Camped at The Pit the past 3 nights, climbed at the gorge the first day. Climbed Santana .11c, this friggin awesome route you have to start from a wooden platform just about the Owens River. So rad! Second day was Pine Creek Canyon again. Worked Atomic Gecko .12b, absolutely the most fun condensed hard route so far. Gorgeous couple of days.

3 things I learned from climbing rocks:

1) You can follow someone else, or you can take a different direction - and even though it’s all been pointed out to you by the marks left on the wall, when the best way to go seems right there, it’s still yours to figure out. 

2) Trust. Your feet, even when you’ve only got an inch to balance on; Your equipment, it’s your life line; Your Belayer - cheerleader, support system,  partner.

3) It’s ok to take breaks. Sometimes it gets scary, it feels like there are no more choices but the ones you don’t want to take, and all your strength is gone. Stop, sit, breathe, stretch, reassess. And when you’re ready, start again.