owen stanley

okay i just found out about “to psycos in love” and its literally the funniest thing. everything is so iconic i cant stop laughing im dying here

Patrick Hockstetter and his s/o

● no idea what this is tbh just a bunch of random ideas i kinda threw together bc i have feelings for my solipsist bf

♡● He’s always touching, and loves to have their back against his chest so he can not-so-subtly slide his fingers into their waistband.

♡●Although he doesn’t genuinely care for their feelings, he will defend them to keep himself from having to deal with the inconvenience of their emotions.

♡●They don’t know about the fridge and he plans to keep it that way, not wanting to start any sort of fight that could actually be a problem for him.

♡●He loves the look in their eyes right before and right after sex, the way their pupils bloom when he kisses them almost makes his heart ache and the half-lidded exhausted expressions after a busy night makes him feel proud.

♡●Will occasionally pressure them into sneaking out, not really caring about their algebra test the next morning. Always takes them to the kissing bridge and jokes about throwing them over, even lifting them up over the side. Their terrified screams make him giggle.

♡● Will not let anyone touch them in any way that could be perceived as not completely innocent. He doesn’t like rumors and the first time he hears one about HIS significant other will definitely be the last.

Painting depicting final moments of Ens Sadao Yamaguchi (V-190) of Tainan Kōkūtai on May 17, 1942 

On May 17, 1942 Eighteen A6M2 Zeros of the Tainan Kōkūtai took off from Lae Airfield to strafe targets at Port Moresby. On the way to the target, one Zero aborted and returned to base.

The 2nd Chutai was led by Tadashi Nakajima, with Hiroyoshi Nishizawa, Junichi Sasai, Toshio Ota, Saburō Sakai, Tsuomo Ito and Kaoru Yamaguchi. [This was the only mission when Nishizawa, Sasai and Sakai flew together on the same day over Port Moresby.]

Over the target, Yamaguchi and PO2/c Tsutomou Ito dove down to low level and strafed 12-Mile Drome. During the strafing run, Yamaguchi’s Zero was damaged by anti-aircraft fire from .50 caliber machine guns on the ground and rejoined the formation with limited engine power for the flight back to Lae. Ito was also damaged and failed to rejoin the formation and later force landed. The other pilots in the formation including Saburō Sakai (V-107), stayed with Yamaguchi’s damaged plane, encouraging him to continue flying over the mountains.

Over the southern Owen Stanley Mountains, his plane lost all engine power, he saluted and slowly descended into the mountains and jungle below. His fellow pilots returned to Lae Airfield, and pleaded with their commander to fly back over the crash site to drop emergency supplies, which they did. No sign of the pilot or crash was seen, but those who flew that day never forgot this tragic loss.

This Zero crashed  into the foothills of the Owen Stanley Range in the foothills approaching Mount Victoria. The crash site was discovered  by Justin Taylan on July 27, 2003. Afterwards, he reported the sites and remains to the Japanese Embassy. 


Phantom masks with a twist: 

1. Uwe Kröger cheering for Germany in the FIFA World Cup 2006. 
2. John Owen-Jones being too cool for school. 
3. Evan Stanley, Paul Stanley’s son, excited for his father’s POTO debut. 
4. and 5. Jeremy Stolle showing how a ‘stache should be worn. 
6. John Owen-Jones with a Christmas Special mask. 
7. Ciarah Sheehan going green for St. Patrick’s Day. 
8. Gerónimo Rauch on his take on the Christmas Special mask.