ow that was bad i'm sorry

Low Poly Guide

A brief and badly written tutorial on how I do low poly work as promised Ow<)/

//I’m very sorry to those just learning 3D, as half of this probably won’t make any sense. But if 3D was easy we’d see a hell of a lot more of it than we do, so never give up! It’s a tough area but you can make amazing things once you get your head round it, and there’s a huge array of tutorials already out there that can help you get started.//

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Also, @ mutuals, if any of you want a postcard from seoul, send me an ask! I’ll include a bad quality drawing of your favourite elf lol. (If you want a card but you’re not comfortable giving out your address, just say so and I’ll send you a picture of the dog I befriended here holding the card I wrote for you)

Kylie was on her way to the living room before she stripped over a t-shirt and dropped her glass of water on the ground. “Damnit.” She sighed, bending down to pick up the broken glass.  “Ow-” The girl exclaimed, looking down at the blood coming out of her hand.

so I’m still struggling to come up with the money I owe my school but here’s my paypal ( paypal.me/courts28 - sorry I’m on mobile)if anyone wants to help out, literally anything helps. I have til the end of this month to pay off the 2,000$ that’s due and I’m freaking out. but thanks to those who consider helping.