Slytherin x Hufflepuff Relationship Would Include:

Request: Could you make a Hufflepuff and Slytherin relationship would include? Thank you 😊

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  • The Slytherin not being able to resist the Hufflepuff’s alluring adorableness 
  • holding hands ALL THE TIME
  • pecks on foreheads
  • passionately tender kisses between classes
  • The Hufflepuff kissing them all over
  • The Slytherin loving every single one
  • Though refusing to admit so of course
  • A lot of forced grumbling on the Slytherin’s part
  • The Slytherin getting jealous to the point of a break down
  • “Why’s the glass smashed?!”
  • “They were all over you and you made no move to stop it.”
  • “We were HUGGING. It’s what friends do you buffoon!”
  • Them sticking up for each other regardless as to the situation.
  • “You wrecked the trophy room?”
  • “Well, I mean…I tripped and everything sort of fell and…yes…”
  • “So I blackmailed Filch to get you out of detention and you actually did it?!”
  • The Slytherin almost always being the little spoon after being forced by the Hufflepuff
  • “Now was it really that bad?”
  • The Slytherin’s obdurate qualities being worn away by the Hufflepuff’s omniverted ones.
  • The Slytherin being so cautious and hesitant with the exuberant Hufflepuff at first 
  • The Hufflepuff being a strong motivator for the Slytherin and aiding them in reaching their goals.
  • The Slytherin providing as an inspiration for the Hufflepuff to become more ambitious
  • Insecurities
  • The Hufflepuff reassuring them and making it their mission to demonstrate to the Slytherin that they’re perfect as they are
  • “Those things you consider to be flaws repressing your abilities are what make you more endearing.”
  • The Slytherin cuddling away the pain. 
  • Muttering sweet truths to the Hufflepuff
  • “If you were as you made yourself out to be, would we be here right now? Be proud of the things that make you who you are because they’re beautiful.”
  • both never allowing the other to feel the slightest pain

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  • The Slytherin ALWAYS teasing the Hufflepuff
  • (during herbology) “Why don’t you use those skilful hands for a more…pleasurable cause?” 
  • The Slytherin being gobsmacked when they sass them back
  • “D-did they just…?”
  • “Yup.”
  • The Hufflepuff being the first to say “I love you” 
  • Them saying it all the time, everywhere
  • Knowing the Slytherin feels the same way
  • the Slytherin taking them to a sentimental place, maybe where they first met
  • A soft whisper is almost missed in a passing zephyr as they stand inches apart
  • “I love you.”
send me a ship and one of these and i'll write a mini fic
  1. things you said at 1 am
  2. things you said through your teeth
  3. things you said too quietly
  4. things you said over the phone
  5. things you didn’t say at all
  6. things you said under the stars and in the grass
  7. things you said while we were driving
  8. things you said when you were crying
  9. things you said when i was crying
  10. things you said that made me feel like shit
  11. things you said when you were drunk
  12. things you said when you thought i was asleep
  13. things you said at the kitchen table
  14. things you said after you kissed me
  15. things you said with too many miles between us
  16. things you said with no space between us
  17. things you said that i wish you hadnt
  18. things you said when you were scared
  19. things you said when we were the happiest we ever were
  20. things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear
  21. things you said when we were on top of the world
  22. things you said after it was over
  23. things you said [make your own]

inspired by this

Every Ghost Adventures episode ever
  • Zak pretends not to be terrified
  • Zak gets annoyed at one of the guys (usually Aaron)
  • Aaron makes an innuendo/ bad joke
  • Someone trips/ falls over
  • The guys hear an entire aria in an EVP that just sounds like rustling
  • “At this exact moment…”
  • “Was this spirit (Zak describes a totally random action)???”
  • Nick feels sick/ gets chills
  • The guys see a human figure in a formless blob/ an orb that looks like a moth
  • Aaron gets left on his own
  • Zak yells “SHHH”
  • Zak continues to yell “SHHH” for a full minute after everyone else has shut up
  • Nick tries to sass the ghosts
  • Zak does something ridiculous “to get evidence”
  • Nick starts full on screaming
  • At least one super close up shot of Aaron making this face:
EXO: Chanyeol Smut


