel, sour patch kids (got 2 mini bags during the game!) and a raffle ticket.
  • keep your raffle ticket on you! don’t lose it! during half time they give away prizes such as s76 statues, snillo body pillow (tho it will be something different next time), and cool stuff like that.
  • They randomly throw t-shirts into the crowd sometimes. please be careful. most people were chill but the guy next to me no joke body slammed into me and almost hit my head. people can be dicks and I dont want yall to get hurt. 
  • most people are really nice. don’t be afraid to talk to your neighbors! think of them as if you were in a comp game with some super nice people. there was no pressure or anything.
  • the seats are sorta okay for the first 10 minutes but after awhile your butt gets hella numb. feel free to take a break and walk around the store or just stretch. 
  • they do remind you where the exit is and give you a little rundown on what we’ll do if there is an earthquake.
  • there is signing with a chosen team at the end of the entire thing. 
  • traffic isn’t as bad as you’d think it would be!
  • if you are waiting for your ride and wait outside of the venue, go down a few feet and wait over by the bus stop. no one wants casters, players, and other workers being bugged as they head out. 
  • it really isn’t that cold. unless you’re wearing shorts and a short sleeve top, you shouldn’t have any troubles. 
  • parking accepts cash only. you can use your card inside for drinks, food, and merch.
  • before the games while you are waiting in line you get the option to make a sign if you’d like! they also do a little questionnaire thing and give out chips and little goodies for about 3 minutes. 
  • you cannot bring any food or opened water bottles. if you bring a water bottle, don’t drink it in line b they will make you toss it!

so yeah! if you end up going to the game and you’re a bit anxious like I was, feel free to message me and I can try to help give you more of a rundown and answer any questions!


Short-eared owl (Asio flammeus), Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) and Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus) feather plates and details. Comparison between Strigiformes, Falconiformes and Accipitriformes.

Those birds although so diffrent have something in common. All of them were found lately on my trips, far away from my home. Every have a story, here:

-Short-eared owl - it’s a very rare species in my country and I totally didn’t expect finding it. This bird was found on north as a victim of unsecured traction cables which were loacted by marshes, really close to national park. I haven’t found whole bird sadly, it seems a fox got it before me and left feathers only.

- Kestrel - I brought him from Greece; it looked like he has fallen above the sea which had washed him on quite a busy beach. Noone cared to move him enywhere and he was really far gone. I took his feathers andhide his body, then he took his last flight - to my country.

-Sparrowhawk - as my every sparrowhawk she was victim of unsecured glass surfaces. In this cae very extravagant - a glass fence. She laid there for a long time before I found her her feathers was in good condition tho. Also from Greece.

I don’t have skull from any of them.


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A great horned owl that occasionally makes an appearance in a friend’s garden. I am always happy for the visit, it’s easy to forget how big they are.  Look at those talons on the fence rail!

This one’s handsome visage is now available @ society6.com/laughingthrush