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The Journey - Part Twenty Three

thank you @jia911 and @bluebelle18 for your incredible help.

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Timeline for Part 23:

It sets entirely between episodes 11x22 and 11x23. After Owen comes back and finds Amelia about to have a relapse, he comforts her and talks her out of it. Amelia then asked him to stay with her. What happens next? 

The Journey – Part Twenty-Three

Amelia paced back and forth in the kitchen, trying to concentrate on the task ahead. It was nearly nine in the evening and she was mixing ingredients while looking over her shoulder every two minutes.

After Owen had agreed to stay with her, he’d walked her inside, proceeding to unceremoniously flush the bag of oxy she’d given him down the toilet. Then, after repeatedly asking her if she was okay, Owen said he’d make a quick trip to his trailer to get cleaned up and drop his bag but would be back in no time to spend the evening with her.

Amelia had quickly gone upstairs, suddenly taken by the urge to look her best after the mess she’d just made of herself. The neurosurgeon had gotten in the shower, dried her hair and put on a pair of dark leggings and a fitted long sleeve shirt. Then, she went back to the ground floor and patiently waited. And when it felt like too much time had passed already and maybe that meant Owen had changed his mind about joining her, Amelia looked at the clock and noticed it had only been thirty minutes since he’d left.

Amelia had been so deeply immersed in her grief and the turmoil of emotions that she’d barely paid attention to anything else. Now, after crying tears that had been stored for long months, she finally felt lighter and somewhat even free. Sure, she was still grieving, and probably would be for a long time. But now Amelia also felt like she could do it in a healthy way, so that the pain she’d avoided for so long wasn’t going to destroy her like in previous moments.

And because she was in a better shape of mind, the neurosurgeon could shift the focus from that to more pressing matters. Owen had just come home from a long deployment and Amelia realized he was probably in need of care too. That man was so tough and so grounded that sometimes she forgot that at the end of the day, he was only human. No matter how talented Owen was at concealing his pain, it did not mean he was immune to it.

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“If Star Wars is a fairy tale, what is the moral of the story?”

Episode I, we learned that young force sensitive children are taken away from their families to be trained by the Jedi. Even Anakin at 9 years old is already almost too old to be taken away from his mother. But Anakin’s mother is presented easily as the most perfect character in all of Star Wars. She is wise. She’s virtuous. She’s good, loving. And Anakin in her care is all these things as well.

And you have to ask, if he had just stayed with his mother, even as a slave, wouldn’t that have been better for him than to be taken away from her? But that’s what the Jedi do. And the Jedi think they know best taking away those kids from their families.

And I think that what’s most telling about that then is when you get to the end of the prequel trilogy, when you get to the end of Episode III, you have Obi-Wan and Yoda, two of the greatest Jedi Masters, who could train anyone, and they have in their care Luke and Leia, who are the hope for the galaxy. I mean, two offspring of Anakin, the have more midichlorians and all that. These are potentially the greatest Jedi that they could ever teach.

And instead of teaching them, like the Jedi have always done, they say “You know what? We need to give these kids to families.” And so they put them in families with mothers and fathers. And the images Lucas ends on are not, you know, are not great Jedi Warriors training the next generation. But it’s these two babies in the care of these loving families. And that is the hope for the galaxy.

— Joshua Sikora “The Prequels Strike Back”



Okay so this part is admittedly slightly filler, but since we were all about Hiro last part, it makes sense to focus on her brother for part 3?

I have many alternative titles for this part, including “Fandom Treats Tadashi Too Nice and Forgets He Did a Really Stupid Thing So Let’s Rub It In,” “How the F*** Do You Draw Chris Pratt,” “OOH LOOK RAPTORS I LOVE RAPTORS,” and “I Can’t Draw Chris Pratt.”