Sinful Moans I The Last I Bent Over I Disturbing the Silence I Neighbour I Dreaming of You I Are We Ready I Handful I Exasperated I


Movie Night I Hopeful


Happy Birthday I Neglected I Underneath My Tree I Imperious I Caught In Between ft. Kyungsoo I Hazardous ft. Sehun I Friends With Benefits I Educated I I Need You I Scream


Cabin I Soapsuds I A Dangerous Game I In The Summer 


Your Idiot  


Retrouvailles I Get You Wet, Get Me Wet  


Homecoming I Masquerade I Don’t Upset Daddy I


Let’s Continue 


I Just Like You ft. Kris


Check Your Coat and Inhibitions at the Door


Attack I Always Call Me Oppa


Out In The Open | Up In The Air I Oral Fixation I Just Like That I Two Years I Like The Pictures




Code Red I He’s Just a Friend I Warm Winter Night I Distracting performance I Looking good I Show me I First time I


Canvas I Steamy I Gimme More I Deleterious I

Favorite Whump Tropes

hello friends! to celebrate the 815 followers that this little blog now has (whaaaa?!! thank you all so much!), i’ve decided to put together a list of some of my favorite whump tropes and situations. you know. for reference. ;) what are some of your favorite whump-y moments? i’d definitely love to know! 

now… let the fun begin! 

  • hiding potentially fatal injuries (if untreated) to avoid distracting their friends from the task at hand
  • pale skin, dark shadows under their eyes, lines of pain around their mouth, shaking hands, hunched shoulders, raspy breathing, blood staining the fabric of their (dark) clothes, sweat beading on their forehead
  • stumbling and staggering along (especially when it’s the leader of the group, so the entire team of friends can see and exchange worried glances behind their back) 
  • hands on their elbows to steady them when they threaten to topple over
  • the almost asked “are you okay” or “do you need help” 
  • worried glances, obviously conflicted about whether to confront them about the obvious signs of injury or to hover nearby, awaiting the inevitable 
  • when they finally collapse – whether it’s planned, slumping casually to the ground to “rest”, legs uncoordinated and trembling, their back against a tree, eyes slipping shut in exhaustion and pain and finding themselves unable to get back up, collapsing with a cry of pain when it’s attempted – or if it’s sudden and unexpected, the staggering getting worse as they walk, hands reaching for the wall, an obliging tree, or a friendly shoulder, the murmur of a name on their lips right before their eyes roll back in their head, legs folding underneath them
  • worried friends desperately running instantly to their side, gripping their shoulders, smacking their (too pale) face or 
  • the "hovering friend” being just close enough to catch them as they crumple, hands on their arms, hands supporting their head as they’re lowered gently to the ground
  • “wake up! hey, don’t do this to me. stay with me, you hear me?” 
  • “stay with me!” and “don’t do this to me!” in general

    (i just realized i kind of wrote a story there… heh. give me a show (i’m familiar with) to write it for, and i’ll do it. ;))

