Danielle Woodward

"Magic is a gift, never a curse.”

35 → Lana Parrilla → Witch → Lawyer/Council member → Open


Danielle grew up in Whiteash, her parents were both teachers in the high school and she had a very privileged upbringing. Her mother was a witch and although it was a secret from her father, Danielle always knew. When she was only an infant her mother would perform minor spells and Danielle would excitedly ask for her to do the magic again. She loved her mother’s magic and even as a child knew how to keep her mother’s secret. Every week her and her mother would go out and meet the rest of the coven. It was a huge part of Danielle’s social life and from a young age she was socialising with the witches and supernatural creatures of Whiteash. At thirteen she discovered the council and her mother’s place on the council. Her mother revealed that she intended for Danielle to take her place on the council one day. But there was one problem…she had yet to develop any powers.

She worried about it constantly, when she’d develop powers. How good she’d be with her powers. Whether people would respect her or not. She was an intelligent girl and sailed through school. But she her heart was in magic. When she was sixteen, she finally bloomed. Her powers took shape and although she wasn’t the strongest witch, she was the smartest and the most charismatic in Whiteash. She left town when she was eighteen with the blessing of her mother and she attended Stanford University of law. When she finally returned to town she was a successful lawyer and had perfected control in her magic. But when she reached Whiteash she found out the worst, her parents had split up. Her father had found out the truth, found out what her mother had been hiding from him for years. Danielle’s mother loved her father, she’d been protecting him and scared of what her husband would think. Danielle was terrified of what her father would think of her, but her father accepted his daughter. Explaining it wasn’t what she was he hated…it was the lies he hated. Danielle didn’t know how she felt about it. She loved her father and her mother, but all she had ever done was keep her mother’s secrets.

Danielle is still in contact with her mother and her father. A few years ago her mother made the decision to retire, meaning that Danielle took over her position on the council. She owns her own law firm in Whiteash and spends almost all her time at work, in the coven or on the council. She doesn’t have a chance for a family or a relationship even if she can be lonely at times. She see’s herself as a guide to the younger witches and is trying to help them to the best of her ability.


+ Intelligent, Protective, Loyal

-  Persistent, Stubborn, Close-minded


Andrew Warwick: Andrew and Danielle have been best friends since they were kids and Danielle still adores the werewolf. WhenKatelyn was put on the council Danielle wanted to help Andrew, but she knew she couldn’t intrude on werewolf business. She still can’t.

Laila Norris: Danielle See’s a lot of similarities between her and the young witch. But she worries about her. She wonders if she should try and help her more or if she should back off. It’s clear the girl doesn’t love magic and she wishes she could show her how beautiful magic can be.

Parker Meridan: Parker arrived in Whiteash a few years ago, joining the coven. Danielle can tell he’s a loose cannon though and she doesn’t exactly trust him. She’s keeping a close eye on the witch, making sure he doesn’t cause any problems.



“Tell him the schoolgirl’s grown up.”

Charley Mahealani looks like Kristin Kreuk, she is twenty-four years old and is a witch. She is available.

Who is Charley Mahealani?

When Charley was younger she knew that her life would be different.  Especially when she turned 16 and her life had changed completely.  She had found out that she was different, special.  What she had found out about herself and her family was that she was a decedent of an original witch.  She was a witch.  It wasn’t hard for her to learn everything when she went to her dad for this, finding out that they with the Bennett’s and the Morrell’s were connected.  And she had practice magic until she had left for college with her best friend.  She knew how to handle herself and she knew that she was meant to be a leader of her own circle when the twins, the Bennett cousins finally received their powers, alongside the Morrell siblings.

When her father had died, Charley had came back to stay with the siblings, taking care of them while their mother tried to recover, but she knew that she was far gone, but the twins had insisted she would be alright.  So she had gone off again, to try and find out more about her family line and finding herself in New Orleans.  She had studied all there was about white magic and then find out the curse that Beacon Hills had and what was hiding there.  Or better yet, who was hiding underneath the caves.  She hopes that with her new found knowledge, she can stop anyone from unleashing the horror that would come to residents at Beacon Hills.

Life in Beacon Hills

After finding out the secrets of Beacon Hills, Charley had decided she needed to go back.  Not only because she had to return to help the twins, knowing that their powers would be in full affect once they turned 18, but also because of the witches that had dark magic born in them that she had to stop them from triggering.  That and she needed to find the Bennett girl, feeling the connection with her getting stronger, knowing there was something off about her, especially when she arrives.


Mahealani Twins: Charley loved her little baby brother and sister, ever since she first laid eyes on them when they were babies.  She was 8 when they were born, and she knew that they would be special.  When she got older, she was conflicted to leave them, after their father died, but she was convinced by the twins that she should start her life, and that their mother would care for them.  Now back, Charley finds out that Emily had been developing her powers, while Danny showed no signs, wondering if on their 18th birthday all of that would change.

