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Chances Part 2

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed, re-blogged or commented! You sure know how to make someone’s comeback feel like a good one. Not sure how many parts this little series may have, but we’re not done yet!

Part 1

She was two people ahead of her, there were two bides standing in front of her and letting Owen’s missing sister walk away forever. She quickly shoved through them both, apologizing as she ran to catch up with the red head right as she entered the terminal.


The woman turned around, her smile still intact but looking questioningly at Amelia. She shifted her bag to her shoulder.

“Did I forget something on the plane?”

“No… I. I need to show you something.”

Megan looked at her confused, as Amelia whipped out her phone and quickly clearing to her home screen, a picture of her and Owen from their wedding. She held the phone and leaned towards Megan to show her. Megan’s smile immediately dropped at the picture, looking like she had seen a ghost.

Amelia hit her pictures quickly and pulled up a picture of Owen and Nathan at the wedding, watching as Megan paled even more.

“I… I have to go.”

She watched as the woman tried to bolt, Amelia grabbing her arm quickly and pulling her towards a quieter corner.

“Please let go of me.”

“They think you’re dead. Both of them. They both searched for you.”

Megan pulled away from her, holding her bag tight to her body. She tucked a curl nervously behind her ear.

“They have no idea you’re alive. What have you been doing for the last 9 years? Hiding?”

“Look they don’t need to know where I am. It’s better this way.” she replied as she turned to walk away. “And I’d really appreciate if you don’t mention that you ever saw me.”

“Megan your mother thinks you’re dead.”

She watched as Megan stopped in her tracks, clearly hesitating. She went to move again, this time clearly walking away.

“Fine. You know what, screw you.”

Amelia watched as she disappeared into a group of people waiting to board their flight. She sighed as she juggled her bag, throwing her phone back in, looking for wallet, every intent of turning around and going back to Seattle.

“She’s alive?”

Amelia nearly jumped at Megan’s sudden presence. Megan looked uneasy staring self-consciously at her feet before looking back at Amelia. Amelia nodded, as Megan let out what seemed to be a small breath of relief.

“Are you going back to Seattle?”

Amelia nodded. “You should come with me.”

“I… I can’t. What am I supposed to do just show up on her doorstep? I am just supposed to be like “Hey mom I know you thought I was dead, turns out I’ve been alive this whole time.”

Amelia went to open her mouth to argue, Megan abruptly cutting her off.

“And what about Owen? “Hi big brother. Sorry I faked my own death. Hey gee what ever happened to Beth?”


Megan’s cheeks flushed, clearly realizing her new sister-in-law had no idea who Beth was. Amelia shrugged her shoulders.

“No it’s fine.  He’s been married already.”

“What? To who? Okay, not the point.”

Amelia chuckled slightly, at Megan’s need to constantly talk, the habit seemed strangely familiar. She watched as Megan’s body tensed up again.

“What about Nathan? Am I just supposed to forget the fact that he cheated on me? That our relationship was destroyed the last time I saw him. How did he even end up in Seattle?”

“Maybe he was looking for you. I don’t really know… he’s only been here about a year. Owen and he are just now on five worded conversations.”

Megan sighed, knowing how stubborn they both could be. She shifted uneasily.

“Can I see that picture again?”

Amelia nodded as she pulled out her phone, pulling up the picture of the two men. Meghan smiled slightly as Amelia watched her eyes fill up with tears. Amelia swiped to the next picture, a picture of Owen and her with his mom.

Megan’s eyes closed in defeat at seeing her mother. Amelia put her hand on her forearm as she put the phone back in her bag.

“Come with me to Seattle.”

Megan opened her eyes again, trying to find another excuse as to not go her, mouth opening in exasperation but nothing coming out.

“You said it before. He wouldn’t want you to feel this guilty.”

Megan eyed Amelia, her own previous words of advice being used out of context and against her. She watched as Amelia stood, staring at her waiting for a response. Finally, for whatever her reasoning was, she caved.

“Great. Let’s go find a flight.”

