Quick doodle for this weeks Regular Show. Lift with Your Back! See what happens when Rigby quits the park and tries to get work elsewhere.

Also I hope you’re watching Over the Garden Wall because it’s incredible! And the Steven Universe episode, Fusion Cuisine, is fantastic too! Aaah!

I’m so pumped about this!

So Camille Young made a wearable mask that people might happen to think is really cool looking. There’s going to be a kickstarter where a bunch of these will be sold off and she’s having various artists make a mask for it.

I’ve started working on mine, here are a couple in progress pics. Because the mask is wearable, I have to keep track of where the holes in the back are before I go cutting it up to make it into… you know… art.



EDIT: Check out the finished version! http://oweeeeendennis.tumblr.com/post/67992483939/so-sometimes-i-make-non-regular-show-related

guys out of respect i deleted that screenshot i put up of owen dennis’ post before he deleted the tags. i feel like keeping it up here would be kind of a dick move, because it’d be saying “haha you cant delete your tags i have a screenshot” and i dont want to be that person. so if you see it on your dash, i’m asking you not to reblog it. he must’ve gotten rid of them for a good reason so it wouldn’t be cool to keep that picture up here.