Isabella Keller:  Issy and Charley had been best friends for the longest times.  Always taking dance lessons, cheerleading, the works, they were inseparable.  With the two being best friends, alongside Laura Hale, they had always been known as an unholy trinity.  When they got older, Issy had found out about Charley’s gifts, hiding herself from everyone, but eventually it worked itself out when Isabella accepted her, not caring that she was different.

Maya Morrell: Cousin from their mother’s side.  Although Maya was not entirely a witch, she still had some power that Charley could never have.  She knew that she would be a powerful being one day.  She looks out for Maya, knowing that she had gotten herself into the whole Alpha business.

Ashton Morrell: Cousin from their mother’s side, Ashton and Charley were always the two that butted heads when it came to their family business.  Although Ashton didn’t become a witch like, Charley, she knew that he and his sister would become much stronger than the witch, over time.  

Laura Hale: Charley and Laura had always butted head.  Not only through their group, but also in everything else.  They competed to be the top of everything.  Charley was head cheerleader, Laura getting president.  Of course they both tried their best to getting Prom queen, but in the end it was given to Issy.  After high school, all that stuff seemed so pointless.  Especially when both girls lost their parents in a way.  And even if they did know about each other’s supernatural identity, they knew that being who they were came with a prize.

Derek Hale:  Charley knew Derek through Laura, and knew about his family secrets.  It was because of him that he found out about Laura being a werewolf.  When she first saw him turn into a wolf, it had scared her, freaked her out, but because of his encounter, she had a better appreciation for their kind, always protecting their pack like their family.  Seeing them is rightful creatures, instead of evil ones.

Jason Parker: It was no surprised that Charley would fall for Jason as well.  But she knew that Isabella was in love with him too, letting herself slowly forget her feelings.  But of course, she was taken in when found out about her witch side, helping Jason and Issy when it came to the supernatural.

Sam Winchester: When Charley was out to venture off to New Orleans, she had met Sam in her journey, not knowing who he was.  But when she found out about the things he had done in the supernatural realm, she knew immediately that this guy would be very important later on in her life.

Other Points:
  • Is back to help her siblings with their magic and start forming the circle with the Morrell’s and Bennett’s.
  • Knows about the secrets of the angels and demons, and what their importance to the town.
  • She looks out for other young witches, including Jake Armstrong and Melissa Glaser from the Chance Harbor Circle.

Camryn Massey ∗ 19 ∗ Dakota Fanning ∗ Open ∗ Witch

Bio: [PERSONALITY + BACKGROUND: Three to five long paragraphs about the character’s life, attitude, personality, like and dislikes, background, etc.]


  • Youngest triplet.
  • Tends to fall in line behind her older sisters and just does what she is told rather than showing her opinion. 
  • Has a dark side she doesn’t know about yet. 
  • Her abilities are of the spirit, but she isn’t aware just what that means. Camryn can use her powers to create a mental pain in someone’s head making them think they are in excruciating agony. Having never tried this, it will take a lot of studying of her family grimoire to understand what her powers mean. Along with this, she has the ability to heal small wounds, but with her sisters, she can do a lot bigger wounds.
  • When the girls were younger Camryn accidentally brought a bird back to life, with the help of her sister’s power, though she isn’t aware she can do this.
  • Camryn thinks she just hasn’t mastered her powers yet, so that’s why she can’t do any physical magic. 
  • The Massey sisters were conceived under the Angel Oak and when they were power from their parents soaked up some magic from the tree and planted it within the girls. This magic is only at it’s strongest when the three are together, but only Camryn knows just how powerful they are.


+ [peacemaker, friendly, kind]

- [nervous, unintentionally dangerous, timid]


Bella Massey: Triplet sister, older by two minutes. Bella is usually the one causing trouble and Camryn just wants her sisters to get along with each other. She often acts a peacemaker and tries to reason with her sister when she chooses to go off on her own. Though camryn and Bella often combine their powers so Bella is stronger. 

Emilee Massey: Triplet sister, older by four minutes. Camryn looks up to her older sister and wishes she could be more like her, open with her thoughts and not afraid to say what she really thinks. She often finds herself sneaking looks at Emilee’s secret designs

Emilee Massey ∗ 19 ∗ AnnaSophia Robb ∗ Open ∗ Witch

Bio: [PERSONALITY + BACKGROUND: Three to five long paragraphs about the character’s life, attitude, personality, like and dislikes, background, etc.]


  • Oldest triplet by two minutes.
  • Emilee has her whole life planned, wanting to put her magic aside and focus on her fashion career.
  • Her powers are physical - stronger with the water element. 
  • The Massey sisters were conceived under the Angel Oak and when they were, power from their parents soaked up some magic from the tree and planted it within the girls. This magic is only at it’s strongest when the three are together, but only Camryn knows just how powerful they are.
  • Very intelligent and talented with design. 