Both women took off towards the ticket counter, Amelia glancing over as Megan kept up with her pace, but still looked visibly nervous.

“We’re going to Seattle.”

Megan nodded, her eyes wide, as she nervously cleared her throat.

“We’re going to Seattle.”


Amelia knocked on the door of her house, shifting uneasily. Both her and Megan had agreed that they probably both shouldn’t just show up at the door, so Megan was in a coffee shop downtown, waiting for a text from Amelia to take a cab.

Amelia should be worried that she would bolt, take off and never look back. But she had to believe in her a little.

She waited and then watched as the door opened and there stood Owen, who upon realizing it was Amelia at the door, looked visibly taken aback.


She watched as Owen continued to stare at her, her heart feeling like it was in throat. Maybe this was a bad idea.

“I know you’re probably really mad. And I’m sorry. But I had to leave and I know I shouldn’t have just left a note but I didn’t want you to-”

She was cut off as Owen enveloped her in a near bone crushing hug. She sighed as she relaxed in his embrace. She felt a hand go to cup the back of her head, his fingers raking through her curls to almost make sure it was her.

“You don’t want to throw me out?”

Owen sighed as he pressed a kiss to her temple before pulling away slightly so they were more loosely wrapped in each other.

“I didn’t know where you were. Or if you were safe. I was worried.”

Amelia felt her hand go to his cheek as Owen let out a pained sigh, as she truly saw the emotional impact her sudden disappearance had left on him.

“We need to talk. I know we do. About us and… everything. But there’s something else we need to talk about first.”

Owen hesitantly looked at her before nodding. She pulled away as they stepped into the house.

“But I’m going to need you to call someone first.”

Amelia paced nervously in front of her coffee table as Owen and Nathan watched her.

“Okay I’m just going to come out and ask- are the two of you trying to tell me you’re having an affair?”

Amelia and Nathan immediately responded with a chorus of “Owen! No.” and “Seriously mate?”.

Owen shrugged in confusion as Amelia shot him a dirty look, Nathan looking just visibly uncomfortable at this point.

“Seriously Shepherd, why did you need to speak with the both of us? If this is you trying to meddle…. we’re good. Right mate?”

Owen nodded in agreement as Amelia smiled lightly at how the two men finally seemed to be getting along.

The door bell rang as Amelia immediately ran to answer it.  Both Owen and Nathan looked at each other equally as lost.

They both turned as the door closed, neither of them prepared for the person who was standing behind it.


Some people were upset that Meredith wasn’t bothered by Amelia during this episode and that she focused all her every on Alex. Apparently it wasn’t being a “good sister”.

I’m not even going to fully go into how annoying it it when people keep getting mad that Meredith and Amelia aren’t as close as Meredith and other people.

Anyways Amelia is a grown up while made the choice to leave for a while. On the other hand, Meredith was sure that Alex (who is more of her brother than Amelia is her sister tbh) was in prison. It’s pretty obvious which person she should look for in this situation.

Besides Owen was already looking for Amelia and it’s not like Meredith new her so much better that she’d have found her anyway so why should she stress over that?

TL:DR: I think it’s silly that people really expected Meredith to push her worry over Alex to the side for Amelia.

“He took something from me. He took little pieces of me, little pieces over time, so small I didn’t even notice, you know? He wanted me to be something I wasn’t, and I made myself into what he wanted. One day I was me Cristina Yang, and then suddenly I was lying for him, and jeopardizing my career, and agreeing to be married and wearing a ring, and being a bride. Until I was standing there in a wedding dress with no eyebrows, and I wasn’t Cristina Yang anymore. And even then, I would’ve married him. I would have. I lost myself for a long time. And now that I’m finally me again, I can’t. I love you. I love you more than I loved Burke. I love you. And that scares the crap out of me because when you asked me to ignore Teddy’s page, you took a piece of me, and I let you. And that will never happen again.”
- Grey’s Anatomy

Girl Like Her *Zach Mitchell*

Words: 696

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of death

Summary: You’re Owen’s little sister and you save Zach and Gray during the Pteranodon attack and he quickly falls for you


“Claire! Do you see them?!” you yelled at the ginger woman as she stood and glanced around the crowd desperately for her nephews.

