overwhelming apathy

OK so let’s lay this out.

Diamond, who was clever and dark in a way Will was not naturally, was killed immediately and without fuss. Hannibal feels no emotion for him despite overwhelming apathy. Yet here, after the death of Anthony, we hear explicit reference to Hannibal’s desire for Will Graham’s company. 

The fact is, in a way we almost cannot comprehend, Hannibal’s cruelty towards Will was a kind of kindness. A mark of human emotion and desire. Comparatively, his behavior towards Anthony is the behavior of a man playing with his food. He’s not hiding his nature because he honestly doesn’t care how he is viewed. 

Pair that with next week’s preview and we see that Hannibal is about to become more dangerous than ever; his heart–his only remaining humanity–is broken by Will’s rejection. Which means that there’s about to be a hell of a lot of murder.