owe you money

Different Strokes?

I think I left the teller at the bank genuinely disturbed when I told him that “If I can’t afford it, I just don’t buy it.” 
“What about a car? Do you drive a car?” he inquired, his voice toning on the edge of fear.  
I told him, “Yeah, I have a vehicle. I bought it used for under $3,000.” 
He looked physically pained. “What about if you want to buy some kind of new appliance? Or furniture?” he persisted.
I stared at him blankly. “My couch was $5.00 at Goodwill. Like…I just buy shit cheap or I don’t buy it at all. The only thing in my life that I make payments on is my house, my bills, and my insurance, and that’s split five ways because I have housemates.” 
The young man looked horrified? Appalled? And somehow also awed? 
This guy couldn’t have been much older than me. But it seemed that he’d never even considered the option before of saving up for something to purchase it outright instead of using a credit card.
Am I the only person in my general age group (just turned 26) who’s never owned a credit card, and who has forgone basic comforts in order to save up for items so you don’t owe money to anyone, like, ever? 

the signs based on people i personally know
  • aries: probably the hardest working and also the best procrastinator. they have no filter. will drop everything to help you. has the wildest almost unbelievable stories and evidence in case you don't believe them. can make you smile even when you feel like shit.
  • taurus: the biggest romantic with the biggest heart. you don't think they care about you? they do. fuzzy blanket enthusiast. no matter how busy they are, how much work they have to do, if you need to talk, they're there. they won't share unless you ask. always watching a new tv show.
  • gemini: probably knows the scientific explanation behind that. not two faced contrary to popular belief, but is just so goddamn charming they can get along with various types of people. will literally wallow in their negative emotions until they burst. humour is their best defense mechanism.
  • cancer: will call you out if you act stupid. wants you to remember all the good times you've had with them because they're scared you'll forget and leave them behind. willing to drive for hours to get some really good food.
  • leo: has the courage to say the things that everyone else was too afraid to say. can be sobbing one second and making jokes the next. has the most random things on their wall, but in an organized way. will drive to your house at midnight because they wanted to be with you.
  • virgo: their room is actually a mess most of the time. likes to avoid their problems a lot. but once forced to deal with them, it didn't even seem like they were struggling at all. more of a listener. often has flashbacks of dumb things they've said.
  • libra: prioritizes the wrong things. it takes a while for their jokes to be understood by the public. has a recognizable catchphrase. has no tolerance for assholes and will literally go off on you and make you rethink your life choices.
  • scorpio: so determined. will do anything to distract themselves from their emotional instability. has hundreds of friends but only considers 3 of them as real ones. sleeps a lot because its the only time their mind shuts up. will remember that one thing you said seven years ago.
  • sagittarius: always thinks of something fun to do. has a lot of doubts and insecurities about themselves and won't believe you when you try to reassure them. very picky about the people they choose to spend their time with. clumsy af and will literally trip on air. you probably owe them money.
  • capricorn: sometimes you can't tell if they're being serious or if they're joking. often questions the validity of their friendships. probably cried the other night. likes to go on roofs. good at looking productive but they are actually just looking at cat videos.
  • aquarius: so incredibly talented. cannot multitask for their life. belts at the top of their lungs in the shower. when they're walking it looks like they're walking to the beat of some 80s funk song. they are the shoulder you cry on. handles confrontation well.
  • pisces: tries to act really tough and independent but in reality they just want a big hug. loves insulated water bottles. has an encyclopedia full of inside jokes they share with their friends. was probably the teacher's favorite. owns books they haven't even opened
Verbal Contracts are No Contracts

Rogue (about a badly beaten man and if we should heal him): eh, he owes us money, I don’t see why we should waste a spell on him
Warlock: you owe me money and I waste spells on you
Rogue: I owe you money?
Warlock: yes, that’s the only reason I’m here, you hired me! 
Rogue: did you get that in writing?
Warlock: …damn it 

