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Now that you've got me raging about the educational board... what's your view on it?

Much of the same. As with corporations, the focus is on profit. Where I currently reside in Florida, however, pretensiousness was the issue that always grinded my gears. The faculty never quite seemed to want to admit that they belonged to the middle class. As such, they were all living representations of the middle class suburban nightmare. Too well off and socially concerned to fall back on welfare, not well off enough to avoid having to work for a living. Students were the source of their suffering so the students were forced to accept maltreatment in return. Most teachers regarded themselves as pools of infinite knowledge when, in truth, they were little more than shallow, misinformed, petty beings. Favoritism was commonplace. The acting teacher smoked weed with students out back and the remainder of the staff shared a similarly loose interpretation of the rules. The principal didn’t know who ‘Kurt Vonnegut’ was. Didn’t care, either. His focus was on football. The moronic coaches sidestepped legality to ensure they could boast that their athletics department stood amongst the best in the state. Overall, it was a mediocre institution masquerading as the “Home of Champions and Scholars”. A hostile environment that spawned both superficial, clique-driven pupils and apathetic instructors*.

*Excluding Roy Starling, Gary Barnett, Chris Friend, Sherry Hilyard, Christine Clark, Amber Petschel, Jack Boggs, John Howell, Karlin Gasthoff and Mary Woods.

So like Friday night we had a football game against Oviedo and I met a mellophone player there and we talked for quite a while. He was soo sweet and funny c:

Then, on Saturday, we had our first competition and after the prelims retreat, I was talking to some band parents with my Superior Drum Major medal on and he was walking to his truck when he ran over to give me a high five and congratulate me and stuff and then he gave me a carnation :) Honestly I have never blushed so much or smiled as much as I did then. I’ve never been given a flower, ever and it caught me off guard but made me really happy. For all I know, it could’ve been a flower from when they started closing up shop and selling them and bulk but I didn’t care. For the rest of the night after finals and full retreat he kept saying that we did a great job and waving at me everytime. :)))

Honestly I had so much fun this weekend. I’m extremely proud of my band for making it to finals and then placing 4th overall <3333 

Congratulations to Oviedo for being Grand Champions!