After 30 Years, Owls are Back in Town!

On August 2, the National Zoowelcomed two burrowing owl chicks—the first hatching of this species at the Zoo in 30 years. A recent population management plan recommended breeding the Zoo’s current adult pair. The burrowing owl is named for their habit of living in underground burrows. It can excavate its own hole but usually uses a burrow dug by another animal.

The chicks are with their parents in the Zoo’s Bird House. Currently, there is semi-transparent filter paper covering their exhibit, providing the chicks with privacy. As they become more comfortable with their new surroundings, the paper will gradually be removed.

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Chevêche brame.

Athene brama (Temminck, 1821) :
- Chevêche brame ;
- Spotted owlet ;
- Mochuelo Brahmán ;
- Mocho-de-Brama ;
- Civetta macchiata ;
- Brahmakauz ;
- Brahmaanse Steenuil ;
- Brahmanpöllö ;
- Браминский сыч ;
- インドコキンメフクロウ ;
- 横斑腹小鸮

Ordre : Strigiformes ;
Famille : Strigidés - Strigidae ;
Genre : Athene ;
Espèce : brama - Sous-espèces : + 5.

La chevêche brame est un petit rapace nocturne

Image gratuite sur Pixabay

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