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i’ve been missing from tumblr because life rocket boosted me to some place i don’t know how to return from.. lol but in that time, i doodled a bunch and slammed them all in twitter.. my life revolves around twitter because i get some good shit good shit there 10 outta 10 YEAYUH

omg i don’t make sense i’m sorry -lies on the floor- besides that, i’m busy with life and stuff.. the usual. been playing as much overwatch as my body allows.. also, lol i’ve gotten a lot of questions in my inbox about who i main, my guys. it doesn’t matter.. just know i love gabe reyes and i love drawing him with jesse.. -shrugs- 

lookit all these messy doodles of gabe and jesse

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Gabriel Reyes and Jesse McCree©Overwatch/Blizzard

The WILDEST and BRAVEST thing about Zevran tearing apart the Crows (in my humble opinion) is that he probably didn’t HAVE to.  The Warden has more than enough political pull to get the Crows to let one measly assassin get away, and if they were friends/lovers it wouldn’t a stretch to have THAT be how Zevran is freed from the Crows.  I mean, the Warden put TWO monarchs on the crown (one controls the lyrium trade) and saved the dang world.  They have enough political pull to get the Crows to back off.  And Zevran deserves it for everything he’s done tbh.

But Zevran???????????  Knows what they do to people???????  To children??????????  And he decides that he’s not going to let that stand and he destroys this assassin guild that stands in place of Antiva’s ARMY?????????  LIKE DANG BOY!!!!!!


Spinelli: But I’m right, am I not? You do have feelings for me.
: Spinelli, you know, I just picked up all the fractured pieces of my life and put them back together into something good, something wonderful with Nathan.