Also, there was this marvelous scene in the Jurassic World deleted scenes in the DVD that was released Oct. 1st. Mind you, I had this mostly drawn and finished in June/July. It was kind of amazing how well it fit with this scene. I’ll put screenshots (with my camera b/c iTunes won’t let me take actual screenshots *sigh*) behind a cut at the end of this, but look at this marvelousness that is Owen, Claire, and Pile o’ Dino Poo:


And reminder, I will not be answering questions about the content of this AU until after all 6 parts have been posted. Please look forward to the other parts! (´▽`) And if things click into place faster for you, don’t spoil it for others~!

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Now click behind the cut to see images from the actual Jurassic World deleted scene of Owen, Claire, and Poo:

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oopsnocturnal  asked:

hi! i'd love to hear what you think would have happened if wyldon hadn't let keladry stay after her first year!! love your writing :^)

“Mindelan, it may be that the best thing said of my tenure is that you were my student. Should that be the case, I am the wrong man for this post. I did all I could to get rid of you. Your probation was wrong. You know that, I know it. I was harder on you than any lad. Thank Mithros I remembered my honor and let you stay when you met the conditions—but it was a near thing. Next time, I might not heed the voice of honor.”

– Wyldon of Cavall (Squire)

Kel sat and thought about it all through the long summer– thought about joining the Riders when she turned sixteen, or going back to the Yamani Isles with her parents, or running away to become an unlawful bandit hunter. 

She drank tea with her mother and accepted her quiet sympathy. She wondered what was going to happen to Peachblossom. She did her morning glaive practice dances in the heady air of the tiny courtyard garden of her parents’ townhouse, where the cook grew herbs and spices in big overflowing boxes.

Summer rolled on. She sat, and she thought, and she did not tell her thoughts to anyone. On the first day of what would have been her second year of page training, she woke before the sun and had a quiet breakfast with her father, and then she jogged up the big dusty hill to the palace grounds.

When the pages trailed out of the building to the practice yards with dubious enthusiasm, she was waiting just outside their ground. Her chin was high, her shoulders loose while her hands gripped her weighted staff.

“Probationer,” Wyldon barked out her, when one of the boys went to fetch him. “Was I unclear in the spring?”

Kel stared him down, fingers white on her staff, and said, “I’m not a probationer anymore.”

“She’s a private citizen, just enjoying the fresh air,” Neal called from the other side of the practice yard fence. He got armor cleaning punishment for a week for his cheek and Kel lifted and lowered and struck with her staff to the call of the masters. Her staff hit thin air. The clack of the pages’ staves colliding hit her ears.

“That’s palace property,” Wyldon said ten minutes in, and plucked the staff out of her grip, so Kel followed the lesson with empty hands and brought her mother’s spare walking stick the next day.

They started calling her trespasser, after that, and Kel stood calm on the public grounds just on the other side of the practice yard fence, practicing her high blocks.

While the pages had riding practice, she sat in the dirt outside the riding yard and did the homework Neal smuggled out for her. He handed the finished assignments in for her, too, even though only Myles and the one Mithran priest who had never learned anyone’s names graded them. She took notes on what riding exercises the masters were assigning the pages and watched Neal where he sat on Peachblossom’s back like a sack of mulish peanuts.

“When I heard you weren’t t’ be coming back,” Stefan the hostler told her. “I wasn’t sure what would happen to the old lad.”

“Me, either,” said Kel, looking down at her math and trying to keep her face smooth and still.

When the pages went in for their seated classes, Stefan let her take out Peachblossom to try to exercises herself. Days the gelding was too tired, he found other mounts for her and Kel learned all their names– gentle Aubrey and fastidious Starfall and distractible, clever Redding and poor anxious Terence, who almost threw her more than once. “He comes by the fidgets honest,” Stefan told her and Kel brought extra apples for Terence when she could.

She still took on Lalasa when Gower found her feeding the sparrows in the courtyard beside her old rooms and asked her. Her parents’ townhouse had the funds to hire another maid, though Kel didn’t need or want a personal servant.

Lalasa pinched Kel’s torn clothes from her room all the same and returned them better hemmed and beautifully mended. Kel barely saw her, though she tried to leave a coin from her allowance on the piles of clothes she thought the young woman was most likely to steal away next.

