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How to growth black hair fast ?

Growth your hair fast

Don’t believe the common misconception that African American women must settle for short, fragile, unruly hair.

The secret to achieving long black hair involves adopting a simple, yet effective hair care regimen.

To obtain substantial length, you must nurture hair growth while limiting the amount of stress afflicted on the hair.

With proper black hair care, which includes proper nourishment of the body, you can have lovely, long, beautiful hair.

STEP 1 : cleanse your scalp more frequently.

Whether it is because of cultural traditions or because of mis-information, black women tend to think it is better to wash their hair once every two week or less.

Your scalp should be cleaned at least twice per week in order to keep it healthy. At the very least, wash your hair once per week.

STEP 2 : Do not apply too much heat to your hair.

Excessive heat can severely damage “african hair”. Strive to avoid overusing flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers in your routine.

Choose roller sets, wraps, twists or up dos that don’t require excessive heat.

STEP 3 : Reduce your use of chemical products.

Avoid overuse of relaxers, texturizers and dyes. Space out the time between relaxers from once every 6 weeks to once ever 12 weeks. Do not keep the chemicals on longer than the recommended time in the hopes of getting straighter hair. Avoid harsh dyes if you have previously relaxed your hair.

But the best is to stop using relaxers, texturizers and dyes !

STEP 4 : Adopt regular trimming habits.

Despite how contradictory as it may seem, hair grows faster when you keep it trimmed.

Ridding your hair of split ends allows tresses to grow healthy by preventing any damage from progressing up the hair shaft.

You have to determine a trim cycle : one per month or one every two months.

STEP 5 : Moisturize your hair consistently.

Moisturising properly is essential to growing long black hair.

Condition your hair often to prevent dry, split ends.

Avoid thick greases and oils that can accumulate and weigh down hair.

Try a few light moisturizers until you find one that works with your specific hair.

[I recommand home remedies, diy products or natural products instead of market’s products.]

STEP 6 : Limit manipulation of your tresses.

Black hair grows best when left alone. Opt for styles that don’t require constant styling.

Braids can help black hair grow long as long as they are used properly and not left in for too long. Make sure they don’t stretch the hair tightly around the edges. Avoid harsh pulling or tugging at the hair.

De-tangle your damp hair with the aid of a little conditioner to avoid breakage and hair loss.

STEP 7 : Use deep protein treatments.

The hair is made mainly of protein so it is essential to use protein treatments regularly to rebuild and straighten the hair.

[Deep condition your hair on a weekly with homemade mask (eggs, avocado, honey, banana).]

Do not use protein treatments more than once per week. Overuse of protein can leave the hair dry and brittle.

STEP 8 : Implement and maintain a healthy diet

Never underestimate the importance of drinking a lot of clean, fresh water to moisturize from the inside out.

Nourish your hair by adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Eat foods rich in vitamins A, D, C, B12 and the other B vitamins, Biotin and Calcium.

According to Harvard School of Public Health, taking a multivitmin daily is a good way to get all the nourishment and nutrition you need in order to stay healty.

Use a multivitamin with those vitamins to help your hair grow. Not only will you have a glowing complexion and a strong, healthy body; you will also have luxuriously shiny long hair.

Things You’ll Need
A good moisturizing conditioner
Protein treatments
Wide tooth comb
Silk scarf

Source : livestrong.com


This is what I worked on since the last days ^^

It’s an AU inspired by this post (and the tags on this post).

It’s my own interpretation of this AU, so, it’s not really the same to the first idea, but I really went into this AU, and I get really attached to those versions of Gilbert and Ivan ! 

I love to imagine Gilbert as a shy nerd with big glasses and Ivan as a big-hearted punk, completely fond of his cute boyfriend… Even if it’s finally, completely, totally, OOC !! u.u’’

For the Ivan’s tattoos : he has snow flakes on his right arm, sunflowers on his left arm, and wings on his back ! ^.^ (I planned to do a nsfw drawing in this AU where the wings will be more visible) Thanks agermanfulloflove for her suggestions ! ;)

I overused the textures, but I find them really cutes, so…

I hope you’ll like it !! ^.^/

In an effort to make myself feel somewhat better about the state of my art these days, I did one of those ‘through the years’ things.

2011: I overuse textures and photoshop filters to (poorly) mask how horrendous I am at drawing.

2012: I actually start using references. (And kick the texture addiction.)

2013: I take over the TF2 fandom with blinding colours and lots of very static drawings of characters looking at each other.

2014: I attempt to draw backgrounds for once in my life and forget how to use lineart.

2015: For the first half of the year I draw something every single day, and then I don’t pick up my pen for six months.

I don’t know if I’ve improved much in terms of the diversity of my subject matter, but hopefully my technique has seen some improvement! High hopes for 2016.


And if the night is burning
    I will cover my eyes
       For if the dark returns
           Then my brothers will die