August 21st, 2017 Eclipse
  • *Use Sun and Rising
  • Aries: The Moon goes through your 5th House. Changes in pleasures occur. You'll find the attention in your life has shifted. Something that was fun no longer is or visa versa.
  • Taurus: The Moon goes through your 4th House. Family drama is unearthed. Have you been on the outs about something? Has your family seemed stressed? It may either begin soon or has started since the recent Full Moon, but this is going to be a much bigger secret than usual.
  • Gemini: The Moon goes through your 3rd House. You're learning more about the people around you. You may find your especially analytical these days, and may open up to someone new. Logic has a new foothold in your head -- will you keep it's brash ways?
  • Cancer: The Moon goes through your 2nd House, highlighting your recent gluttonous or frugal activities. Is there a reason? Finding balance in your financial life is crucial and the lesson the eclipse brings.
  • Leo: The Moon goes through your 1st House, making the change all about you. Who are you? What do people see? Are you ready for the changes you'll have to make? Chances are, you've begun already.
  • Virgo: The Moon goes through your 12th House and settles alone in your 1st, after the eclipse. Do you feel different? Your quiet and almost dreamy nature is put on the line - but the opposite could also occur. Are you ready to face the day and weeks to come? If not, I advise you to prepare now and prepare well.
  • Libra: The Moon goes through your 11th House, talking about friends and your community. Something's shifted, people seem to either shun or give all the attention to you. Is someone talking about you? Is there a cause? Your time may be best spent thinking about who you've trusted rather than who dislikes you. Trust is the best illusion, especially when the Moon settles in your 12th House at 4 o'clock.
  • Scorpio: The Moon lands in your 10th House, begging the question about how people see you, your social status, and your professional life. Are you ready to take one out of Libra's playbook and become more agreeable, or will you become an even greater unmovable force?
  • Sagittarius: The Eclipse is featured in your 9th House, the house of cultural questions and thinking about people rather than yourself. Who's on your mind? What troubles are the collective facing? How about you - what are your morals? Have they changed? And most importantly - have you been learning the lessons life has taught you, or are you pushing them away?
  • Capricorn: Eclipse in 8th House, suggesting secrets that are bound to come to life, but also brings inquires about marital finances. Do you owe someone money? Perhaps you'll learn something new. All information you get will be both bad and good. Hold onto it. The secrets you learn and the messages you receive from others and otherworldly forces are screaming loud and clear. It's just up to you whether or not you listen.
  • Aquarius: Eclipse in the 7th House, bringing upon commitments you may or may not be ready for. Did you get a new crush? New car? New home? These things will stay with you for some time and you'll grow fond of them. Just remember - not every commitment is meant to last forever, and not every commitment you make at this time is the one it applies to.
  • Pisces: The light is obscured in your 6th House, bringing up issues on Health and Dedication. Are you doing everything in your power to be the person you want to be? Have you been troubled with dark feelings, aches or pains? Seek attention. Avoid doing potentially harmful things at this time. Ask yourself how you're feeling. This year and the last few have been unkind to you, to put it in unjust terms. This is not the time to seek escapism as a comfort, but this is the perfect time to make things better. Put on that band-aid, and get ready to go back to your peaceful dreaming.

Y/N has created a chatroom.

Y/N has added Steve, Tony, Thor, Nat, Wanda, T’Challa, Clint, Sam and Bucky.

Y/N: Guys, I have a serious problem.

Y/N: Guys, seriously, this isn’t the right time to ignore me.






Y/N: UP.


Tony: Y/N this better be important, or else you will remember not to wake me up ever again at 2 in the fricking morning.

Steve: Someone got up on the wrong foot. So what’s so urgent?

Tony: Still in my bed, but will gladly get up to kick your ass.

Wanda: Oh just kiss already.

Clint: I so ship it.

Clint: What do you think their ship name is?

Bucky: STONY.

Bucky: I mean I guess it could be that, but I don’t know, I guess it could, I mean maybe it’s not.

Sam: Don’t play innocence now, I know you read a lot of #Stony smut.

Bucky: Do not.

Y/N: Buck honey, even I know you do.

Thor: What’s smut?

Nat: Porn. But written.

T’Challa: Yeah, remember that time when I walked into your room and you-

Bucky: OKEY


T’Challa: Oh did I now?

Tony: No T’Challa continue, I think you were just getting to the good parts and I would hate to miss them.

T’Challa: So as I was saying, I walked in and—

T’Challa has been disconnected.

Bucky has left the chat.

Clint: Oh snap.

Y/N: Oh geez guys. But anyway the story’s not that interesting.

