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ps. sorry for the lack of activity. canada can’t handle heat, so everybody in my town is running their ac ;; leading to power outages. in other news, i’m moving to antarctica. 



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Tonight was actually wild pepper-coast who is an angel💕✨!!! managed to get me and thevisualboard tickets for black british girlhood and it was lit truly felt the sisterhood in the room 💖 then we both ended up in some random jazz bar where we were revived and we met Laura Mvula?! like I haven’t seen this girl in a year and this happens all in a day like I can’t.

Me: I wonder if I’m awake or not enough to make proper sunnier

/smacks head on shelf, nearly walks into window handle, forgets to close refrigerator door…

Me: …never mind

To do list once I am coherent enough, at night possibly:

1. Reply to things on tumblr
2. Comment on people’s fics
3. Reply to comments to my fic
4. Rp. Plot rp. Definitely need plans for Aug.

just a gentle reminder that this blog is exclusive to webheadedhero
in terms of romantic shipping. i feel most comfortable with this, and
i trust my bro with liz and everything when it comes to like, shippy 

but, i’m still open to friendships, platonic relationships, bromances,
etc with absolutely everyone. i’d really like that a lot.

oh look my very first creepypasta from when i was 12

just a tip: i own nothing in this fic but myself and the karinka (ovipets please forgive me)

Today was October, any normal day, crappy work, idiotic teachers, and a stupid ass family. But I don’t mind anymore. My stuffed animals keep me sane nowadays. I even name them, but enough about me, let’s just go through this. I was just sitting on my chromebook, checking deviantART, TPMRPG, maybe draw a little. Until I remembered I had my own OviPets thing, so I decided to go there, hoping my pets aren’t dead. Thankfully not, but I read the news, it said they made a new species, called the Karinka, a Peacock and Phoenix hybrid. Pretty cool, too, they also said you have to be a paid member to get one, though. 

“Damnit…” I mumbled to myself. Hoping to find a way to get one, me being a broke ass teen and all. They never trust me anymore because they are always stupid, and they always thought I was bound to be a thief when I get to adulthood. Back to OviPets, they also said that they were doing a raffle, the winner got a Karinka, and I entered without hesitation, not reading the rest. Weeks went on by, but it was a snow day, meaning no school. Good thing, too. 

I checked my stuff, then went to OviPets to see my messages, a notification, I clicked it, It said, “Congrats, Zoe Potter! You have won our Karinka raffle! The pet will automatically be put in your box.” It ended with a smiley emoticon, I screamed with joy when I read it it again to see if it was true. I checked it out, it was a female red, blue and green with a bit of orange, with a yellow eye while the other eye was purple. It was practically a Skittle bird. “Hehe, Skittle bird…” I said, chuckling to myself, I named it Takuro, because for some reason, I always liked the names from anime more, not sure why, though… 

Oh well, I decided to see if I could find my new Skittle bird a mate to see what the egg looks like. That’s what I do there, find a new pet, find it a mate, and check out the results for the new eggs, I always end up with crazy results, though. I finally found a new male Karinka for Taruko, he was an assortment of blues and some red, too. I named him Asuro, he was just as cute as Taruko, “Aw yiss, gonna get me a mad sterile egg, mate. Fuckin’ love this stud here.” I said, being the moron I am proud to be. I decided, since it was almost 9:00, I closed my chrome and went to sleep.

“I thought you loved me master. Are you saying you no longer love me? Why did you choose Asuro over me, master?” I almost jumped out of my bed when I heard that voice. “W-Who’s there?! I have an Angry Bird, and don’t think I won’t use it!” I said, improvising. I opened my computer up in a flash, typed in my code, and tried to see what that voice was. A picture of an angry Takuro showed up. She looked beyond pissed. “If you love Asuro more than me, master, I will have to kill him, then you will love me, right master? Right?!“ 

Now a little button thing appeared: Do you love Takuro? Y/N Within a minute I clicked no. "ThEn I wIlL eNd AlL oF yOuR pEtS!!" She screamed. What was going on?! I pressed the power button, making the screen fade into white. I sighed in relief. "Thank god mom is a heavy sleeper…” I said, I can just tell how fucked up tomorrow will be. I woke up, having a bad feeling about Taruko, hoping that experience was only a nightmare. I opened my chrome up, to be greeted by the logo of the computer’s industry. I was mortified at what I got instead of the password icon. 

It was a blood tattered version of Asuro, he was missing his wings, and most of his feathers were gone as well. I heard Takuro speak, this time, it was more raspy, and had a dark tone to it. "Do YoU lOvE mE nOw, MaStEr…?“ She asked as an icon of Takuro wearing most of Asuro’s limbs is if they were the same animal. She was also wearing Draconis parts as well, the tail, claws, everything. It then zoomed in on her face, I was completely terrified, now. The text button thing showed up once more. Do you love Takuro now? Y/N "Fuck no! You just fucking murdered my pets!!” I screamed at the computer. "ThEn I mUsT eNd YoUr FaMiLy NoW…“ 

I was really panicking now. Was she really gonna kill my family?! Over a male Karinka?! Then, I heard screaming, it was my brothers, I ran as fast as I could, which was weird because I am not a runner, but I was too late, Josh, Benny and Brian Jr. were mutilated. I was mortified to find their bodies, Benny’s organs spilled on the beds, Josh was hung by his intestines on the ceiling fan. and Brian… Brian’s death was by far the worst. He was lying on his back, mouth stuffed to the brim with his own organs, I was gonna throw up when I saw this nightmarish scene. 

But then I heard more screaming. It was Holly! I ran upstairs, hoping not to puke at the images I witnessed. I was too late once more. Holly was bleeding out as if she was a floodgate, My brother Ty was nowhere to be found, "Please say he’s okay, please say he’s okay!” I muttered in fear and desperation. I ended up finding him in the closet, his flesh was missing, organs everywhere, I think I even felt his heart beat one final time on my foot… “Gross! Fucking damnit…” I said, even in his final moments, he’s an asshole to me. 

“I swear to god if I hear Breonna–” She screamed out, “Speak of the devil!” I said in anger and sarcasm, I know it’s a bad time for that shit, but I needed somethingto get me back together. I was angry enough to just kick her door down. She was dying as well. She was hung by her scarf on her ceiling as well. “God fucking dammit… Even if I hated her to death, Istill feel bad.” I said to her corpse. Shewas a bitch, after all. “Let me guess, Mom and Dad are next.” I said, as they screamed right after. “Of fucking course.” I ran downstairs again “I hate running so much right fucking now.” I said while panting out of exhaustion. 

Mom and Dad had their chests opened is if someone just ripped them up. “What is it with Taruko and chests? Jesus.” I said, disappointedly. She was standing behind me, “I know you’re there, Taruko. Give it up. I don’t love you, thats it, end of story.” I said plainly. But she wasn’t gonna kill me, she was sobbing, in fact. “I just wanted love… No one wanted me, because they knew I would do this… I never wanted to kill, I just wanted love…” She hiccuped, great, now I feel bad. 

“Alright, alright. I will love you but only for one thing.” I said. “Anything.” “I want you to revive my family and make it so they don’t know any of this.” I said, hoping she can do that. “I’ll do it.” She said, with a smile. “Oh, and one more thing, can you change back into your original form? It was a lot more cuter than… this.” “Oh, okay, I wasn’t really into the blood on my feathers, anyways, it stains.” She said as if she was a fashionista. “Got that right…”

The End (its a happy ending so deal with it)