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How do you know when your succulents have been over watered?


It’s not really easy to tell. Mild overwatering doesn’t necessarily have any symptoms, but it can weaken the roots of a plant and make them more vulnerable to rot caused by overwatering. Chronic, mild overwatering tends to make leaf succulents look droopy or bloated. Severe overwatering is likely to cause root rot, which is usually fatal by the time the symptoms become apparent, unless you can take some cuttings from healthy parts of the plant.

Instead of trying to identify overwatering when/if it happens, it’s much better just to be cautious with watering at first until you get a feel for how much water your plants can take up at any one time. There’s really no rush to water succulent plants once they dry out. The vast majority of succulent plants can survive for months, if not years without any water and still recover. Overwatering can kill a plant in several days. Underwatering takes months to kill a succulent plant.

Happy growing!

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Hello Dan! I know this might sound as a stupid question, but Im a beginner with few succulents and one cactus, and I would like to ask, if its possible to anyhow over-water the plants? Thanks a lot of you respond!


Yes, overwatering is the leading cause of death for cacti and succulents in cultivation. Usually overwatering arises due to poorly aerated soil as well as a bad watering regime, although just one of these can cause overwatering too. The roots of nearly all land plants need oxygen to grow and live. Overwatering or a poorly aerated soil mix suffocates the roots and causes them to die after a relatively short amount of time. Dead roots then allow bacteria and other pathogens to enter the root vascular tissue and cause a systemic rot throughout the plant, which will kill it if it’s not dealt with in time. Since most mass-produced cacti and succulents are potted in poor soil mixes, they tend to be prone to rot unless you repot them or are very careful with watering.

Overwatering is easy to avoid though, you just have to be willing to treat your plants mean. In the wild, they may experience months or even years of drought, so leaving them dry an extra week won’t hurt them. Using a soil mix such as 50/50 perlite/potting soil is helpful too, for the added aeration. Giving the plants a good watering once every two weeks should be sufficient. Reduce the frequency of waterings to once every month or less over winter.

Happy growing!

Read Overwater and it inspired this headcanon:

Rhett and Link get mistaken for a couple 60% of the time they’re out together. (The number used to be about 75%, but internet fame has thankfully lowered those statistics).

But despite people’s (wrong!!!) ideas about Rhett and Link’s relationship, people still flirt with them!!!

And they are Very Offended by this, and get Legitimately Jealous when someone flirts with the other person in front of them. And of course they have long arguments about how much right the other person has to be jealous if the person flirting THINKS they’re together but they’re actually not.

“That guy was hitting on you!” Nobody does amused anger quite like Rhett. In fact, no one except Rhett does amused anger at all.

“I know the guy was hitting on me. I wasn’t going to do anything - I’m married.”

“Damn right you’re married!”

“Rhett… I’m married to my wife, not you.”

“But he thought you married to me. So at that moment, you were married to me, and him flirting with you was just as disrespectful to me as it was to Christy - maybe even more so!”

“Well, I never said anything when that girl was flirting with you!”

“Which girl?”

WHICH girl? How many girls are flirting with you?!”


Hi dan, glad to see you back ^^
Could you help me identify these two? The first one said it is a haworthia limifolia, but I think a limifolia looks different.. And a question about the second one, I replaced the soil in the container to terracotta pebbles, do you think it will be fine or do I need to change it to another container?
Thank you in advance!


The first is a Haworthia for sure, but I don’t know what species. The second is probably a form of Echeveria lilacina. If the container has drainage holes in the bottom, then it shouldn’t be a problem. However it if doesn’t have any drainage holes, then you will need to be careful with how much water you give it, as any excess water won’t be able to drain away. If you think you’ll be prone to overwatering it, then it might be a good idea to repot it into a container with drainage holes in the bottom.

Happy growing!

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dude i killed a cactus by watering it too much we're in the same boat. (but in my defence , my mom said every 3 weeks instead of months. so its her fault for killing an 11 year old cactus)

My mom recently killed all of the other cactuses in our house from overwatering which I personally am sad about but she claims she waters her once a week and its as old as I am

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hey ok I saw on your snapchat that you had a cactus in your room or something and I was wondering how often you water it bc I got some succulents and cacti a few weeks ago and I think I'm overwatering them 😓

if we’re going to be completely serious I hardly water them. I actually have no idea how to properly care for them, I kinda just water them whenever I remember (which is probably really bad).


Hey Dan, this is my black Prince echeveria, Echo. Unfortunately I’ve overwatered her a bit and she hasn’t been getting enough light and lost some of her color. I’ve moved her to a window with more light, and haven’t watered her since the 5th of July (it’s currently the 21st at the time I’m sending this) Does she look like she’ll recover? When do you think I should water her next? Thanks in advance


She will be fine, she looks quite healthy despite elongating a little and losing some colour. If you want the colour to intensify then it’s probably best to withhold watering for quite a long time. Perhaps water her next in mid-late August, but see how she looks over time. I wouldn’t be in any rush to give her any more water.

Happy growing!

Symbol Starters | @superizuku

     Mina stood with both hands at her sides, graced in a milky white toga fastened with bright, golden buttons. She wore brown leather gladiator sandals and a crown of leaves laced around her hair and horns. 

Being a deity of weather was rather easy and simple, so simple that Mina often didn’t do her job. Others would come to scold her or encourage her to “do better!” but it was just a weather. Mina knew what she was doing.

The reason she’s not doing her job is because she doesn’t have to. The weather didn’t need to change from yesterday. California needs a drought. How else are they going to learn not to overwater their lawns?

And as the weeks and months ensued
I tried to make myself of use.
Tilled and planted, but could not produce —
not root, nor leaf, nor flower, nor bean; Lord!
It seemed I overwatered everything.

And I hate the sight of that empty air,
like stepping for a missing stair
and falling forth forever blindly:
cannot grab hold of anything! No,
Not I, most blessed among Colleens.