My concert experience 16.06.14

SO like. Woah. First, like let’s just get this down ok? Louis is perfection. Now we can move on. 

I was standing along the catwalk just where they sit on that thing. Louis was on my side all the time and I think I’m in love. Niall was there a lot too and Liam as well. Zayn walked past sometimes and Harry was only there a few times. 

(Just so you know, I will post pictures and videos as soon as I can)

  • Harry: Harry is truly happy on stage. You can just tell.
  • Zayn: idk what he was doing most of the time bc I couldn’t see him very well, but he looked real good and the voice, damn.
  • Liam: idk how anyone could ever hate him, he’s a babe, like really, the only way to describe him is “bae”. I wanna cuddle him and have sex with him, and how shall I go on
  • Niall: his voice is so good?? Much better live like i don’t know how that works but that’s just how it is. 
  • Louis: is perfection. 
  • The boys in general (looks): Like they’re all very small? Not tiny, but none of them are big? Niall’s legs are so skinny, like he looks absolutely healthy, but man the legs. Zayn’s waist is so nice as well, totally healthy but. Harry’s much smaller than I thought, less burly and less buff? But overall he looks good. Liam is just man…hothothot BAE! Louis.. Ah Louis. Them thighs. Them shoulders. The chest. Louis is exactly like I thought, not big, not small, just PETITE. Truly fucking perfection. 


  • during Louis’ solo in One Thing Harry pretended his mic was his dick and made small thrusts in the air
  • I’m not 100% but I’m quite positive Alberto (Louis’ bg) walked past me before the show begun on his way to his guarding position farther down the catwalk
  • my back. ow ow ow
  • bitchy fucking people
  • I don’t remember what this note was but it had something to do with Diana, Harry, Louis and mouthing
  • also if your hair is longer than to your shoulders please put it up because I refuse to ever have anyone else’s hair in my mouth again
  • When Harry was thanking everybody, he said like in Stockholm, “…sisters, BOYFRIENDS and girlfriends” but for some reason my camera stopped filming just after he said “sisters”, which I feel SO good about…
  • Paul was stood right in front of me and he touched people’s hands (not mine), and when a girl fainted I helped her over the fence and he caught her on the other side
  • THE BEST THING: people kept throwing water at Louis and in the end before he ran off stage he ran past us and got his revenge by drenching us in powerade, AMAZING (white and orange powerade if anyone cares or…)
  • THE MIRRORING is fucking real. Mother fricking real. I’ve seen it. SO fucking amazing. They’re perfect ok. 
  • HILARIOUS AND SO CUTE: when someone hit Louis with water over his leg, Paul popped up right in front of me and was really protective and cute trying to find out who threw it and Louis looked so cute and smile like “haha, daddy saw you, sucks for you” lol
  • When Harry and Louis passed each other after being off stage Harry smiles at Louis like he was fucking sixteen again and it was amazing! I have no tape of it though, but you can trust me 
  • Zayn waved lazily at my crowd and people went insane haha
  • Harry sprayed us with water :) kill meh
  • I saw three other rainbow direction people, one in line and two other’s holding up rainbow signs during the concert
  • Zayn and Louis talked when they came on stage after they’d been away and Zayn smiled really cutely and half laughed
  • Liam did his mic trick thing a few times in front of me
  • Niall and Louis had two short convos right in front of me ah, I may die now
  • I saw Niall’s TTssss thing GOD
  • The zouis solo in DFWYB, like their voices together are so good
  • Harry and Liam wore those red arm links
  • SOML and You & I were really great and BSE as well
  • Harry and Louis passed each other once by the thing they sit on and it was really cute because Harry was bending like he was falling and idk how to explain, but I’ll post vid later