One of my favorite Regular Show episodes I’ve worked on airs tomorrow! 

Please enjoy Rigby Goes to Prom! Or maybe it’s Rigby Goes to THE Prom. Not really sure. 

Owen and I were very happy to be given this outline to work on. We tried to make it special. 

Only a few more of my RS episodes are left. I hope you find them satisfactory!! Wanted to end on a good note with this one and the season finale in particular.

Quick doodle for this weeks Regular Show. Lift with Your Back! See what happens when Rigby quits the park and tries to get work elsewhere.

Also I hope you’re watching Over the Garden Wall because it’s incredible! And the Steven Universe episode, Fusion Cuisine, is fantastic too! Aaah!

Tonight’s episode was so sweet. I loved it! Seriously, guys, they used parts of the movie and everything.. and they explored more Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost’s friendship, and it totally made sense. Very, very nice. I hope they keep on showing things like this, like Starla lives with Muscle Man at the trailer, the return of the crash pit, Benson’s long hair.. hahaha Thanks oweeeeendennis and tobyjones, you guys rule! My compliments. And you know, I love that Fives needs lots of clothes and shoes because WHY NOT?

Regular Show Storyboarder’s Favorite Music of 2013 Recording That is Not a Podcast
  • Regular Show Storyboarder’s Favorite Music of 2013 Recording That is Not a Podcast
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Regular Show Storyboarder’s Favorite Music of 2013 Recording That is Not a Podcast!

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Have we got a treat for you! From the deepest darkest bowels of Regular Show comes: “Regular Show Storyboarders’ Favorite Music of 2013 Recording That is Not a Podcast”

This is a Regular Show deep cut folks. In this recording you’ll hear Regular Show writer/storyboarders talk about their favorite three songs of 2013!

Featuring the voices and opinions of:

Owen Dennis - Spins a yarn about his many road trips and the smelly hitchhikers he picks up.

Toby Jones - Avoiding teens, planting thoughts in his girlfriend’s brain, and giving insight into the prison industrial complex.

Sarah Oleksyk - Talks up her sweet-ass turntable and the perfect song for getting over that not-so-special someone anymore.

Minty Lewis - Brings us rejected songs from Regular Show montages and gives a shoutout to her favorite period drama.

Calvin Wong - Gives an off-the-cuff interview about his favorite story-based songs.

Madeline Queripel -Finds out about Toby’s treachery and tells it how it is (on which version of Kiki’s Delivery Service should be required viewing)

An hour and a half long internet radio show extravaganza with curated music and insight from the people that spend the majority of their day making jokes for Regular Show or eating free cereal.

So listen! Enjoy! Play loudly for all of your friends and relatives on Christmas Eve! Most of all: have fun listening to this awesome music.

guys out of respect i deleted that screenshot i put up of owen dennis’ post before he deleted the tags. i feel like keeping it up here would be kind of a dick move, because it’d be saying “haha you cant delete your tags i have a screenshot” and i dont want to be that person. so if you see it on your dash, i’m asking you not to reblog it. he must’ve gotten rid of them for a good reason so it wouldn’t be cool to keep that picture up here.