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Here’s my Calarts BFA3 Film, Virtual Critters!

Somewhat based on my life experiences and my family, which revolves around derpy dogs.

This year I only had 10 weeks for actual production- much shorter than last year-
I owe a great many thanks to all my friends, family, and faculty for supporting me during these crazy times!
Another shout out to Lucien Ye for the music and Derek Etman for the sound design, and my  actors Nick Smerkanich, Audrey Olmos and Shaina Lynn Simmons!

The (completely unrelated) Critters Trilogy is now COMPLETE! …ish.

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So the completely dazed and blown away look Killian wears on his face as Emma walks down the isle towards him just so happens to be the same one as when good ol' Zeus poufs him back from the underworld and he sees Emma run to him. These two cuties will never get old! What a dream team.

WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME, I’M CRYING.  That post-resurrection run hug is the greatest thing that has ever happened.  It will literally never be old, I could watch them stare at each other all day

Speaking of Zeus, do you think he’s invited to the wedding??  I bet he’d be all over that.  Or maybe he’s just like chugging ambrosia or whatever while he screams continuously, watching from Olympus


Finally made that milestone video! I’m so thrilled to have such dedicated followers– especially those who interact and send in queries about headcanons, or requests for certain prompts! Most of all, I adore my writing partners. This blog wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without such wonderful folks to interact with!


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Thulaz <33

I needed this I’m about to go fail a final lmao (I pass the class regardless but my self esteem is still like ow) thank youuuu 💖

I have never been prouder in my life

so we’re out eating for easter with my family and i’m drawing in a mad libs book because we have nothing else to do and i’m using a purple marker

so my little brother says “hey can you draw the gay pride flag?” and i figured the joke was that i only had a purple marker so i said “okay” and drew a bunch of lines

he says “no you drew it wrong it looks like this” and showed me a picture of the overwatch logo

i’m in tears

a dream that i thought was impossible came true!

PlayOverwatch’s twitter rewtweeted my fanart of Cadet “Tracer” Oxton! (tumblr ver.)

A few months ago, I was thinking of quitting drawing. Now I’d tell myself, “Don’t be DAFT!” (in Tracer’s cockney accent!)

Thank you so much Overwatch. This game has truly had a positive impact on my life. The OW team at Blizzard are my real-life heroes! And big thank you to everyone for supporting my artwork and for encouraging me to keep drawing no matter what. I’m so full of gratitude to you all! :’)

Cheers luv! Never give up loving what you luv! ♥