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Inside Rick Owens & Michele Lamy’s Paris Home:

Photo I: Sculpture by Horst Egon Kalinowski in the meeting 

Photo II:  In the library, the couch, triangular stool and shelving all designed by RO

Photo III: A daybed covered in suede with a sable blanket, both by Owens, whose designs are sold through Salon 94 in New York City and Gallerie Pierre-Marie Giraud in Brussels.

Photo IV: An installation of objects on Owens’s desk includes a skull and Roc crystals.

Photo V: Owens’s minimalist shower

Photo VI: A brass-topped table by Owens

Photo VII: The Owens-designed bed is pine plywood covered in cashmere felt.

Photo VIII: Owens leans against a concrete sink in a bathroom he designed.

Photos by. François Halard

Readings from «Scientific American» (1956): Cosmology + 1, With Introduction by Owen Gingerich, W. H. Freeman and Company, San Francisco, 1977. Cover Illustration: A synthetic optical photograph of our Galaxy as it might appear to an observer in a distant external galaxy. Produced by S. Christian Simonson III of the University of Maryland

This amazing piece by @owendippie was just completed behind @theseventhletter shop on Fairfax in LA. Owen painted the fan-designed 5-sided LP symbol, The Seventh Letter symbol & his own symbol in the color yellow to represent suicide awareness/prevention. Mural Photo by @erindippie - Original Photo by @bojanhohnjec #RIPChester

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