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freewingedwolf  asked:

Yoooo the protect and destroy picture you drew is fricking amazing, like the colors and how they contrast and just the lighting and effects and it’s so fricking cool, how do you make such awesome art, like every piece of yours even if it’s shit post is so well drawn, like even if it’s a shit post you take time to put some kind of effort into it. It’s amazing dude keep it up. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

klhklhsjdklhjdf oh man…… thank you so much this made my day ;;v;;

im glad it shows tho!! i just love making everything and when ppl enjoy it its the best feeling thank u <333

anonymous asked:

Re replying to comments. I get it that some people's fics are so popular that they get a ton of comments and can't reply to all. But if they still want to show their readers that they appreciate those comments, they could just give a general thank you in the notes on the next chapter. If they feel they don't owe thanks because they've done their part by posting fics, that's fine, but the truth is that some readers do get discouraged if they feel like they're shouting into the void.

No one wants to feel like they aren’t being heard. Some readers see comments as thank yous but for the readers who see comments as reaching out for contact? Not getting a reply can be disheartening for sure. I don’t really know how authors can find out what type of readers they have, though. All I’ve got to suggest is “ask” :/


Gorillaz in 2017

“They’ve changed along with the world, I suppose. I dug them out of a little box that I kept, and the world had changed, and then, during the making of the album and the creation of the videos and music, the world changed even more. So they’re a little broken and disillusioned, and a bit more determined.” - Jamie Hewllet