  • “i’m okay, don’t worry about me. we need to focus on —-” (especially if it’s a person that needs rescued, helped, found, etc)
  • hands holding them down, hands smoothing back hair, whispered nothings
  • “hey, hey, it’s okay, stop trying to move, alright? we have to take care of this before you —”
  • dabbing sweat off a fevered brow, reassuring voices in the midst of delirium
  • trembling (bloodstained) hands scrabbling for the fingers of a friend, the grip turning their knuckles white when it’s finally in their grasp
  • only one person (the best friend, preferably, or the one they were injured protecting, or the one who was with them through the ordeal) being able to calm them in the throes of fever (or drug-induced nightmare) in the aftermath 
  • unexplained weakness and exhaustion, especially due to some supernatural force, side effects or sacrifice (Stiles, Teen Wolf 3b was my whump heaven) 
  • waking up in pain with no accessible medical help or morphine, their eyes fluttering open, gaze flickering weakly, barely able to turn their heads to the worried faces of their friends as they hover nearby
  • “can you hear me? hey, can you hear me?” as their eyes flutter closed
  • muffled screams, hands over mouths, whispered “i’m sorry”s as a friend tries to clean / bind / analyze a wound while preventing them from alerting the enemy / predator to their location 
  • shaking, sweating, in so much pain they can hardly speak
  • pain when they breathe, every breath like molten lava in their chest 
  • winces, shuddering, hitching breaths, gasping for air 
  • “i can’t… breat–i can’t breathe”
  • fast, panting gasps in the aftermath of a painful ordeal
  • fingers going limp, releasing the hand of a friend or slipping off an object they had seized in the midst of their agony 
  • when their focus blurs, breathing fast and shallow, head slumping to the side as they lose consciousness (from pain, blood loss, etc)
  • strangled cries from between gritted teeth, hitched breaths when the injury is inspected, blood soaked clothing pulled away from the crusted wound
  • seizures, bodies arching off hospital beds, frantic fingers trying to hold them down as the bed rails shake with the force of the fit 
  • an oxygen mask being pressed forcefully over their face, the command to “leave it be, you need all the help you can get”
  • the frantic search for a friend, the desperate, determined “they’re alive, i know it, they have to be” 
  • the moment when the lost is found, the choked whisper of their name as they rush to their side, hands lifting their head off the floor, the harried search for injuries
  • the “oh my god. oh my god. hey, we need a medic in here!” shout, desperate, tinged with fear, then the barely disguised tremor in their voice as they turn back to their friend, whispering, commanding, “you’re gonna be okay, you hear me? you’re gonna be fine.”
  • found unconscious (or barely conscious) on the floor and someone sits behind them, physically dragging their head and shoulders into their lap, gentle fingers smoothing the rumpled hair and pale face 
  • arms wrapped around their chest, slow, shuffling movements, the winces of pain as they climb into a vehicle, head pressed against the window, the worried glance of the driver at the hitching breaths as the car hits bumps in the road 

I’m positive that there are more, but this is all I can think of right now; more to come, I’m sure! ;) 


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Welcome Home - Pentagon Yuto Smut Scenario



The first thing you did when you got off the plane after your long flight was take a huge breath of the air, unwinding in the familiar smells of the city you’d lived in for the past three years. After spending the past month visiting family in Toronto, you were glad to at last be on home turf, in a city you could easily recognise and navigate. Travelling to foreign places could be stressful, and being home meant you could finally relax.

The next thing you did was wait. And wait. And wait.

The airport was far from a peaceful and empty place that afternoon. Families, couples and solo travellers swarmed the terminal, weaving around each other in an unofficial rhythm that had left you bruised and confused after trying to follow it. There seemed to be more people about than tiles in the floor, and the crush of bodies at the luggage collection bay had you standing and waiting for the most part of an hour for it to clear.

Your phone beeped. An incoming text, most likely, from the boyfriend you were supposed to meet thirty minutes ago. Sure enough, you unlocked your phone and there was a message from Yuto.

Yuto 💕: where are you??

You smiled, knowing you weren’t the only one missing the long cuddles and numerous tiny kisses that had been a regular evening occurrence. Your fingers were a blur as they tapped out your answer.

Y/N: the luggage area is really busy right now :/ you might have to wait a little longer

Barely a minute passed before two more texts came through.

Yuto 💕: I miss you though

Yuto 💕: I don’t want to wait

You found the messages to be rather sweet, nearly giggling aloud in flattered amusement. It was rare that Yuto allowed himself to appear cute in this way; he preferred to maintain a ‘cooler’ persona around you, despite you knowing already that deep down he was really just a huge cuddle bug.

