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URGENT YO Help this cat find a new home!!!

This is my step-brother’s cat! Her name is kitty ouo

He loves her a lot, but he’s moving to the opposite side of the country in about a week and he can’t bring her with him :c She needs to find a home soon or she will have to go to our local shelter!!!

She’s 4 years old, spayed, and very polite! A polite lady cat. She’s used to being an inside cat.

We live in Grey and Bruce County in ONTARIO, CANADA. If you are interested in helping this delightful cat out, contact me through my ask

if you can’t adopt this cat you could help by spreading this post around!

thank you ouo

They are beautiful

Originally posted by morra-chan

A quick oneshot for you lovely readers =)

Warnings: None

Also feel free to send me prompts and I will try to write something satisfying ;)

Excuse my grammar and enjoy your reading…

You woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of Owen’s phone ringing. “Baby wake up, your phone is being annoying” Owen who was sleeping beside you stirred and got up from bed to check who was calling at this early hour. He looked at the screen and raised an eyebrow. He gave you a swift kiss before he answered and left the room so he would not disturb you. You put your head back on the pillow and waited for him to come back, the only thing was that he didn’t. After half an hour, you put on your dressing gown and went out to see what was wrong. You found him on the steps to his bungalow in deep thought and placed yourself beside him. Dragging your hand through his hair you said softly “Owen, what’s wrong?” He turned to you and he wore a worried face. “It was the lab, they told me that the hatching would begin in any minute now. I’m supposed to get there as fast as I can” You took his hand and helped him get up to his feet. “Then what are you waiting for?” Owen let himself be dragged into the house again but sat himself down on the bed with a sigh. “(Y/N), I don’t think I can do this. I mean, i’m just some random guy from the navy. What do I know about dinosaurs” You looked at the beautiful man in front of you and fell to your knees. Grabbing his hands and locking your (E/C) eyes with his green, you said “Owen, that is not true. You have been preparing for this task for over two years. I think you’re very much capable and I bet there is no one out there who is more fit for this then you. Don’t worry, I may not be aloud to train them with you but I will always be there to support you. Now lets get you dressed” You stood up and threw some clothes at him. “Only if you come with me” Smiling you started to get dressed yourself. “I was hoping you would say that”

After about 20 minutes you were in the lab relieved that the hatching hadn’t started yet. Before you, four eggs were on display and you couldn’t wait to see the creatures inside up on their feet. Turning to Owen smiling you said “See, this isn’t so scary” He grinned and a pulled you into a hug. “Thats because their teeth haven’t grown yet” You laughed quietly and kissed him softly. “Ms (Y/L/N), Mr Grady it’s beginning” Both of you turned your eyes to the eggs that was beginning to move. Seeing the nervous look on your boyfriends face, you said “Owen, you will do great. Now go there and greet your new kids” He released you and moved closer to the eggs that was now hatching. When the first raptor hatched he said “Hi there… Blue” He petted the raptor softly. To make sure that the raptors imprinted only on him, you and the scientists stood one or two meters behind him trying to be quiet. You could then hear Owen name the other three ones. “Hello there, Delta… Echo… and you too Charlie” They were all finally hatched and currently resting in Owen’s arms. The scientist started to sheer to a successful hatching and gave you a clear sign that you were aloud to approach. You looked down on the snoozing raptors and smiled bright. “They are beautiful” Then you kissed Owens cheek and said “You will make a great dad” He was quick to correct you. “Alpha, I will make a great Alpha” You chuckled knowing that you would hear a lot of it in the future. Then he said something that made your heart melt “And you, a great Alpha mama”