owen gardner

SQW Summer 2K17 Day 2


“Okay, Nova, Ruby Lucas, and Mayor Mills,” Gabe challenged.

“Are you for real?” Thomas asked. “That’s easy. Fuck Mayor Mills, marry Ruby, and kill Nova. Pass me the green.”

“What? You wouldn’t fuck Ruby?” Tyler asked, tossing him the can.

“Dude, if I marry her she can alway make my food. Be my kitchen bitch or something.” Thomas said.

“You’d kill Nova?” Tyler said.

Thomas shrugged, “I don’t think she’d be very good in bed.”

“Yeah, but fuck Mayor Mills? Are you serious?” Gabe asked.

“She’s a total MILF. Why wouldn’t I fuck her?” Thomas replied.

“I’m sorry, did I just hear one of my illegal taggers call my wife a MILF?” Sheriff Swan asked as she emerged from the shadows.

“Shit,” Tyler swore.

“And I’m no one’s kitchen bitch,” Ruby added, stepping out from behind Sheriff Swan.

“Goddamnit,” Thomas added under his breath.

“No one talks about Nova like that. Ever,” Leroy chimed in, sidling up by the two women.

“This just keeps getting better,” Gabe groused.

“Thomas Gardner, Tyler Owens, and Gabe Dancey. So nice to see you three here. Tagging private property. It looks like you boys just earned yourselves a trip to the station where we all know that your fathers and I will come to the agreement of months of community service,” Sheriff Swan said. She reached out and grabbed Thomas by the collar of his jacket and brought him close. “And if I ever hear you talking about my wife like that again? Community service and your father’s punishment will be the least of your worries.”