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Tired of hiding

This one is for the lovely anon who sent me the prompt. I really really hope it lives up to your idea and how you imagined it. *crosses fingers* *worries*

(Note to everyone else reading this - the idea and most of the storyline isn’t mine)

Summary: Baz starts going to an LGBT+ club at Watford, Simon finds out and it changes the way he sees Baz

Warning: homophobia (well… kind of. It may all just be a big misunderstanding)

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yall i am so fucking excited!!!! ive been doing a past life regression for the last couple days (recommended by @angel–finder i think) and it finally worked! i remembered my first flight with uriel and what uriel looked like and how it felt to fly! im too excited to type it out rn but omg i remembered something solid!!!!

cc-kouga  asked:

Hi!!! I'm in love with your headcanons. I have been (hopefully lowkey) stalking your tumblr. I dunno if you write other pairing outside tfc, but if you are and still open for prompt, can I have pynch + prompt #2? Thank youuuuu XOXO

thank you so much!!<3<3 (whether or not it’s lowkey is irrelevant, it’s super flattering!!!) 

and as a general psa- I’m always open for prompts for anything I blog about, so you can absolutely :)

2. “This is an apology pizza. Please take it or I will start crying right here.”

  • adam’s at college now and finals week is approaching
  • dead week is kicking his ass
  • and yeah he’s settled in by this point
  • but there’s a part of him that’s conditioned by stress and expectations to revert back into the boy he was for a while
  • which is to say, he’s feeling the weight of the pressures he puts on himself and feels slightly insignificant
  • so he works even harder to make up for it
  • and this all amounts to two things, a) he’s not slept much, and as such is pretty moody, and b) he’s not really talked to anyone in the past couple of weeks
  • now ronan knows adam
  • he knows what adam’s like when he gets stressed
  • but he’d been doing so much better and they’ve been together for like a year by now and it’s been good
  • so the fact that it’s different is Noted
  • and he brings it up to adam casually, one phone call that adam actually manages to answer
  • (adam sounds so happy to hear from ronan that he almost chickens out)
  • but he casually remarks that they haven’t talked much recently and is he getting stressed like he used to?
  • it uh
  • does not go well
  • long story short, adam hangs up on him and aggressively goes back to studying, fully resolved to not talk to people until finals are over because it’s not worth it
  • and he doesn’t
  • if adam’s one thing, it’s dedicated to his decisions
  • so for a full week he doesn’t reply to a single text from anyone and only barely talks to the friends he has made at college
  • (they get it, though. that’s just who he is and it’s not personal)
  • but finals finish and adam has a second to collect himself
  • and ok, he admits it, he was a complete asshole
  • he planned to go back to henrietta in a couple of days after packing but he looks around at all the stuff he has around his room (cough dream items) and he definitely can’t wait that long before he goes back he needs to fix what he’s done now 
  • and also he misses ronan more than he’d care to admit
  • so he just…. heads straight home
  • (he does mention it to his roommate on the way out)
  • (once he forgot to and they thought he’d been murdered)
  • (adam slowly gets used to people noticing his absence)
  • he doesn’t go empty-handed, though
  • he spent too much time with gansey so that he feels uncomfortable inviting himself to someone else’s house when they may not want you there not to bring a gift
  • and there’s a part of him that’s missed nino’s
  • so he gets pizza as a brief detour and when he arrives at the barns it’s still warm
  • (he’s almost upset he can’t eat it right away)
  • he has a key, but he knocks on the door anyway
  • ronan opens the door like ….what the fuck because no one knocks on the door
  • and adam’s standing there looking fucking perfect as always and he has pizza and it smells delicious and it takes all his resolve to maintain his default pissed off expression
  • adam blurts out “this is an apology pizza. please take it or i will start crying right here. i haven’t slept in a week, i guarantee tears.”
  • ronan can’t do it
  • he takes the pizza
  • then he kisses his boyfriend

New study space for vet school!! It’s finally finished, except for the little things. I still need to get a new backpack, my Macbook Air, binders, textbooks, and various school supplies. It turned out so much better then I was hoping! Only 61 days till my birthday and the first day of school! Inspired by why-i-am-a-vet-student  study space.

i’m enjoying ed balls on twitter now that he’s not an mp, when politicians get their accounts back they seem to all immediately turn into an Ultimate Dad™. balls loves overusing exclamation marks !! incorrectly !!!! while ed miliband…uses too many…ellipses…bless him…

#NoFilterShow last night was amazing!!!!

Totally worth spending 9 hours on trains and going to school today on about an hours sleep!!!

Grace was perfect!!  She was so funny and her expressions were priceless!
I’m not sure why I was surprised but Mamrie was outstanding!  She had such an amazing stage presence!

Hannah was awesome!  She was energetic and her puns were cracking!

The show was perfect, they killed it and I’m so glad I was lucky enough to go and have such brilliant seats!

Imagin seeing Michael daily on your local school campus but your first meeting with him would be at the library desk with his hair shoved haphazardly into a beanie and his hoodie shielding his body from the cold. He would have a slightly panicked look in his eyes as he would request a book but would instantly relax as you would confirm that it was in the library.

He would gratefully nod and lope away but return only minutes later with a pink flush covering his cheeks as he explained that he didn’t know how to find the book, laughing you would quickly locate the book and press it into his hands.

Hours later, his eyes would be drooped shut and drool trailing down his chin and plopping onto the file paper which was littered with short paragraphs and a clear overuse of exclamation marks. Shaking his shoulder slightly, his vibrant green eyes would blink open sleepily and he would smile abashedly as you look away from him. Michael would quickly shove his stationary into his bag and leave a single scrap of paper on the desk and shaking your head you would reach over to crumple it and throw it into the bin but looking down you would see messy digits scrawled onto the paper so you would pocketthe scrap of paper with Michael’s phone number and if the student librarian went out on a date with the tired green-eyed boy then no-one had to know.