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You get to see the scary side of the brothers. (More of the 20s au) this idea was inspired by the lovely @reaching-for-love. Buckle up because the next comic for this au is gonna be sad.
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it wasn’t even on the lips!!!


You held Sam’s eyes just a moment before ducking your head with a quick, bursting laugh.

“Wow. That’s a pretty good line,” you said, challenging him, waiting for him to laugh too, to make it all one of your inside jokes that Dean would roll his eyes at later. 

When Sam said nothing though, you looked up again. He had a soft smile on his face but those eyes of his, intently fixed on you, were nothing but sincere. You blushed deeply.

“Wait. Was that a line?” you demanded in a half-whisper, leaning forward. 

“A pretty good one, according to you,” Sam said.

“But…what? You’re flirting with me?”

Now Sam laughed, deep and rich, giving a small shake of his head and pulling his teeth to graze over his bottom lip. You watched all of this with your heart in your throat, waiting for his answer. 

“Have been for the past year,” he said. “But thanks for noticing.”


More imagines!

i made this little doodle for twitter for a little pick-up-er i hope it helps ;-; have some smiley Gabe and cheeky Jesse

in this very.. dark time.. uogh my sister and i stayed up till very late watching the tellie and we all feel like death -lies on the floor- the weather here in nyc shows it tbh.. 

Gabriel Reyes & Jesse McCree©Overwatch/Blizzard
-lies on the floor-©me



I loved this dorky, adorable comic so freaking much that I had to dub it. 

Joker is voiced by me, Shepard by @dreamwalkertara and EDI by AderuMoro. Again, the original comic is by Kisu-no-hi and can be found here.

Background music is from Star Ocean 4 and Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-.

What We Learned from the New Comic

•Tracer is one of those people who buys their Christmas gifts last-minute
•Tracer does indeed have a girlfriend/partner and oh my god I’m crying they’re so loving and wonderful together!!!!
•Athena has a “party mode”
•How the fuck did Lena and Emily get to Gibraltar that fast?
•It seems that Genji’s visor actually only comes off around his eyes like we saw in “Dragons” but I’m still drawing his whole face fight me
•Blizzard still never draws Hanzo consistently but who cares? He looks great!
•He has an undercut and pierced ears bitch yes
•And a lil Japanese flag pin on his quiver/bag strap what a dork
•Do all coats in the OW future have weird, giant-ass collars? Or do Sombra and Hanzo both shop at the same clothing store?
•None of you can ever tell me that Widow doesn’t care about her husband again try me I dare you
•Rein, Brigitte, and Torb are spending Christmas with each other (and what I think is Torb’s family but I don’t know for sure??) and its so cute omg
•Are you telling me Genji sent that letter to Mercy? Because yes.