Mermaids, Mordor, and Mean Girls | Parker, Owen, and Penelope

A little to the left…a little to the right…perfect. Penelope balanced the two cakes on top of each other perfectly, and carried them both under one arm while carrying her purse with her other arm. With a satisfied grin, she set off across the campus for Owen’s place. Frankly, she was looking forward to her night out with the two boys - both of them were lively, and her conversations with both young men had definitely been enthralling. She was positive that they would have a great time tonight. She gripped her cakes even tighter. The sophomore had spent her entire afternoon baking that cake, but she had still gone to Safeway and bought a spare just in case. She wanted their hang out session to go smoothly, even if it meant another trip to the grocery store. (Hey, time is precious in college!)

She arrived in front of Owen’s apartment with a minute to spare. To her utter shock, she felt the plastic covering the cake slipping beneath her fingers. “Oh, crap.” She muttered irritably. She tensed up her muscles, and made her best effort to hang on. Finally, the door to Owen’s apartment opened, and Penelope yelled at her friend desperately, “SAVE THE CAKE!”

intcrdire asked:

∞ # ♦ x ♥ *

∞ - For an altered state of mind text. (Drunk, drugged.)

Owen: i love you i think or i love fucking you one of them idk which tho

# - For an angry text.

Owen: I’m so I just how does one person have the ability to make me so fucking angry Alaska jesus how do you fucking do that

♦ - For a rushed text.

Owen: i shouldnt even be on my phone right now but okay look i really like you and okay im turning my phone off and ill see what you said late bye xxxxx
x - For a secret text.

Owen: I really trust you, A. And.. That’s why I’d really like to tell you about my dad. Well, what my mum told me about him anyway.
♥ - For a regular text.

Owen: You look so cute today.
* - For an early morning text.

Owen: its like fuking 5. but im wide awake well no bc its bright and my eyes hurt but xxxxx ill bring you breakfast later at a time when im not going to die xxxxx

Drunken Fairytales || Owen & Connor {College AU}

Owen laughed softly, pressing his hand to his mouth to try and keep himself quiet. He hadn’t been drinking that much, but being with Connor always made him go a little overboard. He just always wanted to make sure the boy had a good time, and if that meant that his friends thought Owen was a bad influence, then so be it. He’d been called a lot worse before, so it shouldn’t bother him. It did though, that Connor’s other friends thought Owen was bad on him. He didn’t try to be, he loved Connor, hand on heart, he’d do anything for him. He just wanted to make sure he always had fun, and drinking always brought out a very fun side in Connor.

Taking hold of Connor’s hand, he pulled him towards his door, pulling his keys out of his pocket. “Why did I lock the.. Fuck.. Nobody would steal shit.” He groaned slightly, eventually getting the key into the hole after a few times of trying to chase it down. He squealed in success and turned the key slowly, pushing on the door so that when it opened, Owen fell into the room. He started to laugh, turning back around to look at Connor. “Come.” He opened his arms for the boy and waited for him to step into them.