+ [protective, quiet, talented]

- [stubborn, reluctant to use her magic, controlling]


Bella Massey: Triplet sister, younger by two minutes. The two argue over Emilee’s reluctance to do her magic, but nothing will tear their bond apart. 

Camryn Massey: Triplet sister, younger by four minutes. Camryn is often the peace maker within the sisters, being the most calm she is able to bring the older two back down to a peaceful state. 

Adina Laverne∗ 23 ∗ Kat Graham ∗ Open ∗ Witch

Bio: [PERSONALITY + BACKGROUND: Three to five long paragraphs about the character’s life, attitude, personality, like and dislikes, background, etc.]


  • Adina is the only living descendant of Artemisia Laverne.
  • Extremely powerful witch with no knowledge of magic or her powers.
  • A year ago Adina’s grandmother died which sent her into a spiral. This was when her powers activated. Her strong affinityor fire proved just how dangerous it could really be. After finding out the news of her grandmother Adina ran away. In her upset panic she didn’t realise that the family home she’d just ran out of had sealed all doors and windows and a large fire was quickly spreading through it. All Adina had been thinking about was that she didn’t want her family to follow her.
  • She’s been having dreams that are infact visions given to  her by her grandmother that instructed her to find New Hollow, but she has no idea why.
  • Hidden in the roots of the Angel Oak is her family grimoire, but she has no knowledge of this.
  • The power of the tree draws her to it often and she can’t understand why.
  • She often sleep walks and finds herself at the tree.  
  • Has no living relatives. 


+ [determined, powerful, kind]

- [abrasive, sarcastic, unpredictable]

Powers: Gifted with both physical and spiritual powers, but is stronger with her spirit. Fire is her strongest element. 





“Magic has its price? That’s just a scary bedtime story for kids.”

Aaron Blackwell Balcoin looks like Aaron Johnson, he is twenty years old and is a Balcoin witch. He is available.

Who is Aaron Blackwell Balcoin?

Aaron is quite a charismatic and charming young man, that will have you around his little finger in no time. There, there, don’t be mad at yourself, he’s doing that to everyone, so you’re not the only one under his charm. And by I that I also mean that literal part. But don’t fret, he’s not using his powers until he actually has a reason to. He simply prefers to handle things on his own, just in case he would not be able to use his powers one day. And let’s face it, he’s good at whatever he’s doing without actually getting his hands dirty. Is that a Balcoin thing? Possibly.

From the very beginning, Aaron was changing schools every three years. Everybody thought that his father was a soldier and only because of that he kept dragging his only kid with him, when the truth was completely different. But Aaron was always fine with that, he met a lot of people, he saw a lot of places. Sure, there were times when he just wanted to stay in one place, but he knew the rules, they just had to kept moving. From the young age, the boy knew about his destiny. He knew who he was and he knew what he was able to. He started practicing when he was about fifteen years olds, just when his powers started showing up. He had quite a hard time back then, his father was probably just trying to help him, but he was only making him more nervous. But Aaron survived these couple of years, and he weirdly wasn’t depressed when his father got killed. Well, he knew what he was doing and what could happen, he was prepared for that. And now it was his turn to take care of things, it was his legacy and his moment of the future triumph.

Life in Beacon Hills

Aaron arrived to Beacon Hills after spending some time with his siblings - Chuck and Diana. He knows what Chuck is up to, and by all means, he is not going to do a thing to either help him or cause him problems. He is quite protective over Diana, not really being a fan of her dating a werewolf, or using her powers way too much. He’s eager to get to know his other siblings a bit better, although knowing that it is not going to be an easy task to do. 


Balcoin Siblings: Aaron was always fine on his own, but his father told him about the others, he wanted to meet all of the from the very first moment. He is not a big fan of Chuck, thinking that the guy is way more bossy that he should be, especially when Aaron is the eldest, not him, so leadership of their future circle belongs to him. At first he wasn’t sure about Diana, and knowing that her and Cassie killed their faher, didn’t really make things easier. But after some time he got over it, seeing quite a big potential in his little sister. He didn’t have a pleasure to meet other girls, but he has heard a few things already. Surely he is going to be quite a surprise to Cassie, Aria and Lydia, but well, surely he will just make things more exciting.

Other Points:
  • His father taught him everything he knew, but Aaron knows that there is still so much to learn that he is not stopping on finding other ways of using his magic powers.
  • He knows about supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills, but is not entirely sure about who is who. He gets those feelings when he is around them, but he needs to touch them to find out the truth.
  • Aaron doesn’t know his mother. John told him that she just left both of them, and to be quite honest, Aaron doesn’t really want to meet her, he just doesn’t see a point in knowing someone that doesn’t want to know him.


“All those moral merit badges should add up to something.”

