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I really gotta thank you for bringing that good wholesome jdronica content bc I always feel kinda bad for shipping it (even tho i don't ship it after it goes south bc I've Dealt with bad bfs so why would I) but u? bring the most soft content of my biggest comfort ship I owe u my Life

AAAA thank you! I ship them in healthy relationship bc theyre babes and I love them sm 

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I will woefully share it with you. 😂 *slowly pushes the candy over with a resting bitch face* Even though I am low on supplies, you are my smutty reaction dealer, so I owe you.

Ayeee, thank you 😂🤗

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Please pet/hug your dog for me and tell them im lov them and that I hope they feel better from their nightmare.

Ow, thank you~~. Don’t worry, he is trying to steal my chicken adobo right now, so I think we can safely say he is fine ahaha.

Still, I wonder what dogs dream about? And more specifically, what happens when they have nightmares? The behaviour I call “nightmares” in mine is when he starts twitching pretty sharply and whining loudly in his sleep; when he wakes up (or if I wake him up), he usually gets up and lays down next to me, before going to sleep again.

I have never been prouder in my life

so we’re out eating for easter with my family and i’m drawing in a mad libs book because we have nothing else to do and i’m using a purple marker

so my little brother says “hey can you draw the gay pride flag?” and i figured the joke was that i only had a purple marker so i said “okay” and drew a bunch of lines

he says “no you drew it wrong it looks like this” and showed me a picture of the overwatch logo

i’m in tears

Thank You

Hey guys,

I’ve been reading your messages all morning and I’m just honored by the outpouring of love. I didn’t really expect that video to get the response it did and I hope I didn’t worry anyone with it. I’ve always wanted to be honest with you guys both with the good and the bad in my life and I hope you know that I don’t regret getting to this point. I’ve come a long way down this road and I don’t intend to turn back anytime soon.

The heart of the matter is finding that next big thing to chase. What dream should I pursue next? Because there’s a lot of options opening up in front of me and I’m not sure which one I want to pour my heart and soul into. I know it’s a bit of an asinine thing to complain about but I’ve always found it hard to do things just for my own sake. I would never have pushed myself so hard as a YouTuber if it weren’t for you all cheering me on the whole way. That’s what I mean when I say I owe EVERYTHING to you.

So thank you.

Thank you, honestly and truly for everything you’ve done along the way. I still don’t know where this road is going to lead me but I don’t want you all to worry that I’m going to abandon you or YouTube or stop creating in general. My life stands still when I’m not making something to try to impress you haha.

-Mark “The Night Vlogger” Iplier

Boi, can you believe it’s already been a whole year since Horikoshi saved my life