ovis room

Hi 👋
Today i decided to make an amino for Alternative black people/teens (ages 13+ unless theres a huge amount younger kids who wants to express there selfs) and i need three logos/pictures!

This amino will include chat rooms(ovi), black alternative bands i listen/ want to introduce, meetups(maaaaybe) , and black owned alternative stores(any business will be fine though). The reason im making this amino is for the black alternative kids to have a chance to meet and/or eventually meet. I myself use to have two huge grougs of friend with similar interest just last year… But now its gone. Some moved and some are impossible to see. Also i was really depressed and high anxiety caused me to make problems out of small or nonexistent things so i was scared to talk to some of my friends so they eventually stoped interacting with me so im lowkey lonley.

The logo/picture has to have something to do with a black alternative. It can be anything!
Black mosh pit? Yep
Black punk? Sure
Lazy logo with the words “alternatives black” of course!
Send it however you’d like 😜
-stay awesome, Ciya