White Feminists, step your fucking game up.

Y'all got one of your own policing the identity of an afrolatina, telling her that her Brazillian heritage does not make her latina, telling her that she doesn’t look latina so she can’t be latina, and generally acting like a heritage erasing twat.

Y'all got another one of y'alls own coming into someone ELSE’S inbox tone policing and acting like a twat.

You can’t claim to fight for ALL women and ignore women of color. There are more women out there than the ones with that almighty white fairy pussy that you’re putting on a pedestal.

You also can’t claim to fight for all women and then proceed to police her identity, when it’s nunnayuh goddamned business, and it’s not your place to determine it.

And, as usual when one of your own gets called out as a racist, AIN’T NUNNAYALL COLLECTING. So um…where’s the collection plate for pasquetti and overweightbutoveryou?