The crowd around the luggage collection area finally began to dissolve, the lull between arrivals when no large flights were landing. You clicked off your phone and slid it into your pocket, darting between people. Yuto may have wanted an immediate response, but he’d have to suck it up and wait if he wanted you home sooner over later.

With your luggage now recovered, you followed the signs to the exit, rushing for the taxi bay. Admittedly, you were rather eager to get home to your apartment. But of course, the taxi bay was busy too. It looked like there’d be another long wait in store.

Sighing in defeat, you fetched your phone back out of your pocket, shooting back a couple of texts to Yuto while you started the second round of standing and doing nothing.

Y/N: you should’ve come to pick me up if you wanted to see me sooner

Y/N: taxis are busy too, don’t expect me home any time in the next hour at this rate

Yuto 💕: but I need you now :( it’s been so long since I got to touch you

Oh. Of course, he wasn’t just flirting. The tone of his comment, though written and not spoken, sent evil tingles wandering through your stomach. No innocence was featured in his words. Or, at least, you hoped it was that way.

Thirty minutes and forty rounds of Angry Birds later, you felt a tap on your shoulder. Turning around, you were hardly surprised to see Yuto standing behind you.

“Hi,” he smiled, taking in your interesting fashion choices. You’d barely had time to get ready before your flight that morning, so your outfit was a mishmash of whatever you’d picked up first. You feigned nonchalance, shrugging to hide your embarrassment.

“Hi,” you said back, twinkling your fingers in a gentle wave. There was a short silence, as neither of you knew what to say, and then he leant down and kissed you.It was only for a moment, but the brief contact had you biting your lip to restrain yourself as he pulled back. He winked at you, but immediately busied himself with scooping up your luggage from where it rested on the filthy concrete at your feet.

“I’ve come to take you home,” he said. An arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you into his side, and he led you away, never once dropped his easy grin. It was more casual than you expected, the action telling you nothing more than a simple ‘I’m glad to see you’.

You started to doubt your original thoughts of his intentions. Perhaps he’d just been missing you, and that was all. You’d probably imagined the sexual tension in your text conversation earlier, and he only wanted to see you.

The uncertainty continued to cycle through your mind the whole journey home, leaving you with nothing to say and a silent car ride. Every few minutes, Yuto would glance over at you with that same smile he’d had since the airport, but he didn’t seem to pick up on your quiet mood. He seemed more focused on the outline of your figure, but you hardly noticed, staring sullenly out of the front window.

The apartment block loomed ahead, and you sighed in relief, glad to finally have an opportunity to escape the uneasy atmosphere of the car. Yuto still remained oblivious to your current feelings, blinded by his happiness at being near you again. Before the car even stopped, you were reaching for the handle, and once you were free you stormed to the trunk to pull out your bags. You strode away, not really sure why you were rushing, or even why you were upset, but figured it was just that you were tired.

It was only now that Yuto realised you weren’t particularly happy with him, and he almost forgot to lock the car in his hurry to catch up to you. The smile had vanished by now, replaced by a concerned frown, as he drew level with you.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, gently taking your wrist to stop you.

“I don’t know,” you sighed. “I think I’m just tired.”

He nodded in understanding. “Let me take you to bed, then.”

You blushed furiously, wondering if he’d caught his own innuendo. He showed no sign of such, instead kissing your forehead softly and leading you away to the apartment with his arm once more around your waist. It felt like his hand was lower this time though, and you wondered if this was intentional.

He brought you inside, taking your bags from your hands and dropping them on the couch. You barely had a moment to breathe before he whisked you into the bedroom, laying you down on the covers. But as he moved to stand and leave, you grabbed a fistful of his shirt and yanked him down so your faces were mere millimetres apart.

“You’re not going anywhere,” you growled, the tone sending an electric thrill through the air between you both. You hadn’t meant to sound so desperate, but seeing the way Yuto’s eyes flashed in response, you felt yourself lifting towards him against your will, like someone else had control of your movements. But whether it was you or a foreign being directing your body, you still ended with your back arching upwards and mouth pressed to him.