Steve: I was just getting into it.

Thor: Lady Y/N, I have far more important question to ask. Why did you wake us up? I assume it wasn’t for T’Challa to tell his story about Mr. Barns masturbating, was it?

Nat: Haa I told you Stark.

Tony: Whatever. He was always weird.

Steve: Tony you owe us some money. C’mon.

Sam: I always knew there was something wrong about him.

Sam: He never smelt good.

Wanda: I am pretty sure that was you when you hadn’t showered in four days?!


Y/N: GEEZ, how?

Clint: Y/N?

Y/N: Huh, yeah?

Nat: We would all like to know why did you woke us up.

Y/N: Oh yeah

Y/N: oh boi. I almost forgot.

Y/N: I mean I never will but you guys helped me to get my mind out of it for at least little bit.

Steve: Y/N, what happened?

Wanda: You’re scaring us.

Sam: And we all know Mrs. Controlling you mind isn’t easy to be scared.

Y/N: I can’t go with you on a mission this time, because, because…

Y/N: Two of my family members passed away. And while trying to save them, my, my little baby almost lost his left arm.

Steve: Oh my goodness Y/N, that is awful.

Steve: I am truly sorry. Rest in peace.

Thor: Lady Y/N, I am truly sorry about your loss. Do you need anything?

Tony: Wow, I am sorry.

Clint: Really Y/N? Really?

Nat: Clint have some respect.

Wanda: Yeah she just went through a lot.

Sam: She lost two incredible people.

Steve: Y/N take as much time off as you need. No one is going to blame you for not going on a mission.

Tony: Yeah rest kid. Take some time off.

Clint: Oh c’mon guys. She didn’t lose anyone.

Sam: Clint, this isn’t time for your stupid little jokes.

Nat: I swear to God I’m gonna kick your ass.

Thor: Don’t worry of you suddenly feel some weird shaking, hear screaming or see unexpected lightning.

Wanda: you get him Thor.

Clint: HEY, HEY, HEEEEY. No need for violence, okay?

Clint: and besides she didn’t lose anyone.

Clint: At least not in real life.


Clint: Mine too so? I didn’t woke up the whole team and bragged about it.

Tony: What, wait, wait. What the heck is going on here right now?

Steve: Y/N have you been drinking again?

Y/N: No.

Nat: Then what the heck is Clint talking about.

Wanda: Waiiiit, I think I know it.

Sam: Did you just finish the season 3 of Game of Thrones? Because Robbs and Caitlyn’s deaths are kinda an old thing.

Clint: Nope not that.

Tony: Explain yourself Y/N, and don’t make me count.

Wanda: oh I definitely know what it is.

Wanda: and I am out of here before it gets ugly.

Wanda has left the chat.

Clint: Traitor.

Steve: Will someone explain already?

Clint: Do you wanna tell them y/N?


Y/N: R.I.P Glenn and Abraham. You will be missed.


Tony: I woke up for this.

Tony: You’re gonna pay. But tomorrow, I am way to tired now.

Tony has left the chat.

Y/N: oldie.




Sam has left the chat

Thor: Aren’t they from that one show with the dead raising?

Steve: It’s exactly that.

Thor: Oh Loki is watching it. Now I can ruin it for him.

Thor has left the chat.

Steve: So that’s all? That your family?

Y/N: It was stressful and tragically. My little babies

Steve: You know they are just characters, right?

Clint: Oh buddy.

Steve has been disconnected.

Y/N has left the chat.

Clint: Better run big guy.

Clint: Unless you wanna get Lucilled.

Clint has left the chat.

Bucky has joined the chat

Bucky: So T’Challa lied

Bucky: Wait WHAAAAAAT?

Bucky: Am I Dreaming?

Bucky: This is just a nightmare right? Yeah.


Bucky has left the chat.

Nat: I swear to God, they need help. ASAP.

Nat has left the chat.



Shitty i know. sorry.

Adulting 104

I had all the good intentions of posting this yesterday, but I got sick and spent the entire day blowing my nose into an assortment of paper products. I love you guys and hope your week has been productive and positive.

Shoutout this week to @tylersneverland​ and @bisexualgradient​. Just keep doin’ you!

