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If you were a family, who's the Mom and Dad? Aunt? Cousin? Creepy kid next door?

  • Deetron is dad. Dad has lots of puns and always makes us smile, she’s the backbone of the group and always inspired us to keep doing better.
  • Tea is mom, the most caring sweetest loving person on the planet. She keeps us sane and separates us when we fight.
  • Grouch is the aunt who shows up half drunk and sits outside smoking and cussing about the neighbors.
  • Noire is the precious baby of the family.
  • Nolan is the cute girl next door with impeccable style.
  • Mama is the woke cousin who stays up late playing video games.
  • Femme is the cool aunt with the awesome dog who worries too much about everything but is adorable.
  • Deelite is the cool neighbor who always has cookies and pickles.
  • Sjane is the really cool older cousin who bridged the gap between kids and adults, and who gives you mix tapes you never asked for.
  • Mags is the cool, intimidating, sarcastic cousin who’s really just joking around.
  • Picky is the sleepy oldest sibling who keeps dragging her siblings around fixing our mistakes.
  • Apple is the goofball sister who is cute and always photographs well, and always has emojis and strange facts when we need em.
  • Mlys is the overthinking, introspective exchange student who feels like a member of the family.
  • Martine is the boy-crazy, adventurous cousin who always manages to put herself in strange situations and send a message to one of us in a random moment to tell that she’s lost in the middle of a forest.
  • Zee is the trendy aunt who is well traveled but sassy and would buy us beer, but who warns us not to get the chicken nuggets.
  • HSL is the teacher who ended up being a friend of the family.
  • Simplesimmer is the caring godmother.
  • Java is the precious soft cousin who is always there to listen and always has perfectly matching outfits, too good for this world.
(30-Day Writing Challenge) Day 11: Something you always think “What if...” about.

This may sound sensitive…
“What if expect too much and won’t reach my goals?”

I think of this every single day. As a student, I always set definite goals that I must reach by the end of the day or by the end of something I have been working on. I always expect something favorable in return of my hard work. 

Despite of my positive thoughts and motivations to myself, my negative thoughts also start to get onto me. I start questioning myself if I am good enough to start things that I am unsure of. I also doubt on my capabilities and start to overthink. 

As a graduating student, one of my goals is to make my mother proud of what I will achieve. I want my mother to be glad of what I will become in the nearby future. 

I expect too much, especially on my academic performance. My other goals that I have “what if’s” about are CETs (college entrance tests), my decision to pursue my dream course (because my mom’s kind of contradicting about it), and other things related to schoolworks, especially projects that require a high score.

Even though I usually overthink, I never let go of God’s presence. I always tell him to guide me and to help me reach my goals. In order for me to reach the peak of success, I must work smarter, of course. Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.

“Overlearning” fencing actions

One way to make fencing actions easier to learn is to use what some people call “overlearning”. That means that you take an action that has been drilled, and make it a part of a few longer sequences. The idea is to make the action automatic. Instead of having the student overthink the technique in a simple drill, we complicate the drill and just get a lot of reps in without them consciously thinking about the actions. 

In Foil, one example of an action we want to over-learn might be a feint, deceiving the parry and then finishing the attack. We might do the following types of drills:

  • Compound attack by feint-deceive
    • Student advances and extends to faint
    • Coach parries
    • Student deceives the parry and lunges
  • Compound riposte by feint deceive
    • Coach advances, student retreats
    • Coach lunges, student does a simple parry
    • Student extends arm to riposte, coach goes to parry
    • Student deceives parry and finishes the riposte. 
  • Compound counter-riposte by feint-deceive
    • Student starts with an advance-lunge, which is parried and riposted by the coach
    • Student parries the riposte and does their riposte via feint and deceive as above.

In Bolognese Sidesword, you could do the following to overlearn a falso manco parry followed by an imbroccata thrust. Dall’Agochie provides the following sequence:

  • Coach stands with their arm over-extended
  • Student advances to do a dritto sgualembrato to the sword hand, and does a full cut to porta di ferro larga
    • This is a provocation, not necessarily meant to hit, 
  • Coach voids the attack by withdrawing their hand and thrusting.
  • Student parries with a falso manco and ripostes with an imbroccata.

Another sequence that I’ve used

  • Coach advances to attack with a mandritto. 
  • Student parries with a falso manco and ripostes with an imbroccata.
  • Coach binds the sword, retreats and start to parry by moving to coda lunga
  • Student remises with a tramazzone to the head, accompanied by a chasing step. 

By placing actions that have been taught into different tactical contexts, the actions start to become more automatic. Doing the same for longsword is left as an exercise for the reader, but Meyer has plenty of examples. 

Possible future career?? Become a combination of Terry Deary & Martin Brown (along with Peter Hepplewhite, Neil Tongue, Mike Phillips & Phillip Reeve), create something historically accurate yet fun. Better than writing bad historical smut, becoming a curator or living in an archive. Now to better myself in writing and drawing for the next couple of years in my life….

This is what I think about at 1am

Also one of the few people I know who READ THE BOOKS before the whole television shenanigan (I miss primary just solely for the books & games)