Letting out an annoyed sigh at her fruitless efforts, you hiked your sniper rifle up against your shoulder before turning to Owen, your older brother, and saying, “I’m gonna go look for them, keep Claire safe.”

Still shooting, Owen merely nodded and said, “Be careful,” before you were off.

Left and right, people were being swept off their feet and lifted into the air. Children and adults alike were screaming in terror as the flying dinosaurs swooped down and grabbed them.

Blowing a piece of hair out of your face, you were quick to shoot a couple of Pteranodons out of the sky when you saw a particularly big one chasing after two boys, one taller and older in stature and the other much younger. You swiftly shot the dinosaur, watching as it slid and came to a stop centimeters away from the pair.

The both of them looked for the person that saved them until their eyes rested on you. You were holding your gun with windswept hair and a grimace on your face as you made eye contact with the older boy, Zach, according to Claire’s horrible description of her nephews from earlier. Running up to the both of them and dodging dinosaurs while you did so, you ducked next to the older one.

“Are you Zach and Gray?” you asked in a rush.

They merely nodded, stunned, but that was all you needed. Without hesitation, you ordered them to follow right behind you as you led them through the crowd and shot at the sky, hitting as many dinos as you could.

You could just barely hear the little boy, Gray, whisper to his older brother behind you, “Why haven’t you gone after awesome girls like her before?”

Sparing a glance behind you, you felt your cheeks burn as you saw the flustered, starstruck expression on Zach’s face as he looked at you, responding to his little brother in a breathless whisper, “I have no idea.”

Finally, you managed to spot Owen and Claire in the crowd.

“Guys!” you shouted, catching the attention of the both of them.

You waved your hands in the air in greeting when Owen’s smile immediately dropped, his eyes on something behind the three of you. Turning around, you barely had enough time to duck and drag the two boys with you before Owen shot at the four dinos that were hot on your trail.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, you turned back to Owen and made to give him a thumbs up when you felt all the blood drain from your face. Forgetting about the boys behind you, you ran toward Owen, who was fighting off a Pteranodon on the ground. You couldn’t get a clear shot from where you were, and was thankful that Claire manged to shoot him, but that thanks was short lived when you spotted a dinosaur heading straight for her head. Without skipping a beat, you rolled under two Pteranodons before shooting the one flying towards Claire, watching it land with a thud right at her feet.

The five of you met up after that under the shelter of a roof, and you couldn’t help the smile that sprung onto your face as the three relatives reunited.

“Boys, this is Owen and his little sister, (Y/N),” Claire explained to the boys.

Zach’s face immediately grew red at the mention of your name, and you couldn’t help but admire his looks as he stared at you.

“Can we stay with you?” Gray asked sheepishly.

“I will never leave you ever again. I promise,” Claire said with teary eyes.

“I meant them,” Gray clarified.

“Definitely them,” Zach said, backing up his little brother.

At his words, you couldn’t help the blush that spread across your cheeks, unable to look him in the eye.

Taking one look at your face, Owen looked between you and Zach before a smirk appeared on his lips. Walking next to Zach, he mock whispered loud enough for everyone to hear, “Keep it in your pants bub.”


Prompt: Please write what happens after the elevator omelia kiss?? Smut preferably! (:

Prompt: a very wet Amelia (due to heavy rain) knocks on Owens door and ends up staying at his place during the night.

Prompt: please write owen and amelia shower sex

WARNING: I mean… read the prompts, you know the drill.

She’s in my arms, pinned against the elevator wall, kissing me hungrily. She becomes breathless and pulls away, her head tilting and allowing me to attack her neck.

