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I’m really over Grey’s.

They’re forcing relationships that people don’t want, or care about!!!

They’ve taken away the magic of friendships between people (the fuck is Jackson and Alex’s friendship? Why can’t Maggie and Jackson be good friends?? Why is that being made romantic??? No one cares? Where has April and Merediths friendship gone??? Arizona and Nathan? Who is Owens friend aside from Meredith cos I can’t tell???)

This season has CONTINUOUSLY dropped story lines, what happened between JAPRIL after Montana??? Who knows??? Like what the fuck is going on? Do YOU know? I don’t think the writers know.

Honestly, I just can’t hack it anymore and it hurts my soul.

Fanfics update

Here is a list of all my stories :)


We could have it all part 1

We could have it all part 2

Blood and Water

Only lovers left alive

Every man I’ve ever loved has died part 1

Every man I’ve ever loved has died part 2

Pure love

She’s the one

I want you to know

The love we need it now

Something stupid like I love you

We could have it all part 3

We could have it all part 4

Now I am invincible part 1

Now I am invincible part 2

I watched you die part 1

The Sign

I watched you die part 2

You take me on a date

You’re gonna catch me if I fall

Love run

That’s what family is for

They could never tear us apart

They have two angels now

You’re my family now


Demons from the past

You taught me everything

What if

A gift from the past

Tree of memories

You’re my flashlight part 1

You’re my flashlight part 2

I can barely say


It’s never gonna happen


I’m here for you

Beauty, Beast and the Nanny

It’s good that was you

You’re my flashlight part 1

You’re my flashlight part 2

Hold my hand

Just give me a reason

Take a chance on me

Before it happened- merthan perspective

Love me like you do

You’ll always be his princess

Nathan and Teddy:

Something we left in the desert


Alone together

As long as you love me


Love is a crime

It’s not about sex

Save me from the dark

Your secret is safe with me


I made you weak part 1

I made you weak part 2


Until death do us

Make me sway


Red notebook

Before it happened

AU Amelia’s Diary part 1

AU Amelia’s Diary part 2

Okay so this whole plot with Alex hitting DeLuca made me tired of Alex for a while but right now he is the MVP. Like literally no one (besides Owen) on this show has shown Amelia a bit of grace and he just seems to have taken her under his wing and I’m very appreciative of that. She needs someone in her corner.

God knows her own sister isn’t.

I'm really confused about this sudden deficit of platonic relationships between M/Fs on TV shows?

So can we make a list right quick cuz maybe I’m missing something…

Just add onto the shows that you watch and I will add it onto this master list. I want to do a little experiment..

Sleepy Hollow:

Jenny x Ichabod

Abbie x Frank

Abbie x Andy

Corbin x Abbie x Jenny

Frank x Jenny

New Girl:

Jess x Winston

Jess x Schmidt

Jess x Coach

Nick x Cece

Coach x Cece

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My Boys - Chapter 10

Hi Guys!

So, we’ve finally made it here: the very last chapter of this story.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me through this entire story. I am nothing but grateful.

This chapter is dedicated to @francescabuccino, thank you for losing your sleep to wait for this update, I honestly have no words to tell you how amazed I am.

Also a big thanks to @mo-de-pablo, my amazing beta!

Here we go…!

Chapter 10


Owen was in the backyard of his house, sitting by the grass building a tower out of blocks with Robbie and Danny while Thomas and Lucas ran around in superman capes, scaring away the birds and pretending to be superheroes.

It was Saturday afternoon, but Amelia had been paged at 5 AM to scrub in on an emergency surgery. Their guests weren’t home either; Nancy had left early for the last day of her conference and Carolyn had gone out with Meredith to visit the place where Derek had been buried.

As they entered July, the days started to get much warmer. Owen was wearing only a simple pair of dark shorts due to the fact that after the boys had sprinkled everything with the backyard hose, he had stripped off his wet shirt and hadn’t bothered to go pick a new one.  When the kids finally seemed tired of running around in the last hours of sunlight, Owen decided it was time to go back inside so they could be properly showered before he started to prepare their dinner.

He slid open the kitchen door, letting the boys pass, and to his surprise, he found Nancy sitting there, a laptop plugged into a socket nearby while she typed something sitting on one of the highs stools.

“Nancy, hey,” Owen was caught off guard by her unexpected presence. “I thought you were at the conference.”