1. Reuse containers. Get takeout often? Takeout containers are microwave and dishwasher safe, and are often durable enough to substitute as tupperware. Wash and reuse them!

2. Kick the soda habit. Switch to seltzer! Zero calories, carbonated, and they come in so many different flavors. I’m partial to Polar and Schweppes seltzer, but you can buy store brands for a fraction of the price (the Stop & Shop brand is particularly good).

3. Electric budget. Stop what you’re doing and get on a budget with your electric company. Instead of paying for how much electricity you actually use each month, you will pay a monthly flat fee. If you use more, they cannot charge you for it. Electric companies say that people use more electricity in the winter and less in the summer, so the difference evens out. At the end of the year they will issue you a check if they owe you money or credit it to your account. Last year I ended up overpaying and my electric company credited the difference to my account, and I had free electric for two months. 

4. Check your screens. This applies to pets in general, but especially to cats. Before allowing your pet to sit on the window ledge or by the screen door, make sure that the screen is secure. Rental units are notorious for their cheap craftsmanship, I secure my screens with duct tape because they’re so poorly made.

5. Laundry. Doing laundry in a communal area? Always check to make sure that the lint drawer has been properly cleaned before starting your dryer. Not only is it dangerous (I personally know someone whose house burned down because of a rogue dryer) but it will prevent your clothes from drying properly.

6. Soak it. Hard to scrub pot? Fill it with water and soap and let it sit for five minutes- I guarantee you it will be easier to clean. If something is really scorched and difficult to clean, let it soak overnight. 

7. Foaming hand soap. Lasts about three times as long as liquid hand soap, and is roughly the same price.

8. Invest in a multi-functional printer. As a college student, this may seem like a daunting expense, but it’s a necessary one. You can always use a college or library to print or copy at, but some places charge up to 50 cents per copy. If you need a reliable source for printing homework, make the investment. 

9. Skip the mixed salad. Instead of a buying a container of mixed salad greens, purchase only one type of leaf. Each lettuce has its own expiration date, and greens that have a shorter shelf life will go bad and take everything else in the container with them. 

10. Check your blinds. Here’s something I didn’t know before living on my own- there is a right and a wrong way to face blinds. Close your blinds and stand in front of them. Can you see out of them? If you can’t then flip your blinds around the other way. People will be able to see you through the slits in your blinds if they aren’t hung properly.  

Dating Bruce Wayne Would Include (Pt. II)

Because apparently more people love Bat Daddy than they’re willing to admit

  • Dates – or rather, the process of planning them – are a little weird for the two of you
    • Despite him being wealthy and having had a reputation as a philanderer, Bruce is still a very devoted businessman with an entire enterprise to run. This may or may not clash with your own schedule, depending on what you do, but it is more likely Bruce’s schedule that needs the most consideration when plotting out a date
    • Then, of course, there’s your lover’s obvious nighttime job. It’s not even necessarily that he can’t take the night off; it’s just that those nights are few and far in between. Though now that he’s getting older and has a significant other to appreciate in his life, he does attempt to make more of an effort to take at several nights or so per month off.
    • This may not seem like much, but considering what he does…

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Brian x Sister!Reader

“So, why’re you in here so often huh?” Mia asked as she leant in and smiled at him. “I mean really.”

“I’m looking for someone.” Brian admitted after weeks of getting nowhere and all his leads reaching a dead end.

“Oh, yeah who?” She asked and watched Brian smile to himself.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure starters