For the first few seconds, the kiss was little more than a meeting of lips; that brief moment of indecision before the self-restraint snaps. Then Yuto nearly fell on top of you, trying to taste every square inch of your mouth as you opened up to him. You lay back, smirking. This is what you had wanted. You knew that now.

Two strong hands held your face as he hovered over you, propped up on his elbows. The kiss seemed to get deeper and deeper by the instant, intense to the point where it nearly hurt. You didn’t care for the pain though, in fact, it made the whole experience that much better.

Normally, he’d be taking it slower, but today Yuto was all over you, sitting back on his knees so he could wrench off your jacket, nearly tearing your shirt as it followed suit. There was a hesitation as he gasped for air, staring at your half-exposed chest with swollen lips parted, before he dove onto you again, swiping hair from your face as he joined your mouths again. Teeth clashed; it should’ve felt awkward, but really it just didn’t feel like enough. You needed more.

Yuto seemed to agree, pausing again but only to pull his own coat and shirt over his head. Again and again he attacked your lips with brutal kisses, the feeling made greater by the way his hips kept accidentally brushing against yours. He was too close, yet never close enough, and there was only one way to get him fix that.

You bucked your hips up into his, creating that special friction you craved. The noise he made then was something akin to a shriek, so surprised yet satisfied was he by your sudden courage. He read the movement as what it was – an invitation – and returned the favour, grinding smoothly against you with quiet gasps.

“I thought you were tired,” he smirked, stopping to catch his breath. You looked into his eyes, at the dilated pupils, and shrugged.

“Not if you’re sleeping with me,” you winked in response, using the moment of separation to reach between you and pull at his jeans. He didn’t stop you, groaning as you flipped him over to slide them off. He was in nothing but boxers now, panting as he gazed up at you. This was it, the moment before you lost control of yourselves; whatever happened from now couldn’t be stopped.

Swinging your leg up and over him, you unclasped your bra, throwing it to the floor with zero care for where it landed. Nothing else mattered but you, Yuto and the way he touched your bare breasts. You ground into him heavily in response, marvelling at the way he looked with his eyes scrunched shut and mouth flung open in a strangled moan.

And the only thing going through your mind was that you needed these clothes gone.

A minute of anxious fumbling later, your wish was fulfilled. You were silent for a moment then, forgetting to take the initiative because all you could see was him and he just looked so beautiful. Impatient, Yuto took hold of your hips and flipped you back over again, hovering over you like before, but now it felt even more intimate. He closed his eyes, bracing himself for his next action.

The first thrust was the most gentle, as he allowed you to adjust, and the second was only a little rougher, but after that it was like he gave up holding back, and it was push after push of violent indulgence. It didn’t matter how exhausted your body was from your trip; you’d missed Yuto and his warmth since your departure. You couldn’t believe you’d survived so long without him.

His breaths were laboured as he drove into you over and again. With every thrust, he repeated the words “I missed you”, but you could barely hear him over the cresting waves of pleasure washing through every nerve in your body. For such a long buildup, you could almost taste the end already.

Your vision flashed white as every fibre of your body gave in to the heat, toes curling and hips rising in the explosion. Your climax triggered Yuto’s own, and you both fell apart in the same moment, sighing as the energy left your body in that last burst of pleasure.

Now I’m tired.”


- Ellie ♡

the scene where he gets jealous of Baek-ah getting her a birthday present but he didn’t 

the scene where he asks her permission to kiss her but she shoves his face 

the scene where he admires her beauty on the boat, but just to mess with her, he nearly tips it over

the scene where he gets jealous that jung is in her room 

the scene where they promise to be truthful with each other from now on



Do you believe the God has authority overthe physical storms of the world and the “storms” in your life? All storms have a purpose and they will rage until that purpose is accomplished. 

Storms refine us and make us holy. They make us exercise our faith and trust in God, thereby increasing our faith and growing our trust. (Have you ever prayed for faith? The answer to that prayer may lie in the storm.) 