“Owen,” she says, huskily. I can tell she’s full of desire because the spot I’m kissing on her throat vibrated deeply against my lips as she said it. I hold her up, pinned against the wall of the elevator with my hands on the back of her thighs. I massage the flesh there, slowly and forcefully rubbing in and out and feeling the heat begin to rise from her sensitive area.

The blood is beginning to rush from my head down south, filling my yearning cock. She grabs my face with her hands, keeping it in her control as she attacks my lips, bruising them with her sucking before relieving them with her tongue. Her tongue is everywhere. It’s on my top lip, it runs the length of my bottom, it flicks into my mouth and grazes against my teeth making her moan. It’s dizzying and I have to steady us by resting one hand on the wall behind her shoulder, her legs tightening around my waist.

As soon as she brings her body closer to mine, my erection springs into life and makes itself known to her crotch. She moans as she feels it and as I begin to grind into her hips I can’t help but groan back. Breathing is becoming impossible and I’m so caught up in her intoxicating kisses, I don’t realise the elevator springs back into action until it dings for the next floor. I look to the numbers by the door, the red button being the source of the problem and realise she must have had her hand there a while and then pushed it. By mistake or on purpose, I’m not sure.

She gasps, shoving me away as the door begins to open, and jumps out of my embrace. It’s her floor. She walks away, silently apologising with her expression as she looks back to my bent over posture attempting to mask the hard-on between my legs.

I sit on my sofa, toying with the idea of calling her. I eventually summon up the courage to press the green button below her contact picture on my screen. I feel like a fifteen-year-old when it comes to her, and in fact, a fifteen-year-old girl at that. I lift the phone to my ear and wait hopefully as the dial tones begin. One… two… we all count when it really matters to us. Three… We all want to know how desperate they are to answer the call. Four… Come on Amelia.

“Hello?” her voice blasts into my ear over crowded background noise.

“You are such a tease,” I accuse down the phone, laughing as I lift the beer bottle to my lips.

“What? I am not,” she childishly reponds. Her voice sounds light and cheerful but I can barely hear it.

“Where are you?”

“I’m at Joe’s,” she says, “excuse me.” I hear her shuffling around the room, dodging people and excusing herself as she clearly brushes passed conversation after conversation. Suddenly a bell rings and there is silence. I know that bar well and I know she’s just exited the door.

“Are you leaving?” I ask.

“Maybe, why?” she replies.

“I was wondering if you wanted to come over.” I try to keep it as casual as possible and I think it may have worked.

“To your new place? But I don’t know where that is…”

“You have google maps on your phone Amelia. You’re a neurosurgeon, use your noggin on your shoulders,” I joke. “I’ll text you the address, it’s walkable from Joe’s.”

“But I have so much work to do,” she whines.

“That’s alright, you can do it here,” I say.

“But you’re so hard to ignore,” she playfully accuses. I chuckle a little at her admission.

“So see you in a bit, yeah?” I ignore her whines and excuses, desperately wanting to see her face now that I’ve heard those delicious tones.

“Ugh,” she groans. “Fine, ok. But Owen?”


“Noggin? Really?”

“Oh hush yourself and get over here,” I order.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” she insists. My eyebrows instinctively raise, my mind immediately going to the thought of her moaning those exact words in my ear later tonight.

The buzzer of my apartment goes off and I jog over to the door and answer it. “It’s about time, where’ve you been?”

“Argh, just let me up,” her annoyed voice rattles through the speaker. I buzz her up and unlock the door next to me, leaving it propped open as I go to the kitchen area to get her a drink and turn the oven on to warm up some food.

“What the hell Owen?” she asks me, dropping her bag to the floor by the door and kicking her heels off to the side. It’s like she’s been here a thousand times and this was how she usually returned from work- as if I forgot to leave a key for her or something.

“What?” I ask, baffled as to what could be troubling her so much.

“That is not walking distance!” she exclaimed. “It’s like… terrential rain out there and I had to walk for like a half hour through it. I mean, thank God I didn’t wear makeup today cos right now I would look like a panda. What the hell?!”

