overworld sprites

what have I done

i’ve decided to remake every character’s overworld sprites from scratch god help me here’s what they look like

and yes i am working on the next part still, but these will be in the next part so itll take a bit


Once upon a time I did body studies of the girls of Mineral Town and Forget Me Not Valley, so I figured I kind of had to do Pelican Town too. Kind of an amalgamation of their overworld/dialogue box sprites, but definitely took some creative liberties here and there #justiceforabbysbow

I forgot, Moon can’t die until she grinds against the Tree o’ Tedium and finds good old Cynthia, AKA the Sinnoh League Champion, AKA Best Girl AKA This Motherfucker.

She’s the loremaster of Sinnoh, an archeologist/folklorist/researcher of legendary pokemon. She’s your bro, giving you Cut and helping you out and generally being an adult who is actually useful in a piece of kid’s media. Then you face her at the end of your league challenge.

And she does not fuck around. I came in expecting a dark-type or ghost-type specialist due to her dark, gothic attire and headpiece, which are little Umbreon hair dildos in her official art and Beats by OAK in her overworld sprite. And she leads with a Spiritomb, confirming your suspicions. And it’s a decent challenge, with no weaknesses. Fairy ain’t around yet. And then comes Roserade… a classic grass/poison. Alright…. so Karen in Gen II had a Vileplume in her Dark team, maybe this is a callback to that. Roserade isn’t that impressive, other than the toxic status. And after her comes… a Togetic? Normal/Flying?

We have just lost cabin pressure.

She’s got a normal ass team. Not Normal, but normal. Like what an actual good player would use. She has a full team with 11 types. Only one of her pokemon has two moves of the same type, and that’s Roserade’s non-redundant Sludgebomb and Toxic.

Then out comes Lucario. Fighting/Steel. Well, psychic won’t be so great so might as well bring out your Fire type. LOL this is D/P Sinnoh shithead, there’s only two, a starter and fucking glass-ankle Rainbow Dash.

Milotic is a huge tube of watery lard and specials armed with mirror coat, and her finisher is goddamn Garchomp. A dragon-shark-jetplane, what the fuck you gonna do? At this point, Aryan Death Goddess Cynthia is lubing up her hair decorations and dialing up your mom because this turbo bastard knows Dragon Rush, Giga Impact, Earthquake, and Flamethrower in case you brought an Ice-type.

Cynthia’s the best. Top champ.

anonymous asked:

☕️ Papyrus isn't all that tall? A lot of people think he is, but many characters are taller than him. He seems tall compared to Frisk or Sans, but that's not saying much. In my mind, he's about average by human standards.


I usually place him at 6′ and some change. Definitely not the 7-foot thing I’ve seen floated around. As far as overworld spites go, his is actually pretty short…

BUT! The battle sprites, man! What is going on with those! He’s slightly taller than Toriel during the true pacifist battle screen before Flowey shows up. He’s taller than ASGORE, too. Though Asgore’s a bit bent over, but even then, Asgore should tower over him based on the overworld sprites. Also according to those, Nice Cream Guy is a giant.

So, heights in this game make no sense and are not well established. I just use Papyrus’s baseline as a lanky slightly-above-average human male build and call it a day from there. Tall for a human and/or skeleton, random crapshoot for a monster.

The only thing that really matters is that Undyne is always taller than Papyrus.

That’s the important bit here.