- suggested by Anonymous

  • “I’m willing to see our transactions through, are you, [sir]?”
  • “I’m fighting to protect my family from those that wish it harm, I doubt very much that your resolve is equal to mine”
  • “Perhaps… Perhaps the time [he] foretold has come. If this is my destiny, I accept it”
  • “Walking on water when you obviously lack proper training is quite an accomplishment”
  • “You truly are the lowest scum in history”
  • “Good grief, don’t underestimate me just because I’m a kid”
  • “I feel bad, kicking a guy when he’s down, but… Nah, I don´t feel bad about this at all. My friends and a lot of bystanders are dead because of you”
  • “Impossible? We did a lot of impossible things on this journey. I’m tired of hearing that things are impossible or useless. Those words mean nothing to us”
  • “Shoot me if you want to! But you better be prepared to face the consequences”
  • “The last thing I need right now is listening to trash like you, let alone being touched by you”
  • “You’re god damn right! Everything worked out according to the plan… From the very beginning!”
  • “I shall give you a chance. Go down two steps and I’ll let you join my side again. But if you rather die, then climb those stairs”
  • “Are you really trying to shoot me? I like you”
  • “You can’t pay back what you owe with money”
  • “What are you doing!? Unforgivable!”
  • “I..I can’t lay a finger on [him]”
  • “I’m back from hell, [name]!”
  • “Do you remember how many breads you’ve eaten in your life?”
  • “Your upbringing made you a villain, you say? It didn’t! You’ve been evil since your birth!“
  • “I reject my humanity, [name]!”
  • “I’m curious. Why would you do that? What was the purpose behind it?”
  • “You picked the wrong man to mess with, pig!”
  • “What did you say? Depending on your answer, I may have to kick your ass!”
  • “Shut the hell up! You’re so damn annoying, you bitch!”
  • “Well, you’re about to fall down to hell, sobbing the whole way down”
  • “Good grief. I can’ let a kid who likes dogs… get killed!”
  • “W-who the hell are you!? Do you think you’re going to get a away with this?!”
  • “What the hell did you just say about my hair?!”
  • “Nice watch. I’m going to break it so you can never tell time again. Your face, that is”
  • “When I have to repeat something that only needs to be said once… It means that the listener is unintelligent. I’ve told you that I don’t have money, because I’ve already paid. Please, don’t make me repeat myself a third time”
  • “You should have realized it, right? When you try to kill others, you may end up being killed yourself”
  • “You said one can kill if [he] is humiliated? You’re right. It’s important indeed. You’ve insulted the life of the old man who had nothing to do with you at all!”
  • “If you don’t start talking, the torture will keep on escalating! You’ve seen the culprit… did they tell you to stay quiet?”
  • “Only the results! This world only remembers the results!”
  • “You bastard! Are you making fun of me?!”
  • “I’ve always… cherished you”
  • “Didn’t you once say that everything should have a name?”
  • “Trying to use the same move on me twice is a big mistake!”
  • “You’re just as good at coming up with bullshit as I am!”
  • “Dare you defeat me with such lackluster legerity?!”
  • “Just a little bit… one sip couldn’t hurt.”
  • Uh, guys? Olympus would be that way. 
  • I can’t believe this guy. I throw everything I’ve got at him, and it doesn’t even…
  • What… are… those?
  • Um, I don’t know. I-I thought they looked kinda dashing.
  • Aren’t you… a damsel in distress?
  • I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.
  • Well, they’re just fine. You know, a little dark, a little gloomy. And, as always, hey, full of dead people. What are you gonna do?
  • He’s not gonna be happy when he gets outta there.
  • You mean, *if* he gets outta there.
  • Pinhead with hooves? Well, you know how men are. They think “No” means “Yes” and “Get lost” means “Take me, I’m yours.”
  • You know, wh-when I was a kid, I-I would have given anything to be exactly like everybody else.
  • You wanted to be petty and dishonest?
  • I’m a big tough girl. I tie my own sandals and everything.
  • I don’t know. Um, maybe we owe him money?
  • So you took care of him, huh? “Dead as a doornail.” Weren’t those your *exact* words?
  • Remember, like, a few years ago, every other boy was named Jason, and the girls were all named Brittany?
  • People do crazy things… when they’re in love.
  • Okay, fine, fine. I’m cool. I’m fine.
  • You were willing to give your life to rescue this young woman.
  • For a true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.
  • ____, when I’m with you, I-I don’t feel so alone.
  • Is Wonderboy here for real?
  • So, can’t. Love to, but can’t.
  • Look, I learned my lesson, okay?
  • Thanks for everything, ___. It’s been a real slice.
  • He’s gotta have a weakness, because everybody’s got a weakness
  • Ohhhhh, at least out loud I won’t say I’m in love.
  • People are… are gonna get hurt, aren’t they?
  • Nah. I mean, it’s, you know, it’s a possibility.
  • Ah, but dreams are for rookies, kid. A guy can only take so much disappointment.
  • Aren’t we forgetting one teensy-weensy, but ever so crucial little, tiny detail?
  • Honey, you mean “Hunk-ules!” Ooh, I’d like to make some sweet music with him.
  • How sentimental. You know, I haven’t been this choked up since I got a hunk of moussaka caught in my throat.
  • We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, we go home happy. What do you say? Come on.
  • You might feel just a little queasy. It’s kinda natural. Maybe you should… sit down!
  • Now you now how it feels to be like everyone else. Isn’t it just peachy?
  • It looks better that way. No, it really does.
  • *I’ve* been captured! Whoa. Hey, watch the glasses.
  • It’s all right. The sea of raging hormones has ebbed.
  • Aw, how cute. A couple of rodents lookin’ for a theme park.
  • I’ll be fine. Just get me down before I ruin the upholstery. 
Person of Interest: 1x01