She emphasises her point by lifting her hands into the air, her face going through a million adorable expressions as she blames me for the weather. I bite my lip in amusement but as I walk over to her with a small bottle of sparkling water (lime, of course), I can see that she is indeed very wet. Not the kind of wet I was imagining either. Physically drenched from head to toe.

She peels her jacket off her shoulders and wrings out one of the arms for dramatic effect. Water falls to the floor in a quick shower, forming a puddle.

“Amelia…” I go to tell her off, frowning at her childish behaviour, but begin to feel sympathy as I notice her pale complexion dampened by rain. I take her jacket from her hands and put the glass bottle in it instead and close the door behind her. She takes a swig from the bottle and as she starts to look around the place from her spot by the entrance, I can see she starts to shake and shiver.

“Are you cold?”

“Come over here and hug me,” she challenges, holding her hands out. I narrow my eyes in suspicion. She’s not that easy, she wouldn’t let me have it that easy without an ulterior motive and that’s when I start to see the droplets of water falling from her soaking wet hair down to her shoulders.

“I’m not falling for that. I’m warm and dry,” I laugh at her attempts. “Come on.” I take her hand and lead her the short distance through to the bathroom.

“Owen,” she tries to protest, squirming a little. As she steps through the door she stops fighting, distracted by the gorgeous bathroom she is standing in. The dark, modern tiles have been newly cleaned today and are sparkling as they bounce the light off. The huge shower is a personal favourite of mine and actually led me to getting the place. It’s multiple shower heads in all directions with various settings make it a fantastic place to be, and running alongside the wall is a bench to enjoy the sauna setting. It’s exactly what she needs right now. I turn the water on, the heat up and wait for the steam to start billowing.

“Now, get out those wet clothes, throw them out to me and I’ll put them in the dryer, take a shower, enjoy… towels are in here,” I tell her, opening a cupboard to the side of me, “and I’ll have some clothes waiting for you the other side. And a hot chocolate. Sound good?”

She doesn’t say anything, her eyes soaking in every detail of the place and the shower but eventually meeting mine. She bites her lip and I can’t help looking down to it, loving the ache it causes in my lower abdomin. God, I want to kiss her when she does that. She knows I’m looking and turns the bite into a smile. She gently whispers “thank you” before walking a little closer to me, and standing on her tiptoes to place a soft peck on my cheek. She lingers at the taller height for a minute, watching my expression and my cheek flush. Her eyes are back to mine, drawing me in. She’s incredible. I need to leave the increasingly hot room before I’m tempted to ravish her there and then.

“Owen,” she calls out to me from the shower.

“Everything ok?” I call back.

“Can you come in here?”

I frown, knowing she’s in the shower, and wonder what she’s up to. I open the door, walk through the steam and struggle to see where she is. The air is thick from heat and I feel my pores immediately open up to adjust to the drastic change.

“I can’t work out how to turn it off,” she whines from inside the glass shower walls. I politely turn around and look at the ceiling, making sure I’m not tempted to check her out.

“Oh my God Amelia, how have you not fainted by now…? It’s so hot in here!”

“Yeah, well, that’s how cold and wet I was… Can you just come in and turn it off?”

“No, cos then I’ll get wet,” I reason. “You see the knob to the right of the temperature gauge?”

“Yeah, I can see a knob, standing with his back to me.”


“Yeah, sorry, knob right of gauge, tried that, it’s not budging. I think you’ve done it too tightly,” she says.

“No you have to push the button in the middle before moving it sideways otherwise it stays put…” I try instructing her.

“Oh my God!” I hear her voice exasperate and the shower door open. She grabs my hand from behind and tugs me in. I’m immediately drenched from every direction as the hot water hits me from all angles but I’m not in the least bit bothered because she grabs either side of my face and pulls it in for a kiss. She wastes no time in desperately searching my mouth for my tongue so I open my lips to grant her access. She challenges me, making me breathless with the ferociousness of her tongue’s pace.

