overweight cosplayer

I cosplay a lot of characters that are canonically supposed to be tall/big people. It has nothing to do with their height and everything to do with either an emotional attachment to the character, or just really, really liking the challenge of making the costume.

But I’m really sick of being discounted because of my size. I’m really not that petite, I don’t think.

“Oh, you’re like a mini-Thranduil!”  Oh I just spent 72 hours straight dyeing my fabric and hand sewing all the details, but yes it’s just cute because I’m tiny.

“You’re like, Maedhros the Tiny! Instead of the tall!”  That was funny once. It’s the most intricate costume I’ve ever made and is entirely sewn by hand.

“You’re a little Loki! a low-key Loki!” <_< No. Also you are nowhere near the first to make that pun.

“You’re such a little Ronan! Tiny accusations! haha” Chibi Ronan was funny like once.

I play along with it to an extent since it’s easier to laugh than be a bitch about it, but it’s really disheartening. I do super intricate or accurate costumes and the #1 comment is always that I’m little. Thank you, I am aware. I’m tiny because I’m chronically ill and was malnourished during my formative years, thanks. Everyone else in my family is over six feet tall, I’m just over here with my stunted growth.

Do you all go up to overweight cosplayers and be like “Wow, you’re such a fat Cinderella?” no? If you wouldn’t lead with that, then why do you lead with ‘lol ur so little”

Moral of the story: don’t comment on people’s physical appearances unless they ask your opinion or you’re being helpful.

This post brought to you by pent-up rage and the amount of really legit Star-Lord cosplayers who were hyped to do photoshoots with me and then became lukewarm on the idea when they realized I come up to their shoulders. Camera angles are a thing, dudes.

OK, the fandom has sunk to a new low. Hating on characters is one thing, but bashing the actors is another thing entirely. (There is a difference between bashing and criticism though)

Someone posted pictures they had taken with the actors/face models who took part in the Mass Effect Cast Cosplay over on Reddit and some people started making “who’s the volus?” and “man the harpoon” comments about Kimberly Brooks.

Luckily, they’ve been thumbed down so far (the last time someone made a rude comment about an overweight ME cosplayer they got flamed into the ground by other posters).