“When you find that one person who connects you to the world you become someone different”
“You wanna see a real gun?”
“You bring enough for the whole group?”
“You know, you could’ve done me a favor and let those guys land a couple more punches”
“Seems like the only time you need a name now is when you’re in trouble”
“So am I in trouble? I don’t know”
“Do I owe you money? Because I’m, uh, running a little short at the moment”
“You don’t know anything about me”
“I know that the government, along with everybody else, thinks you’re dead”
“I know you’ve spent the last couple of months trying to drink yourself to death. I know you’re contemplating more efficient ways to do it. Which would be a shame”
“I don’t think you need a psychiatrist or a support group or pills”
“You need a purpose. More specifically, you need a job”
“At the end of the day, one of these people will be gone”
“The right person in the right place with the right information could change everything”
“Where did you get this list?”
“Hey, sweetheart, what’s wrong?”
“The information I have is incomplete”
“You need to know what it would be like to be forced to listen to someone get murdered and not be able to do anything about it”
“I guess you could call me a concerned third party”
“Turns out career criminals don’t make trustworthy friends”
“You got time to talk? I could buy you dinner?”
“What happened, you get left behind?”
“I know what it’s like to want to get out of a place so bad you’d be willing to do almost anything”
“These people, they’re evil”
“If the killers are out there, I’m gonna find them. It’s my job”
“You haven’t told your mom you left your ex?”
“I wish this weekend could go on forever”
“I didn’t wanna take the chance that you wouldn’t be here when I got back”
“Then I’m gonna buy a boat. And you get to be my first mate. But first we need some more tequila”
“Something happened this morning”
“You need to come with me”
“You were gonna tell him all about us, weren’t you? Hmm?”
“It was only later that I realized my mistake”
“What did I tell you about sending e-mails?”
“We’ve got all the parts. Question is, how do they all fit together?”
“Are you here? Hello? You’re gonna keep me waiting? We don’t have time”
“I’m curious was there a point where you knew you’d become a bad guy?”
“So I’m working for you now?”
“I don’t have any friends. I don’t have any family left, either. Left them all behind”
“I gave him a choice and he chose wrong”
“We have more in common than you might think. The world thinks we’re both dead, for starters”
“If you stay and we continue to do this sooner or later, both of us will probably wind up dead”

Checks Of Abundance

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This is spell is best done for those who need money quick. You could also use this spell daily or weekly to attain financial abundance and security. This is also great for those witches who are not open about their practice and don’t want others to know what they’re doing because it doesn’t include any candles.

What you will need:

1) A blank check or a template of one. You can find these online if you simply google “blank checks”, you can find plenty of them in the “images” section. Or, you could simply draw yourself one on a piece of paper. It doesn’t matter how it looks all that matters is your intention.

2) Something to write with. 

3) *Optional* Oils and herbs of your choice. I use cinnamon and patchouli, and of course bank dirt. For oils, I would use any money oil you have, or even a fast luck one.

What you need to do is simple. With your check, address it to yourself and write down who you want it to be from and the amount you’d like it to be. This work is so great because you can customize it in so many ways! If you work with a specific deity you can make it from them. If not, you can simply write “universe” or a certain person if they owe you money. You can even make it from your boss. 

After you’ve done that if you’re interested in using herbs and oils, you can anoint the check with the oil and place desired herbs in the middle. Fold up and keep it on your person after you put your intention into it. If you decide not to use any oils or herbs, you can simply put the check in your wallet as if it were ready to cash.

Happy casting!