overthinking can ruin you

Me:[waiting for my order]

Worker:[yells my order number but forgets my cookie]

Me:“he’s probably going to get it soon”

Anxiety:“but what if he forgot? Or what if you didn’t order one? And your just standing there looking stupid waiting for nothing?

Anxiety:"your gunna be so humiliated if you ask where your cookie is and they say you didn’t order one!

Anxiety:"you’ve been awkwardly standing there for over a minute already, it’s been too long, just go.

Me:"I can just ask if they forgot my cookie”

Anxiety:“no I’m not going to let you embarrass yourself”

Worker:“are you waiting for another order?”


Me:“no, I was just leaving”

that’s how anxiety can ruin and make you overthink the most simplest things…I just wanted a fucking cookie :(

I will forget you before you forget me. I am good at doing that. At losing touch and thinking about anything but you. I am almost as good at distractions as I am at overthinking. And maybe overthinking is why I decided I needed to forget you. Overthinking can ruin any good thing just as easily as hope, but I cannot hope for someone like you. You are the kind of boy that can lift finger and send me on a course to crash and burn, and it would not be wise of me to trust you. My body would not be able to handle the damage you would do to me. But I can leave first and save you the trouble and me the time and we can play the game of trying to forget. I promise, it will be easy. It will be better this way.