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10 Reasons To Watch Gintama

1. Character designs—go google Sakata Gintoki. Or Hijikata Toshirou. Or Okita Sougo. Or Kamui. Or Katsura Kotarou. Or Takasugi Shinsuke. Or Kagura. Or Tsukuyo. Or Kyuubei. Or any Gintama character for that matter. 

2. It makes you laugh. And by laugh I mean desperately muffling your face in a pillow with tears streaming from your eyes at 2:00 a.m. because you’re watching Gintama’s Owee or Vacation Arc while everyone else is asleep. 

3. It makes you cry. And by cry I mean desperately muffling your face in a pillow with tears streaming from your eyes at 2:00 a.m. because you’re watching Gintama’s Shinsengumi Crisis Arc or Beam Sword Style Arc while everyone else is asleep. 

4. Characters and character relationships—tired of the same old Mary/Gary Stu? Watch this anime. Even a side character who only appears once or twice will be ingrained into your mind. All characters have multiple layers; there is no flat, boring character without depth. The relationships are solid, and the characters do not need to say “I love you” every 21 seconds to get the point across. Love is seen in their familiarity and actions. 

5. It is a perfect blend of genres—want some sci-fi? Watch Gintama. Want some tragedy? Watch Gintama. Want some peak comradeship/shounen fighting? Watch Gintama. Want comedy? Watch Gintama. Want some historical Japan? Watch Gintama. Want samurai? Watch Gintama. Want action? Watch Gintama. Want slice of life? Watch Gintama. Basically just WATCH GINTAMA.  

6. Soundtrack—so good. Go listen to any Gintama opening. The song will surely be stuck in your head. 

7. It is unique and original. Tired of the same old shounen, with the underdog tween hero and the big dream, training montages, and unrealistically relentless determination? Gintama presents to you a fresh protagonist, Sakata Gintoki. If you can name another anime that has an arc based on a popularity poll then darn, you got me. If not, then GO WATCH GINTAMA. 

8. There’s Elizabeth. That’s it. Just Elizabeth. 

9. The stories are so beautifully told. In 3 episodes, it can convey the same messages and stories that another anime may take 20 episodes to tell. Are you busy? Can’t go on an anime binge? No worries. Just watch one of arc Gintama to pass your time. Maybe 2-8 episodes. Plus the backstories hurt. 

10. Gintama blows everything out of the park. (You can trust me, as I’ve seen tons of anime but once I found Gintama it was like I found something I never knew I was looking for, as if this whole time I’ve just been watching anime in search of Gintama.) I can’t watch anything else anymore. It all seems mediocre compared to Gintama.  


Take Log Horizon/SAO type o universe, put Gintama, remember the Bentendo Owee & the other arc I forgot the name of and there! The speech: Alins had encoded the Eart has a server and everyone find suddenly themselves in a sort-of video-games :3 

Kagura (GURA-SAN HAIR CUT) - Class: Force Master (Mainly hand-to-hand + some spells) - Tanky as hell 

Okita Sougo - Class: Blade Master - Quite tanky too, and faster

Shinpachi Shimura - Class: Priest - Support (Heal, buff & debuff) 

Cuz’ I’m a lazy ass: Kei (the small boy on the top) - Class: Force Master - Glass Cannon character > OC: Kagura’s partner as a space-traveler 

Hijikata Toshiro - Class: Warlock - Lot of AOD (Area of Damages) - Powerful spells and needy in mana

Gintoki Sakata - Class: Wizard/Thief- Lot of spells - Can steal you some items and money! 

How To Watch Gintama (Beginners)

Character Introducion  // http://dakuyasha-kurotoki.tumblr.com/

Episode 1 - 4
Episode 7
Episode 12
Episode 13-14
Episode 15
Episode 22-24

Umibozu Arc - Episodes 40-43

Mother Arc - Episodes 54-55

Benizakura Arc - Episodes 58 - 61 // Or Benizakura Movie)

Fuyo Arc - Episodes 69-71

Yagyu Arc - Eisodes 76-81

Okita Mitsuba Arc - Episodes 86-87

(Owee Arc - Episodes 98-99 [OPTIONAL])

Shinsengumi Crisis Arc - Episodes 101-105

Yoshiwara in Flames Arc - Episodes 139-146

(Shinsengumi Death Game {PARODIES SAW MOVIES} - Episodes 148-149 [OPTIONAL])

Red Spider Arc - Episodes 177-181

Rokkaku Arc - Episodes 186-187

Diviner Arc - 195-199

(Santa Arc - Episodes 200-201 [OPTIONAL])

2 Years Later - Episodes 202 - 203 (not serious, but worth watching)

Samurai heart Arc - Episodes 210-214

(Bathhouse Episode 220 (BEWARE: CONTAINS DICKS)

Renho Arc - Episodes 232-236

-VACATION ARC (MUST WATCH // COMEDY) Epsiodes 237-238-

(Scandal Arc - Episodes 239-240 [OPTIONAL])

Baragaki Arc - Episodes 244-247


Kintama Arc - Episodes 253-256

Ikkoku Keisei Arc - Episodes 257-261

School of Beam Saber Arc - Episodes 262-264

(Dekoboko Arc - Episodes 275-277 [OPTIONAL])

Grim Reaper Arc - Episodes 279-281

Soul Switch Arc - Episodes 287-289

Patriot Reunion Party Arc - Episodes 452-454

Kaientai Arc - Episodes 290-291

Afro Arc - Episodes 294-295

(Faked Illness Arc - Episode 296-297 [OPTIONAL)

Odds or Evens Episode 215

Shogun Assassination Arc - Episode 300 - ???