ow. my heart

colonel has a major sweet tooth, and damien is constantly telling him “Candy’s bad for you, William.” when he catches colonel eating candy

fast forward a bit

wilford is just eating some licorice, and dark is passing by, sees it, and just naturally says “Candy’s bad for you, William.” without thinking about it.

he realizes what he said, and freezes up, wilford looks at him confused, because he doesn’t remember his name being william, it’s been so long, and just asks “Who’s William?”

and dark just stomps away grumpily, not wanting to talk about it

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…………..goodbye Jack………

OW!!!!! My frickin goddam heart!!!!!! I was so scared the minute Ashi opened her mouth and made that portal. Dammit!! What a beautiful show and I loved every second of it. I can understand  this ending of Jack changing the past. This was his goal and there is that satisfaction of  finally saving his famiy. However, I was just hoping the Gods could help Ashi! There had to be a cost and it makes the ending so poetic but come on! The Gods should reward Jack at least….I knew that ladybug would be back. -.- When the ladybug first showed up with the white wolf. I was like….huh cute bug. Then Ashi had her flashback with it….I was oh frick no….This bug is symbolizing her. This bug is coming back… BACK TO THE PAST SAMURAI JACK!!! 

….now I have to mourn.The future of what could have been…..

I feel that Jack would have a son with Ashi. Just because there was so many daughters haha. 

so I was re-watching 12′s first episode and he was talking to the droid and said something to the effect of ‘you’ve been replacing your parts over and over, there’s nothing original there anymore, you aren’t you anymore’ and after the finale and seeing 12′s current reaction to the thought of regenerating again, can I just say, from the bottom of my heart…..ow.