ovw tv championship

OVW Television Champion Big Zo
[July 1st, 2017]

At the July Saturday Night Special, the OVW Television Championship was held by three different wrestlers. The defending champion Reverend Stuart Miles was defeated by David Lee Lorenze III, who ended Miles’ second championship reign, clocking him out at 17 days. The celebration wouldn’t last long, however, as Big Zo cashed in his golden ticket that guaranteed him a shot at the championship of his choice. Zo defeated Lorenze III to become the new OVW Television Champion, which was only one of the three titles to change hands at last night’s SNS! This also marks Zo’s second championship reign, as he’s also a former OVW Southern Tag Team Champion with former partner Hy Zaya.

CM Punk stands over a fallen Seth Skyfire
[August 23rd, 2006]

The Summer of 2006 saw the rise of CM Punk. After spending the majority of his early career in Ohio Valley Wrestling chasing the title, Punk finally defeated Brent Albright for the OVW Heavyweight Championship on May 3rd. Along the way, Punk found an ally in OVW Television Champion Seth Skyfire, with whom he captured the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships. As a duo, the pair held every championship available for male competitors in the company. That is, until August 2nd, when Skyfire and Punk were defeated by Deuce & Domino for the tag team titles. Upset at his partner, Punk left Skyfire in the ring as OVW fans jeered.

On August 23rd, Skyfire, coming to the ring alone, defended the OVW Television Championship against Charles “The Hammer” Evans. Evans, a much larger and powerful wrestler, defeated Skyfire for the gold. Following the bout, Punk came to the ring to help Skyfire up, but then attacked his now title-less former partner. A week later, Skyfire challenged Punk for the OVW Heavyweight Championship, but was unsuccessful in conquering the champ. Following the bout, however, another of Skyfire’s former partners, Chett The Jett, challenged Punk for the title, and defeated Punk to end his reign at 119 days.