Storms call the church to action, thereby calling the church to unity and for its members to be Jesus’ hands and feet and witnesses to the world. 

 A storm is never just a storm. A storm made the disciples in the boat stop and ask who Jesus really was.

Pictured Caran D’Ache Neocolor II Watersoluble Crayons


 Dating Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane) May Include…


Jonathan has a ton of books

The moment he killed Grandma Keeny was dead
Jonathan began reading all he could
This time no longer fearing what would happen if he did

After he moved out
He started his own book collection
His home (a small cottege outside of Gotham) is filled with ‘em
There’s atleast five books in each room

It takes you hours, upon hours, to organize them all in the guest room
Which is basically the library

Whenever you’re over
The most the two of you do is read
You’ll either sit on the couch in both corners
Or snuggle up and read

Sometimes you’ll rest your head on his lap and he’ll read to you
His free hand with comb through your hair
Or just kind of skim your head

Or you’ll read to him
Mostly when he’s in one of his moods
And just can’t function
You’ll lay beside him and read one of his favorite books

You’re surprised when he tells you one of his favorites is actually a nice, non dark book
Something fiction and fantasy

The two of you have your own collections
One side of the room is his
The other is yours
Of course, he has way more books than you

He likes to buy you books, too
He knows what you like
And if there’s a new book you really want
He always gets it for you
The face you make when he presents it to you is

The two of you love discussing books
Whenever you guys go on coffee dates at this cafe
(He orders tea; he’s not a fan of coffee)
You two talk about the new books you’ve started reading
Giving recommendations
You mostly talk
He mostly listens
He loves your voice


His: Darling, Pumpkin, The Misses (mostly when talking to other people; especilly when he’s Scarecrow), My Raven.

Yours: Dear, Jonny, Scary-boo, Spooky, Crow. 


[mostly based on my own headcanons]

Jonathan has severe PTSD
If you say something
Do something
Anything really
And it reminds him of Grandma Keeny
He’ll shut off
When he does this
He turns into Scarecrow
And begins to taunt you
In some cases, he’ll threaten to dose you with Fear Toxin

You’ll swallow your fear
“No, you won’t, Jonathan.”

You’ll smile and place a hand on his cheek
“I’m sorry for upsetting you. Just tell me what I did and I promise to not do it again”
He relaxes into your touch
The two of you talk
And you never do whatever triggered him again

He gets into this moods
There’s two different kinds
One: He becomes obsessed in his work and won’t pay you any mind for days
Two: He shuts off and won’t leave his bed
You’re always there for him, though
You make sure he still eats
Make sure he knows you’re here
And you’ll never hurt him

Sometimes he flinches away from you
You always smile softly
“It’s okay, Jonny, it’s just me”

You’ve been a great supporter when it comes to dealing with his issues
If it wasn’t for you
He honestly doesn’t know what he’d do

[headcanon: suffers from PTSD and depression. I, personally, don’t believe he has multiple personality disorder rather that his Scarecrow 'persona’ is just him whenever he is one: trigger or two: needs to be someone else]


Batman totally knows about you
He’s more catious of you than Crane
Mostly because of the role you play in Crane’s life

He’s confronted you multiple times
Because you haven’t done anything wrong
He can’t do much

“jonathan may not be the best person, but so aren’t you. can u like go away?? i’m trying to feed these ducks”

Batman actually, even though he won’t admit it, appreciates everything you do for Crane
He knows how hard Jonathan’s life has been
And seeing you helping him through everything
Batman really cares for his rogues, you know?


Jonathan isn’t a fan of PDA
It makes him uncomfortable

The most the two of you do is share looks
Brush hands
Sometimes you’re super close to eachother


You said it first

"No you don’t.”
You would grab his cheek and turn him to face you
Keeping your face as blank as possible
“I, Y/N L/N, am hopelessly in love with Jonathan Crane and so help me if he thinks I’m lying I will kick his ass”

He’s completely shocked
He’s never been loved before
Heck, he doesn’t even believe in love!
But here you were
Saying it with the most sincere look he’s ever seen

He doesn’t say it back for months
Not until you’ve fallen asleep beside him
And he’s just staring at you
With the tiniest of smiles
He says it: “I love you”
You snuggle into him, a smile etched on your face: “Was that so hard?”

