owen beckman


I just half watched Dream Boy on YouTube. I say half watched because I skipped through parts.. basically because I was trying to lessen my likelihood of attachment to the characters because I knew how it ended. Not gonna lie, it didn’t exactly work.

I really wish the movie had ended like wiki says the book ends.. with the viewer deciding whether they think Nathan lives or dies when he’s seen to return to look for Roy rather than how in the movie you know it’s his ghost because Roy is seen at his funeral etc. 

As much as I liked this movie, I thought his death came a bit abruptly and I’d have liked a little more follow up. A little more insight into the aftermath. It kind of felt like there was no closure on all the main plot points or they didn’t fully explore the themes. Nathan’s abuse by his dad, Roy and Nathan’s relationship and Nathan’s murder. I wonder if the book was any better in that respect too. Though like I said, I did skip parts of the movie so I’m only going on what I’ve seen.

If anyone has read the book I’d be interested to know your thoughts on it.