The Powerful Owl is Australia’s largest species of owl. It makes its home in old, hollowed out trees along the south-east coast. These majestic birds need old-growth trees to build their nests, and the diminishing woodlands are making it harder for them to survive.

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Came out this morning to find this, a wonky ear tuft :/ Although she is in full moult, I think she may have bent this feather somehow :/ Thankfully it’s an older one and she’s losing alot of other feathers so it should naturally come lose soon. Bird feathers during a moult are particularly fragile and susceptible to more breaks and bends. Also never pull a feather out before it’s ready! Feathers contain blood vessels that during a moult, slowly die off as the new feather pushes the old one out (or that’s the best way i can put it in layman’s terms) pulling or clipping a birds feathers is very painful and traumatic for any bird! (Detest wing clipping, it’s very traumatic for birds and I personally feel it’s slightly barbaric!) So even though this one has bent, i feel it’s less hassle for her to just leave it well alone. And i can laugh at it as it confuses her! Her new feathers that have come through are beautiful and glossy though! So pleased with her progress!


Ever wondered what grumpy baby owls look and sound like?

After a third baby tawny owl was brought into the hospital, Lucy decided it was time to move the youngsters into a bigger pen. The baby owls weren’t so happy about this, as Lucy quickly finds out…