You tease him about it all the time
But in the “you’re adorable” way

He says it every so often
But not a lot


Jonathan loves watching people cower in fear
Screaming and begging for it to stop
But the first time he saw you
So afraid that you flinched away when he tried to touch you
He hated it

The worst part:
It was because of him

If you’re dating Jonathan Crane
There is no way he isn’t going to test his Fear Toxin on you

He lives everyday trying to make it up to you

Jonathan has horrible nightmares
Mostly about Grandma Keeny
Others about…the crows and the chapel

You’ll try to wake him up
Sometimes he won’t
Either way, you hold him
Whisper soothing things in hope he feels better
The sound of your voice helps a lot though

Sometimes you’ll sing to him
Mostly nursary rhymes
“London Bridge is Falling”
“Jack and Jill”
Mostly those morbid ones
He finds it cute because your voice doesn’t match the song
I mean, you sound like innocent and stuff
Despite him knowing you aren’t that innocent

You sometimes help him with plans
Making Fear Toxin
And just being moral support

Sometimes his accent will slip
And you’ll just stare at him in shock as his face heats up
You have to bite your lip from laughing
But once you calm down
“yo, jonny boy, u wanna ride some horses”
he hates you

Edward sleeps over a lot
He also doesn’t like you
He can stand you
But like
He just doesn’t know

Despite this, the two of you have a weird friendship
He likes to patronize you with ridlles

Whenever something is wrong with Jonathan
You always go to Edward for help
He always seems to know what to do

All in all
Dating Jonathan

DATE: SEPT. 7 2016

Little things in Zelda I love:
  • the way ww link’s hair flies back when he runs
  • that face tp link makes when he meets ooccoo and ooccoo jr. the first time
  • the fact that ss link smiles when he holds remlits
  • oot link sneezing and shivering in the ice cavern 
  • tp zelda–a princess–bows to tp link–a ranch hand from a small village
  • tetra’s little wink and hip combo
  • fi’s dry, deadpan humour
  • tp link’s abs 
  • the way ss link’s face lights up when fi tells him he can wake zelda up
  • the way oot zelda cries out in worry when oot link gets hurt against ganon
  • the way almost any link looks around when he enters a boss room
  • the way alttp link spins around in a circle before game over
  • the way remlit gather around ss link when he plays the harp
  • the way young oot zelda reacts to the masks when link shows her them
  • that there’s almost always a small animal to pick up in the 3d games
  • how ss link sags his shoulders dramatically when his stamina runs out 
  • the fact that a gossip stone reveals oot zelda to have been a tomboy, alluding to her disguise as sheik
  • how expressive ww and ss link are
  • the way st link squeezes st zelda’s hand at the end of the game
  • the fact that ss link’s tunic almost looks too big for him
  • the fact that ss link made zelda and himself wood carvings and display them in both of their rooms
  • the way oot link steps in front of zelda when he hears a noise from ganon’s castle
  • that you can see tears flying off of ss zelda’s face right before she seals herself
tarot card meme
send my muse one of the following..
  • The Fool: Something they’ve always wanted to try
  • The Magician: Something they’re very good at
  • The High Priestess: One thing they wish they knew
  • The Empress: A woman they really admire
  • The Emperor: A man they really admire
  • The Hierophant: Something they believe in
  • The Lovers: A person who makes them very happy
  • The Chariot: A place they’ve traveled or would like to travel to
  • Strength: Something they struggle with
  • The Hermit: Favorite way to spend a day alone
  • The Wheel Of Fortune: Something they wish you could change
  • Justice: A decision they wish they could do over
  • The Hanged Man: A time when they wished someone would listen to them
  • Death: Someone they really miss
  • Temperance: Their ideal day
  • The Devil: Who they talk to when dealing with big issues
  • The Tower: Something that changed their life
  • The Star: Someone they consider perfect
  • The Moon: Something they fear
  • The Sun: Their happiest memory
  • Judgement: Their favourite song(s)
  • The World: Their dream job
  • The Criminal: Custom questions