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Found it with better quality! Watch in HD!!!! :D:D:D

Still i  am freacking out! :D:D rishfdjghgfdghjklkjhgfghujioplokijuhgtfrdewaszxdcvbnmklijuytredfghujikoplkmnbvgfdfgfhjgrthjgftghjhgftyujhghgfdhjfiufjkmhcgiukjrfmjdcueksjdowleikdfjsd,nfdjfmjipdkfweprjpwedrfwekldsfkjsd,mhfkjsd,mcxvncmxvkjdshfmnudsjkfhiksdjmhgwjkjfekghyuuruitjgjgjhknkvbvnkofotoorworwortoiitykkkkvbmvmxmdjkdkjkjkwekjrwrejerwjerjhrhjtjd oh my god i want owen to have her babies :D:D <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Review for 13x05

ok, so I saw a lot of people freaking about this episode and I decided to share my personal view on it.

Episode-wise, this one didn’t live up to Grey’s standards. The case was too cheesy and too predictable. When they kept talking about how perfect that old nan was you could see from miles away what was coming. At some point, I wanted to skip those parts.

Now as for Omelia, I thought it was great. I really did like it.

First, both were really in character. Owen loving kids, excited about being a dad and being supportive when Amelia needed him. And I could totally see Amelia getting super excited about something, diving in full throttle to only then actually rationally consider it. And then freak out about it.

If Amelia really were pregnant, that would make Omelia skip a lot of steps in their relationship, only to have their pesonal stuff backfire on them in the near future. We would get a “happy” moment but it wouldn’t be so delightful because something is missing. 

Amelia hasn’t yet shared with Owen about her first pregnancy (not the details, anyway) and I think it was great that she could freak about it because she needs to first deal with her fears and then know she has somebody she can count on (unlike last time), before she jumps into the idea of getting pregnant again.

The scene with April was a great foreshadow of what needs to happen and I believe that soon, it will happen. Amelia will have her much needed talk about Unicorn Baby with Owen and only then they will be completely on the same page and out in the open about this matter.

It would be very naïve to expect Amelia wouldn’t eventually freak out. It’s unlike her. Personally, I prefer that she freaks about before , so that when she actually does get pregnant, both can enjoy it thoroughly. And Owen can be there for her to calm down when she gets scared; because that is something she never had before| someone she can really count on.

My guess for the rest of the mid season: Things will heat up when Owen realizes she’s not on board with their plan as he initially thought; tension will build up between them, culminating with Amelia finally telling him about the most important event/experience of her life. But a lot of angst to unravel at first.It would be awesome if Owen added that he once thought he’d be a father but the abortion happened.

Edit note: I do think Amelia WANTS to be a mom (her initial reaction to the idea was the truest one of her heart) but she is scared. Everything is gonna be fine.

Bonus Thoughts:

-  Can we just talk about how annoying Meredith is all the time? It feels like she is trying to incorporate Cristina but honey, you can’t pull that off

- April is the sweetest human being of that hospital

- Maggie is a real sister, sister

- I feel sorry for Bailey. She used to be so cool and interesting, now they’re giving her these really cheesy storylines. Totally predictable outcome for all patients. And Bailey looked like a puppy running around. Where is that empowered kickass surgeon she once was? I miss her. Next episode looks promising, though

- But I feel really sorry for the Jolex fans. When are the writers going to stop ignoring them completely?!

Babies ❤

Owelia Week: Day 3!

Theme: Babies :3

Type: Fanfiction

I’m sorry guys, I didn’t have much time to edit this, but I honestly enjoyed writing it, I hope you enjoy reading it! Let me know what you think xx

She ran. It was like her feet weren’t hers, she couldn’t feel them, like she was floating. She was going through the ER at the speed of light, pushing through everyone, not even stopping to apologize, she didn’t care, it didn’t matter. It wasn’t until she ran straight into Owen’s chest, even then, Amelia tried to get past him, not bothering to look up to him. Owen however held her shoulders and stopped her, “Get out of my way!” she snapped, it was harsh, he was confused and surprised, to say the least. He grimaced and followed her to see her waiting nervously at the door of the ER. He hadn’t got a page for any sort of casualty or ambulance coming, so he was even more puzzled now.

