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smolsickficwriter  asked:

how about a song that represents each oc!

I think I maybe did this before for Gang 1 & 2, but I’m going to redo it cause it gives me the chance to look at music (and Gang 3)! 

Eden - Send Me A Sign by Sam Clark

Jude - In Your Light by Gotye

Leyton - Within You Without You by The Beatles

Mattie - Tsunami by DVBSS & Borgeous 

Alba - We Are Young by Fun 

Eppie - In Your Dreams by Dark Dark Dark

Jack - Chelsea Smile by Bring Me The Horizon

Lindsey - Dustbowl Dance by Mumford & Sons

Aiden - Brave by Sara Bareilles

Blake - Latha Math by Manran  and Hearts & Minds by Ivoryline (He gets two because he’s a music student!)

Damian - Overthinking by Relient K

Cain - My Lighthouse by Rend Collective

Jenna - Gorecki by Lamb

Jesse - Meant to Live by Switchfoot

Zara - For No One by The Beatles

Aleksander - A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation by Trivium

Murray - F**kin’ Perfect by P!nk

Possible future career?? Become a combination of Terry Deary & Martin Brown (along with Peter Hepplewhite, Neil Tongue, Mike Phillips & Phillip Reeve), create something historically accurate yet fun. Better than writing bad historical smut, becoming a curator or living in an archive. Now to better myself in writing and drawing for the next couple of years in my life….

This is what I think about at 1am

Also one of the few people I know who READ THE BOOKS before the whole television shenanigan (I miss primary just solely for the books & games)


One of my many jobs is to help out with an online course in microeconomic theory. This course utilizes online problem sets created by the textbook publisher, and one of the sets includes the question you see above.

(Dear Internet: Is it prisoners’ or prisoner’s? I argue the latter since it’s a noncooperative game, though I might be overthinking this.)

Anyway, some students objected to the grading of this question on the grounds that the prisoner’s dilemma narrative starts with the observation that two people commit a crime. I…wasn’t sure how to respond to this, since I guess they’re not wrong? I suppose one could argue that the prisoner’s dilemma applies to a number of different contexts of strategic interaction, in which case breaking the law is not a literal prerequisite. Or…one could argue I could just show them this comic.