douse the burnt side of the unconventional
cheese sandwich in sour cream and rocksalt
pepper whatever carrots still float in hot soup
eat it all before your heart goes cold

dip the sandwich in the americano
use a grater to be sure
cut away all the dark mold grown over
the need to pray

for harmonium sweet and organs
kind pumping over feats grand divine
random like heaven’s trickle
down of sweat

a bird a bird sings
a bird feather
a touch


i rlly love my nya a lot and i rlly want to draw her being as expressive as she is in my head bcuz as Much as i love nya being perpetually done w everyones shit 

shes got other emotions and her getting excited abt things and thinking abt how pretty her girlfriend is and overthe top crying abt smthn small (or big ! doesnt matter) and just jumping up for down w joy like 

i want her to FEEL smthn and not just be Standing There u kno. human emotions r messy i want nya to be allowed to be messy

already a few months, and i’m still not over

  • the way keith’s expression turned tender and vulnerable upon finally seeing shiro after a whole damn year
  • how a special kind of force lets keith actually find shiro in a short span of time after his unexpected crashlanding on earth
  • how he said it’s good to have you back as if he never believed shiro to be dead, but that he would someday return
  • the way they’re so familiar and at home with the other
  • the way keith looks at shiro especially when shiro is not looking at him
  • the way shiro’s hand always finds a home on keith’s shoulder
  • how keith bounced back after getting his ass kicked by the training droid just to put himself between shiro and the said droid
  • how keith somehow has shiro’s clothes and eyeliner
  • how shiro and keith have a shared yet unexplored history together (be it platonic or romantic or somewhere in between)
  • how “keith latches on to shiro because shiro’s the only thing that can calm him down and keep him in check”
  • he is looking at keith and shiro loves you baby
*cares too deeply about Marius/Cosette*

I feel like people might care more about Marius & Cosette and how embarrassingly cute they are if more adaptations included: 

  • Their “first argument” with Marius mad at nothing and Cosette being bemused and a little bit frustrated because this happens when they haven’t even talked to each other yet so she has no idea why handsome boy is being an offended idiot. 
  • The way they only kiss once and then they spend their time talking to each other. 
  • The time they giggled like adorable idiots for so long after Marius admits he used to think she was called Ursula 
  • The two hours where Marius bangs his head against a tree while Cosette cries because her father wants to leave for England. 
  • two hours. seriously. I just. 
  • Cosette tending to Marius while he’s sick after the barricades.
  • Cosette cheekily saying that she’s got Marius so she doesn’t need a maid. I’m not going into kinky territory, i’m not but …
  • Cosette holding her new husband at night because he has nightmares he doesn’t want to talk about, Cosette whispering reassurances and not asking about those names that pass through Marius’ lips sometimes. 
  • Marius holding his wife as she mourns her father and apologizing for hours and hours because it was because of him that Cosette couldn’t spent those last months with her dad, and Cosette feeling so angry at Marius and herself, feeling so guilty and lost and clinging to her husband. 
  • Marius and Cosette having only each other in the world as the people who truly cared about them and are not abusive (looking at you Gillenormad) are dead

They’ve got so much potential as adorable dorks in love. When people ignore them, include them only because they feel they have to but spent so little time on them, when they’re called boring, or idiots, or annoying, or WORSE (looking at all the people who ever said Cosette and Marius should have died. AREN’T THERE ENOUGH DEAD PEOPLE IN LES MIS why them if you want to kill more Thénardier père is still fucking alive at the end of the book and a slave trader NOW WHO’S FUCKING WORSE), it hurts my soul. I love those romantic babies. I want them to be healthy with each other and support each other and love each other for the rest of their lives.