“Aims, what’s going on?” he inquired

“Meredith paged me, she said it’s Ellie,” Amelia wore her gloves and kept staring ahead waiting for the car

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A/N: so my hands are a little rusty, but I’m writing anyway. This fic seemed like a good idea a few days back at 2 am. It seemed horrible the day after. Then I went back to it last night, I thought I’ll just put it out there. This is NOT what I think will actually happen on the show at all, so it’s AU in that sense.

It’s a multi parts fic, I have the next two parts written, let me know what you think about this please!

Set during/after 12x16

“So I just have to discharge one of my patients and I’ll be ready to go,” Owen heard his voice as he paced across the hall in the direction of Meredith and what’s his face.
“Ready to go where?” he said as if he was interrogating and ready to oppose before he heard the answer.
Nathan Riggs looked up from the electronic chart at Owen and had a beat pass before he answered him, “there’s a heart I have to go pick up from Portland Hospital.”
“Well you can go we don’t need you,” Owen was being patronizing
“Owen,” Meredith sighed, about to say something like telling them to stop, but she knew it would be of no use.
“Excuse me? You’re the one who can go, it’s a heart liver transplant and I’m the cardiothoracic surgeon here, not you”
“This guy is my patient; I’ve been with him for months.”
“So if I let you go and you disappear on the way-”
“You son of a -”
“STOP IT! Both of you! Dr Hunt, he’s your patient so you can come, but Dr Riggs is the cardiothoracic surgeon on this case, so he’s coming too,”
“Look forward to it,” said Riggs sarcastically.
Owen huffed and puffed as he walked the halls trying to cool down before he bumped to the one person he didn’t want to see. It was the one person he missed the most. It was the one person he wanted to talk to and vent to and laugh with and hug and… No. He couldn’t. She didn’t want him. And so he must not want her.
“Hey,” she said timidly but with a little familiar gentleness in her voice
He looked at her with the corner of his eyes, not allowing himself to really see her properly. He was scared to be too weak at her sight.
“I got a big surgery today,” she talked, supposedly to him, despite the appearance of his indifference, no- it wasn’t indifference, it was bitterness. “It’s been a while since… well since something this big has come, it’s a great glioma in the frontal lobe, but I have a solid plan.” She stopped to realize she was babbling and he had the same stern expression still. She bit her lips and then asked, “What about you? How have you been?”
“Amelia,” he started at her, like he usually does, and just the sound of her name on his tongue made her heart skip, it came out different when he pronounced it, like for the first time it really had meaning. “You said we’re not in this together. You said you couldn’t risk being around me, so why are you here telling me details of your life and asking for mine?” He regretted the words as soon as they came out of his mouth. What was he thinking? He wasn’t thinking. He was hurt.
“No I didn’t say - I didn’t mean-” she strutted
He closed the binder of paperwork he was working on loudly and quipped before walking away, “it’d be better if we stay out of each other’s way, don’t you think?”

Amelia was left mad, not only at him, but at herself, for letting herself care about him, and as a result be vulnerable and get hurt by him.

He was waiting all day to get out of work, like he had an important appointment or date or some plan for the night, but Owen didn’t, and he was puzzled with his own emotions. When his shift did end, he found himself restless and anxious, not knowing where to go. All day he was distracted by his added hate to Riggs, not only had he been the cause for his sister’s disappearance, but he was also the guy who helped the woman he loved to break her sobriety.

No, she wasn’t the woman he loved, Amelia is the woman he loves, present tense, he thought, and she must feel the same, even if she didn’t say it right? She might as well hate him after this morning, what had gotten into him? He couldn’t just blame every douche bag move he does on some interaction he had with Riggs. Owen couldn’t stand his racing thoughts, he had to stop them, and so he headed to Joe’s bar, to drown everything in alcohol, so no pain is left other than the burn in his throat.


Back in the hospital, Dr Shepherd was pulling an all night shift. There was nothing major, just some minor cases in the ER, it was a Friday night and there were plenty of drunken people coming in with some head lacs, headaches, and some patients to discharge and paperwork to finish.

“Hey, when do you get off?” Meredith came around 7 pm and asked her.

“Uh, I’m on call tonight, so I’ll probably come home in the morning, you should go,” she replied.

Their relationship was getting better. Really better. It was true, Meredith never said the words “I forgave you”, but Amelia had learnt -the hard way- that her sister in law wasn’t big on words and didn’t have the best communication skills. As much as they wouldn’t admit it themselves, both women deeply cared about each other, despite everything they’ve been through.

“Oh, well I was asking because I just wanted to talk to you for a few minutes,” Meredith said.

