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What’s something offensive that someone has said to you because of you being a witch?* How has is shaped your path and/or your openness to sharing your witchery?

* this is not meant to make anyone upset, but sometimes it can be good to talk about things that have been upsetting with people who will understand. I’ll be tagging any posts I respond to with #owitch if you’d like yo block the posts (or follow them)


               ⌂ Florenzia Waldhof ⌂ 19 ⌂ Year 3 ⌂ Haus Gold ⌂


White roses whispering songs of a future plunged in the soft light of dusk. White lilies singing words of a past so colourful that even the gardens of far-off countries know but to dream of it. A future bright and mellow, gentle and steady, yet filled with sweet honey and music more beautiful than life itself. A past of kindness and security, enveloping and engulfing a child’s laughter and making it immortal.
Florenzia grew up far away from all cities. Where she was, there was nature, and where nature was, there was Florenzia. She grew up singing with the deer’s bells, dancing with the rustling of the wind passing through the leaves, and painting the colours of the ever-changing sky. The Waldhofs are an ancient, honourable Wizarding family, who survived the Witches Burnings, the Ages of Knowledge, even the Wars, and who eventually retreated from society to live on a small estate surrounded by nothing but forests and fields, secluded from all that wasn’t the safety of their own family. Generations of love, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, they all had one goal: Protect their youngest, Florenzia.

It was disillusionment and fear Florenzia had to face when she first set her foot to the great city of Mainz, from where she was directly brought to Schluchtenburg. People of so many hair colours, of so many accents, of so many beliefs, of so many backgrounds. And because she had spent her whole life being taught that all that wasn’t her family wasn’t good, she could not bring herself to love it. She did not hate it. Hate was an emotion she had not been taught. But she feared it. She did not understand, and she did not trust it.
Two years passed and she learned to accommodate to it, but she never learned to love the people in the Hauses below her. How was it possible that some people dared to be poor? How did they dare to fail? To be so weak? How did they dare to crunch their faces into such irritating grimaces of pain and tears? Florenzia learned to look away. She still paints, she still sings and dances, she even grew to love people outside of her family, those she deemed worthy and beautiful, but she has learned to never let the ugliness of the real world seep into her art. It exists, yes, but she is certain: Never will she let herself become one of those stains of shame.


 [+] free-spirited, ambitious, creative
 [-] judgemental, prejudiced, self-centered

Relationships and details

Fiancé: Engel Traut
Friends: Adelger Graf, Myrthe Grossherz, Jabbe Kinnig
Old friend: Maximilian Grossherz

blood status: pureblood
wand: open to roleplayer
clubs: open to roleplayer
faceclaim: Sophie Turner
status: open


   Now this was a woman worthy of his attention.

   All of that leather, those ridiculous high-heels made out
   of guns, dressed in black from head to toe and oozing
   an attitude that screamed ‘killer Queen’ — it was almost
   as if the demon was looking at a reflection of himself. 

   A low whistle from him, one of awe.

   ❝Lady, I must say that I absolutely adore your style.❞



“Tell him the schoolgirl’s grown up.”

Charley Mahealani looks like Kristin Kreuk, she is twenty-four years old and is a witch. She is available.

Who is Charley Mahealani?

When Charley was younger she knew that her life would be different.  Especially when she turned 16 and her life had changed completely.  She had found out that she was different, special.  What she had found out about herself and her family was that she was a decedent of an original witch.  She was a witch.  It wasn’t hard for her to learn everything when she went to her dad for this, finding out that they with the Bennett’s and the Morrell’s were connected.  And she had practice magic until she had left for college with her best friend.  She knew how to handle herself and she knew that she was meant to be a leader of her own circle when the twins, the Bennett cousins finally received their powers, alongside the Morrell siblings.

When her father had died, Charley had came back to stay with the siblings, taking care of them while their mother tried to recover, but she knew that she was far gone, but the twins had insisted she would be alright.  So she had gone off again, to try and find out more about her family line and finding herself in New Orleans.  She had studied all there was about white magic and then find out the curse that Beacon Hills had and what was hiding there.  Or better yet, who was hiding underneath the caves.  She hopes that with her new found knowledge, she can stop anyone from unleashing the horror that would come to residents at Beacon Hills.

Life in Beacon Hills

After finding out the secrets of Beacon Hills, Charley had decided she needed to go back.  Not only because she had to return to help the twins, knowing that their powers would be in full affect once they turned 18, but also because of the witches that had dark magic born in them that she had to stop them from triggering.  That and she needed to find the Bennett girl, feeling the connection with her getting stronger, knowing there was something off about her, especially when she arrives.