Her hands tug at my t-shirt, pulling it over my body and we break the kiss as I finish the job, flinging the material to the side. I pull her into me, once more attacking her mouth, her nipples beginning to harden as the skin-on-skin contact makes us both moan in pleasure. Her hands rest on my shoulders, rubbing down to my elbows and up to my neck, occasionally playing with the curls at the back.

My hands roam freely from her back down to her butt, it fitting perfectly into my palms as I squeeze. She groans into my mouth and responds by digging her teeth into my swollen lips. I encourage her behaviour by massaging her cheeks up, down and round, roughly teasing the skin with increased pressure from my fingertips. She starts to pant between kisses, desperately trying to keep up. As she breaks to catch her breath, I attack her neck and feel her gluttoral moans echoing within the depths of her throat through my lips. I keep my pace going, moving down to her breasts and taking a nipple into my mouth, sucking and flicking my tongue over it whilst one hand moves round to her clit.

Her head rolls back as my finger dips between her folds and finds the wet juices from her hot opening, spreading them up to her most sensitive area. It’s throbbing and as soon as I touch it, the moans almost turn into whines. I turn us around so her back is against the tiles and she gasps at the change of temperature from her hot skin to the cooler tiles. I take her wrists and clasp them together in one hand, lifting them above her head and pinning them there. She can’t move and as I look into her eyes, I see the darkened shades of her usually bright blue twinkle at the thought.

My other hand grabs the shower head that I know has a powerful massage setting, usually using it for my shoulders, having always been curious about its effect on a woman. She watches as the powerful thrusts of water hit the shower floor. I start by directing the flow onto her feet and she bites her lip just at the connection of water to her skin. As I work the water up her left leg, she holds her breath in anticipation as it reaches her mid thigh. I teasingly swipe it across to the right side and her teeth dig into her bottom lip as she watches.

I divert upwards, avoiding her centre completely, and cause the water to gush into her belly button. I see her whole body tense in response and as I make the harsh spitting droplets settle on her nipples, her panting begins once more and she squirms within her pinned position.

My erection is in full swing as I watch her writhe under the effects of the shower upon her breasts and I smile, knowing I can no longer keep the pleasure back from her. I quickly lower the head in between her legs and hold it steady as I make sure the pounding stream of water hits her clit. The volume of her gasp, and the ensuing moans, makes me groan with pain. I’m conflicted. I want to keep pleasuring her and watching as she delights in the sensations the hot water is causing but my hands are tied and I’m unable to release any pent up sexual frustration. My balls tighten significantly and my penis aches from the amount of blood pumping into it, caused by the image of her wet naked body being pleasured by water.

Her legs start to visibly shake and I can see her breasts rising and falling more dramatically as her breathing becomes laboured and erratic. Her body spasms as the orgasm hits her, her stomach tensing and her face frozen in ecstacy. It doesn’t relent and her silence as her body experiences things outside her control means I get to watch her temporarily enter another universe.

I can’t take it anymore, I’m too turned on and my dick is about to explode. I drop the shower head, pull my soaking wet bottoms down and lift her up from under her knees. I pin her to the wall with my body as I line up my throbbing tip with her moist opening. I ease into her, aware of how sensitive the area must be due to my impatience causing me to cut her orgasm short. She smiles as the feeling washes over her and my jaw clenches as her walls tightly wrap around the length of my cock. I’m already so deep within her that it only takes the tight clenching of her opening around the base of my shaft to release a primal desire to thrust. I hold her hips steady and pump into her, watching her breasts dance up and down in movement before taking her lips into mine, clumsily attempting to kiss her as my orgasm builds.

She reaches down to find the cord of the shower head and drags it into her posession. She points it between our bodies and now I understand everything she was going through. Both of us explode, the continuous and rhythmic patterns of the water stream being felt in both our inner cores and helping to keep the orgasms alive for longer than usual. I watch her hit a second wave and keep pumping my cock into her to help her ride it out this time.

Best. Orgasm. Ever.