“Um, ok, well, I have a few minutes right now, what’s up?” Amelia worried it would be Meredith taking it back and telling her to move out again, she had gotten so comfortable back in her room, and was so happy they were moving forward.

“Well, uh, this is about Hunt and Riggs,” Meredith started and Amelia rolled her eyes, but she continued before being stopped, “Wait, listen to me. Today Owen and I were talking, we thought Riggs was asleep, and he heard that you’re an alcoholic and told us how he bought you a drink.”

Amelia’s heart was already beating more rapidly, “What?! Oh gosh, Mer, no- how did this happen?-”

“Hey, Amelia, calm down, it’s going to be okay, it was just a mistake,” Meredith tried to go back to the point, “Owen was really upset, and maybe he or Riggs will come talk to you, I just wanted to give you a heads up.”

Amelia was speechless; she didn’t know how to act or what to do. “Thank you, uh, thanks,” she finally got out.

Meredith nodded and walked away, leaving Amelia with a long flurried night to come.

Riggs did indeed come to Amelia a few hours later. She saw him from the corner of her eyes and sighed deeply, preparing herself for the awkward conversation to come.

“Hey, Shep, you got a minute?”

“Um, actually I’m a little busy here,” she didn’t take her eyes off the tablet she was holding. She wished she could make her pager ring if she willed it to enough.

“I didn’t know you were an alcoholic,” he whispered to her anyway.

She felt forced to look up at him, “We don’t have to talk about it.”

“But I want to, uh, I want to apologize, really, if I knew I would have never-” her pager finally did bleep, cutting him off. She looked at her phone and looked back at him, finding an excuse to walk away, but he followed her, “why didn’t you say anything?”

She exhaled, hating the position she had put herself in, and realizing she had to confront it, “It’s not your fault, there’s no one to blame here, I slipped, I would have bought it myself if you weren’t there, now if you could please keep this to yourself, it’d be great.”

“Of course I will,” he assured her.

“What have we got?” She asked when she arrived to the exam room she was paged to.

“Uh, I wasn’t sure if I should page you or not, but I thought you’d know and make the decision yourself, he came in with alcohol poisoning, I gave him an IV, but he also has a head cut,” Stephanie rambled on about the patient behind the door.

“What? Who’s he? Can’t you handle a head cut, Edwards?” Amelia was confused, but everything became crystal clear when she peaked through the glass and saw the strawberry blonde doctor she broke up with a week ago.

“Oh God,” a heavy New Zealander accent sounded behind her.

“Why are you still here?” Amelia half scolded Nathan, “we’re good, and you should go, you’re the last person he’d want to see right now.”

He silently obeyed her orders, and left her thinking if she was also one of the people who should stay away from Owen.

“I can handle it if you want, he was asking for you but I can tell him you’re busy or went home or anything,” Edwards brought Amelia back from her thoughts.

“Mia?” Owen yelled, his voice muffled from behind the wall, “Mia, is that you?!”

“No, I’ll handle it, you go,” Amelia dreaded her own decision, and prayed for patience as she walked in.

“Mia! It is you! Ow!” Owen tried to stand up but he felt the stinging pain and dizziness in his head due to the injury.

“Lay back,” Amelia tried her best to sound indifferent. She started cleaning up his cut and sewing it up, feeling his eyes dangerously staring at hers.

“I’m so sorry Amelia, I miss you so much,” Owen said, he reeked of alcohol and his speech was slurred.

“Alcohol poisoning, Owen? With your weight and height, how much did you drink? Was it also something Riggs said this time too?” She wasn’t asking for an answer, but this situation only assured her she had made the right decision, yet, somehow, she had missed him too.

“You’re right! You are absolutely… right! But Amelia, I love you.” Her breath hitched, she stopped at her work and looked at him for a second, just to curse herself for being so weak to look at his beautiful clear blue eyes. She wished she could say it back, but instead she swallowed hard and went back to finish her suturing, convincing herself it was only drunk Owen talking.

“I really really love you, Amelia.” She stayed silent. “Did you go out with him?”

“What?” She narrowed her eyes at him, he was sobering up.

“Riggs told me. He bought you a drink. Did you go out with him? Do you like him?”

“You didn’t want to have small talk and now you’re asking this?” She wasn’t trying to hide her vexation, “You know it’s not his fault, I slipped, and now I put my sobriety back as the priority, at least I expect you to respect that.”