Mahealani Twins: Charley loved her little baby brother and sister, ever since she first laid eyes on them when they were babies.  She was 8 when they were born, and she knew that they would be special.  When she got older, she was conflicted to leave them, after their father died, but she was convinced by the twins that she should start her life, and that their mother would care for them.  Now back, Charley finds out that Emily had been developing her powers, while Danny showed no signs, wondering if on their 18th birthday all of that would change.

Isabella Keller:  Issy and Charley had been best friends for the longest times.  Always taking dance lessons, cheerleading, the works, they were inseparable.  With the two being best friends, alongside Laura Hale, they had always been known as an unholy trinity.  When they got older, Issy had found out about Charley’s gifts, hiding herself from everyone, but eventually it worked itself out when Isabella accepted her, not caring that she was different.

Maya Morrell: Cousin from their mother’s side.  Although Maya was not entirely a witch, she still had some power that Charley could never have.  She knew that she would be a powerful being one day.  She looks out for Maya, knowing that she had gotten herself into the whole Alpha business.

Ashton Morrell: Cousin from their mother’s side, Ashton and Charley were always the two that butted heads when it came to their family business.  Although Ashton didn’t become a witch like, Charley, she knew that he and his sister would become much stronger than the witch, over time.  

Laura Hale: Charley and Laura had always butted head.  Not only through their group, but also in everything else.  They competed to be the top of everything.  Charley was head cheerleader, Laura getting president.  Of course they both tried their best to getting Prom queen, but in the end it was given to Issy.  After high school, all that stuff seemed so pointless.  Especially when both girls lost their parents in a way.  And even if they did know about each other’s supernatural identity, they knew that being who they were came with a prize.

Derek Hale:  Charley knew Derek through Laura, and knew about his family secrets.  It was because of him that he found out about Laura being a werewolf.  When she first saw him turn into a wolf, it had scared her, freaked her out, but because of his encounter, she had a better appreciation for their kind, always protecting their pack like their family.  Seeing them is rightful creatures, instead of evil ones.

Jason Parker: It was no surprised that Charley would fall for Jason as well.  But she knew that Isabella was in love with him too, letting herself slowly forget her feelings.  But of course, she was taken in when found out about her witch side, helping Jason and Issy when it came to the supernatural.

Sam Winchester: When Charley was out to venture off to New Orleans, she had met Sam in her journey, not knowing who he was.  But when she found out about the things he had done in the supernatural realm, she knew immediately that this guy would be very important later on in her life.

Other Points:
  • Is back to help her siblings with their magic and start forming the circle with the Morrell’s and Bennett’s.
  • Knows about the secrets of the angels and demons, and what their importance to the town.
  • She looks out for other young witches, including Jake Armstrong and Melissa Glaser from the Chance Harbor Circle.

FC: Daniel Sharman

Sexual Preference: Gay

Muse’s Kinks: UP TO PLAYER

Muse’s Hard Limits: UP TO PLAYER


Peter Mason lived an idyllic life in the countrysides of France while his father worked as a Embassador to France from America. Ryker and Vivian Mason were the most perfect couple and they truly loved  He loved his family and his family loved him especially since he was the only child. His mother had almost not been able to have a child, but then suddenly Peter was born like a true miracle. Or, as his mother used to tell him, like magic. When he was seven years old he learned that his mother was a witch and that soon he would gain his own powers. From then on his mother taught him spells, their culture, and their history as a people. All in secret from his father of course. But they made do with their secret work so that Daniel could be proficient in his magic by the time that he was on his own.

Peter went to all of the best school’s in Europe to get him ready for the future all the while teaching himself magic whenever he had a moment alone. By age 18 Peter was accepted into Oxford College, although he was sure it was more due to who his father was rather than his grades, but he was used to that feeling. People surrounded him in college but he never really felt like he had any friends. He majored in French Art History and studied until his eyes bleed every night until his eyes were bleeding. It was important for him to prove to the world that he actually deserved to be at Oxford like the rest of the students there.

After getting his master’s degree, he moved to London to start work on his doctorate. But before he could start Alphas took over the world and enslaved the country. When an Alpha captured him and put him a collar on his neck he did his best to take it off. However it wouldn’t budge and he was taken down to the cells to live as a slave. From riches to squalor, Peter was living a life he had never been prepared for.


Smart, careful, and quiet. Those would be the three words that people would use to describe Peter. Everyone who met him remembered him for not saying much, but when he did talk it was quite profound. Peter spent his whole life trying to prove himself to his father while also trying to secretly be himself. While he was really quiet, Peter would be the first to admit that he had a competitive streak. He wants to be the best and will do everything in his power to be able to get to the top. However his competitive streak is usual at odds with his compassionate side. After growing up with money, he would classify himself as a proper gentleman although he can sometimes get stuck in his own head.


Nicolae Tepish; Friend