“Hey, do you want some coffee or something?” I ask as I stroll around the apartment, clearing a couple of things up. She sits on the table, paperwork sprawled out in front of her and her laptop illuminating her face. Her damp hair is scrunched into a messy bun and her petite frame is being drowned by my large t-shirt and boxers. She looks perfect.

“I’m ok thanks,” she dismisses, too immersed in her work. I sit down on the sofa, take out a book and begin reading. We sit, silent in each other’s company but happy to be the opposite side of a room from one another. It’s like it’s happened a thousand times and this was just another night in the Hunt-Shepherd household.

It’s 2.30am, I apologise for any mistakes- I’m a bit delirious right now…

Change; we don’t like it, we fear it, but we can’t stop it from coming. We either adapt to change, or we get left behind. & it hurts to grow, anybody who tells you it doesn’t is lying. But here’s the truth: The more things change, the more they stay the same. & sometimes, oh, sometimes change is good. Sometimes change, is, everything.
—  Grey’s Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy theories for this season

1. Owen’s sister Megan is not dead. She’s gonna come back
2. Jo’s ex is going to come into the picture
3. Jo is pregnant
4. Christina returns. She will be instrumental in getting Owen and Amelia back on the same page.
5. Megan coming back will put a dead stop in Mer and Rigg’s annoying whatever they’re doing.
6. Maggie will find out all the shit other people have been keeping from her and she’ll lose her shit. Maybe this will make her less annoying.
8. ELIZONA (except Eliza needs to be less of a dick)
9. More character development for Deluca and Edwards.

Imagine Owen and you have kids and you show them the raptors and then the Indominus Rex escapes

Owen Grady x Reader

Requested by: brunograham.tumblr.com

“Sam, Lily, let’s go! We’re late! Owen, you too!” You called your kids while opening the car door. They were going to see the raptors for the first time. You were very nervous because they were very young, Sam was 8 and Lily 5, but they insisted with you and Owen. They wanted to see his father working. Owen used to tell them the most impressive stories about raptors and they grew up fascinated by all of that.
Sam came out first, he was carrying a backpack full of dinosaurs and the rest of his things he loved to carry around. He wore a red cap that hid his blond curls. Her eyes were green, the same as his father. He was an authentic copy of Owen.
“Where’s your sister?” You questioned tightening the seat belt around him.
“I think she’s choosing the shoes.”
Inside, Lily was sitting on the bed putting her pink converse. But there was a problem, she still couldn’t tie the laces. She wore a pink blouse and a denim shorts. She loved that color. Her long brown hair was braided. Owen was already out there holding the front door.
“Sweetie, c'mon!” Owen said. Your daughter walked up to him with her tennis untied.
“Daddy, help me, please!” Lily said looking down at her feet. Owen sat her down on one of the stairs steps, knelt down and laced her shoes. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and took her in his arms, heading to the car. He placed Lily on the car seat, closed the door and sat down beside you.
“So are you guys ready?” You asked them as you started the engine.
“Yeees!” Sam and Lily screamed excited.
A few kilometers after, you arrived at the raptors cage. You already had been there, so you weren’t surprised. But your kids were flabbergasted looking at the large installations. It looked bigger to them because they were very small.
“Woooow!” Sam said and started to run towards the first gate, which was open. Owen quickly grabbed the backpack that was on his back, making him stop. If Sam approached the bars, it could happen something very serious.
“Hey, hey fella, easy!” Owen said and glanced at you. He nodded saying that everything was okay. You were hand in hand with Lily. She was a little scared, because she already could hear the roars of the 4 raptors.
“It’s okay, they’re not gonna hurt you!” You tried to comfort her, but never let go of Lily’s hand. Owen put Sam on his shoulders, and started to up the stairs to a kind of balcony that covered the entire paddock. You and your daughter followed them. When you got up there, your children ran to the railing and looked down. Owen called the raptors. You heard a noise, it looked like something running, and suddenly they appeared. They jumped and roared at you. Lily stepped back and hugged your leg.
“Mommy!” She looked at you almost in tears. 

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