ovw television championship


Beat The Champ $1,000 Television Championship:
Brent Albright (Champion) Vs. Flash
[April 20th, 2005]

In 2005, OVW debuted a new championship: the OVW Television Championship. The title not only signified that you were one of the champions within OVW, but that you would also defend the championship on a weekly basis, and would be rewarded $1,000 per week, on top of your contract, so long as you remained the champion.

“The Shooter” Brent Albright, who was a technical grappler that many compared to Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko in terms of in-ring style, was the inaugural champion. Albright had no such thing as an easy road, defending the gold against the likes of Seth Skyfire, Kenn Doane, Lance Cade, Aaron Stevens, and many others. This was his longest title defense to date, as he defended against former 4-time OVW Heavyweight Champion Flash Flanagan, who at the time was the IWA Hardcore Champion in Puerto Rico.


OVW Television Championship:
Kenn Doane (Champion) Vs. Brent Albright
OVW TV [September 28th, 2005]

One of the absolute best things about Paul Heyman booking at OVW was that every single championship had a driven, talented performer carrying the banner at all times. While this period’s OVW Heavyweight Champion was Johnny Jeter, the Television Champion was the 19-year old Kenn Doane, who was a newly-turned heel that had spent the Summer proving why he was the future of OVW. However, the former champion, Brent Albright, was hell-bent on both proving Doane wrong and regaining his championship.

OVW Television Champion Seth Skyfire

In my opinion, this is a photo of one of the most talented yet unfortunately, overlooked superstars that ever wrestled in OVW.

In 2003, Seth Skyfire debuted in OVW. The immediate reaction to the long-haired skinny boy was for the girls to go apeshit. He came out to Trapt’s “Headstrong” (a popular tune at the time), which the fans quickly identified with and would remain his theme for years. Skyfire’s style was a lot like the 1-2-3 Kid clashed with The Hurricane. A bevy of high flying maneuvers and strikes were used to take his opponents off their feet, and he used these manuevers to gain several wins throughout his career.

Despite a few losing efforts in his early days, it didn’t take long for Skyfire to find his niche and for the OVW officials to realize that they had something special. In June of 2004, the team of Seth Skyfire and Mack Johnson defeated The Troubleshooters (the impressive team of Brent Albright and Chris Masters) for the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships. The upset win was a well-greeted shock to OVW fans, yet this wouldn’t be the only time Skyfire held the gold, as he went on to become a 4-time tag champion. Twice with Mack Johnson, once with Chett The Jett (another great OVW wrestler that the WWE never gave a shot), and once with CM Punk.

In March 2006, Skyfire was signed to a WWE developmental contract, and soon defeated Aron “The Idol” Stevens (now known as Damien Sandow) to become the OVW Television Champion, a title that by rule had to be defended weekly on OVW TV. He held the gold for 5 months, during which time he began partnering up with OVW Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. The two defeated the team of Cryme Tyme to become the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions, which meant that at the time, they held every title in OVW. Dissension began to build after only a month of teaming and the team were defeated by The Untouchables (later known in the WWE as Deuce and Domino). After the team lost the championships, they turned their sights on each other, feuding for the OVW Heavyweight Championship. Despite CM Punk being on the WWE’s ECW brand and gaining a huge following in OVW, the fans wanted to see Skyfire become the Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately, his efforts failed, and Punk was eventually defeated for the gold by Skyfire’s former partner, Chett The Jett.

Toward the end of 2006, Skyfire began wrestling as El Aero Fuego, with the storyline being that he could no longer challenge Charles “The Hammer” Evans for the Television Championship as Seth Skyfire. In reality, Skyfire was working under the mask to potentially called up by the WWE. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for him, and he was released from the WWE in early 2007. Skyfire disappeared from OVW for a few months before returning during the Summer of 2007, teaming with Johnny Jeter for a while before retiring. He currently works as a special effects artist in California.

The sad thing is, you see guys like this a lot that work in developmental and have such a good build to becoming a star, and yet, for some reason, it doesn’t work out. Skyfire had numerous wins over future WWE superstars, held 2 of the 3 OVW championships on multiple occasions, and even teamed with future WWE champions, and yet, he never got the call. If you want to see Seth’s work, he’s all over YouTube. One of my favorite matches is the rematch between Punk and Skyfire and the Untouchables.