Jake Armstrong looks like Chris Zylka, she is nineteen years old and is a witch. He is available.

Who is Jake Armstrong?

If you are looking for a residential bad boy then here he is. From his early years, Jake was Mr Trouble and everyone knew it, not that anyone actually cared about it enough to avoid him. Losing both of his parents in the Boatyard Fire, and as it turned out later, being a witness of that and blocking that memory out of his head, wasn’t something that anyone could call an easy childhood. Well yes, no one, who lost so much could live an easy life, but taking care of his younger brother while still being a child definitely was not making anything simpler. But with the help of his uncle and aunt he had managed to deal with it, and still had plenty of time to to cause trouble wherever he showed up his face.

Jake had always been quite a charmer and despite his reputation, he was considered as one of those popular kids that everyone else wanted to hang out with. During his teen years, Jake was working at the Grill. It wasn’t something that he particularly enjoyed, but he needed a job to have money for his own expenses. He was a hard working type, very ambitious, and even though he was the one to not mess with, it was quite a surprise when one day he stole money from the Boathouse and disappeared. As it turned out later, Jake found out about his witch powers and developed hatred toward witchcraft. After leaving town, he joined “The True Believers”, a witch hunter club, swearing to kill all witches in his hometown. During his time away, he was not close with his brother, Nick, knowing that he is destined to be a witch too. Jake came back to Beacon Hills to pay respects for his brother’s sudden death. Alongside with him, other hunters came to town to destroy the Circle. Jake pretended that he had no idea about the existence of the hunters, he kept helping the Circle, while secretly planning to kill them, and disposing the obstacles, like Calvin Wilson, who he killed in the end. But he did not foresee one thing - developing feelings for Cassie. While Faye was trying to catch his attention, his eyes were on the blonde witch. He helped her with discovering facts about her father, John Blackwell, and Dark Magic. When the Circle found out about his true purpose, or rather his old purpose, he had no other choice but to leave the town with the rest of witch hunters to pretend that he was still working with them, while truly just finding out what they were planning against the Circle. Even after proving his loyalty, not everyone trusted him, and when later on he confessed that he killed Mr Wilson, while being under a curse, he had been pushed into the background. But he stayed and helped his friends; he helped them with finding the test of the Crystals, with finding out the truth about another Balcoin child in their Circle, and alongside with Melissa he tried to save Faye from the witch hunters.

Life in Beacon Hills

Jake has always been a loner, and now, being back in his hometown for good, he is not sure what to do next. He is working on his relationship with Faye, practicing his solo magic and simply enjoying his free time. He has not told the rest about the message from his grandfather: “The Circles are coming together, your fight is far from over”, he doesn’t know what to do with that information so for now he’s keeping it to himself. 


Anna Milton: Till this day, Jake is not sure about his feelings to this redhead girl. The whole concept of loving someone, or even just having some warmer feelings, was for him something difficult to understand. Before everything, they were childhood friends, well, Anna was actually his only friend, and after all those complications, after him cheating and leaving town, he just doesn’t know where they’re standing right now.

Cassie Blake: Jake doesn’t know what exactly he felt for this girl, but he’s sure that he did. He wanted to help her with her Dark Magic, he wanted to be there for her, but when she chose the other one, he knew that he was not going to fight for her. They remained friends, or at least Jake thinks they did, but lately he’s having trouble in getting to her.

Faye Chamberlain: At the very beginning, for Jake it was nothing. Faye was sexy, had all that spunk, and he just couldn’t resist and he cheated on Anna with her. He’s quite not sure what they had, or at least what he thought they had, but he just left it all behind them and decided to begin a new chapter for them, trying to be in a normal relationship with her.

Allison Argent: Because of his past as being a hunter, Jake can easily recognize another hunter, especially the one that isn’t even hiding who he is. Or in this case, she. Jake isn’t sure though about Allison’s intentions, or who, or what, does she want to hunt down. He’s curious about her next steps and he’s observing her from afar.

Derek Hale: Since Derek knows about the witches, he’s keeping up an alliance with Jake to stay on their good side. Jake doesn’t know who belongs to Derek’s pack, but he’s keeping his promise as long as Derek is keeping his. The two of them are just acquaintances, but they both seem fine with only that.

Ezra Fitz:  Jake doesn’t understand why Ezra has shown interest in him.  Perhaps it was because they both lost their little brothers and they could have done something more to prevent it.  Whatever the reason, Jake seems to trust Ezra than most people.

Other Points:
  • Jake has problems with unraveling his feelings. He prefers to be seen as emotionless, what of course doesn’t apply to people that are close to him.
  • He is clueless about other supernatural beings, apart from werewolves, in Beacon Hills, but he has his suspicions about all those animal attacks.
  • Jake’s thinking about getting his old job back, but is not very determined to do so, he has other matters to worry about.