She didn’t ask for the help and she told herself she didn’t want it, but she jogged up the big dusty hill to the palace grounds every day with her weighted harness weighing on her shoulders.

She stood just outside the low fence of the practice yards and ignored Joren’s comments and Zahir’s sneers and the rebukes of the swordfighting teachers– distraction, they said. Lump, waste, failure.

The sun beat down on her aching shoulders and she thought I could stand here forever, thought you are just noise and wind, I am a mountain. I will be here long after you cease howling.

Neal landed blows on Joren’s fingers, apologizing blandly to the masters for his clumsinesses, because Kel had ordered him to get in no fights for her honor. The sun beat down on the careful stitches of Kel’s cotton shirt, which fit as perfectly as Lalasa could manage from a shy distance.

She told herself she didn’t want the help, didn’t need it. Her harness weighed down her shoulders, her makeshift staff weighed down her arms, but the cotton laid light and kind on her back.

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I’ve Never Been In Love Before (Owen Grady x Reader)

Originally posted by jurassicparkfilms

As requested by anon: could you please do one where reader is out in the park when I-Rex gets loose and is in the jungle with Zach and Gray & Owen’s going crazy & when he and Claire find them reader gets SUPER badly injured & Owen freaks the frick out because I need some protective/worried/loving angsty Owen in my life!

Owen vowed never to fall in love. He’d been hurt too many times in the past. Not by partners, though, but rather by the loss of friends during his Navy days and his family that had shunned him for joining in the first place. He was ashamed, in a way. After all, he was supposed to be tough and strong, and yet, under that sarcastic, laid back exterior that he’d built up, he was lonely, scared, and empty. And even worse, he’d been brought down to the point that he was afraid of something he’d never even experienced before: a meaningful, romantic relationship. His raptors offered him some comfort. A distraction. A small presence to ever so slightly fill that gaping hole within him, but he refused to allow himself to love creatures that would happily tear him to shreds if given the opportunity. No. Love was not an option for him in any capacity of the word.

And then you came along.

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Who Says You Can’t Go Back?

Hey guys, so as promised I have a new fic coming you way. I have actually been working on this since right after the finale, but was worried that no one would care about Teddy’s side of this as much as I do. I didn’t touch it for months, but when they announced that Kim Raver was coming back I took it as a sign that people do care about Teddy and finished the chapter. This chapter is very Teddy centric because I was setting things up, but future chapters will focus on Amelia and Owen as well. 

Thanks to @jordan202​ for telling me I wasn’t crazy for writing it, and to @em-m-j​ for proof reading it, and telling me I wasn’t crazy to post it.

Widow. Teddy Altman hated that word. But despite her aversion to it, over the years she had let it define her. It was easy to be the widow. She never had to explain away her sorrow. Prospective dates fled at the mention of it. And that’s what she wanted, wasn’t it? Ever since Henry died she had been living in a haze. She moved to Germany and never looked back. Not having to spend every night it the apartment they shared helped, but sleeping alone had never gotten easier. She threw herself into work and tried to put her husband out of her mind. She kept her head down, didn’t make friends, she poured herself into work. And that had worked for a while, for years actually. She made herself numb to the emotions. She prevented herself from feeling the powerful loss that was always there, on the edge of her subconscious.  Not only had she lost her job on that rainy day in Seattle, but when she made the decision to leave, she lost everything. Her last connection to Henry, her home, her friends. Friends. That part hurt the most, almost as much as losing Henry, because she made the decision to leave them. Of course they tried to keep in touch. At the beginning Arizona called every week, and Callie would send videos of her daughter, letting Teddy see how the little girl was growing. Even Owen, who was never good at communicating would send emails. He let her know what was going on with his life, how Cristina left, how he met someone else, how they were married now. He seemed happy. But all those emails and phone calls from her friends went unanswered. Teddy couldn’t face the fact that they were all happy and moving on with their lives. They all took the curve balls life threw at them with grace and moved on stronger than ever. Teddy couldn’t admit to her friends that she had not. She had spent so much time shutting people out, running from her past, that she forgot what it felt like to have someone there for her. That was until the day her past caught up to her. 

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