ow thats cute

First time drawing Hog, I guess it could be worse???
Welcome in the spastic fair Hoggie :D

I made 22 new icons that are free to use!

  • 200x200/250x250
  • Mostly Fallout with some Abzu/Overwatch
  • Credit not required but appreciated, please don’t claim as your own
  • Please like/reblog if you use

Here at my icons page!

shel--f  asked:

I'm not an expert but- your cat may be trying to actually groom you. Cat's lick their fur to clean but if they lick human hair it sticks and they might make biting motions to try and get the hair out of their mouths. Long story short- your cat wants to clean you but is failing at it.

OW OWWW OWCH ouch THATS cute ….

PSA: Kids love Reaper. I cosplayed Reaper for Tracon, and never have I ever got so much attention from kids. My favorite was when a kid at a bus-stop waved at me, and I waved back, and his mother said “Look, he’s not scary at all”. Ma’am, the kid wasn’t scared, he was delighted. I felt so loved.