Open Water: Pt. 8

A Bucky x Reader / AU

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Word Count: 1,375

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Tags: (at the end)

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“Bucky!” you screamed, making him almost jump out of his skin. “A boat!”

He spun around and flailed his arms, as if on fire. You know he saw the boat too, its lights sparkling across the water like tiny fairies. Acting quickly, he grabbed a stick and shoved it into the fire, the end smouldering and blowing acrid smoke in your direction. Coughing from inhaling the black smog, you grabbed your own stick and followed suit.

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mermaid--skeleton  asked:

It's like saying a woman with leg hair is "manly"... Anyone can argue about this shit, but everyone is wrong. It's just humanly to have hair. Hair grows. The end.

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