overtaken by nature

Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk created this stunning 6-foot tall sculpture called Rain using fiberglass and metal. A huge raindrop stands suspended on the figure’s face as he looks up toward the sky - making one wonder if he is being overtaken by nature or is reveling in its power and beauty. In either case, the work represents how man must interact with the outside forces that surround him.

Love is enough

This is one of the urban exploring images that I’ll always cherish. It was my first out-of-town explore–to Buffalo, of all places. I was excited and more than nervous, and grateful to have a digital camera with auto-focus and lens stabilization.

The things I discovered…they’re among the experiences I’ll never forget. To see portions of Central Terminal that had been closed off and mostly abandoned, firsthand–time-worn and abused, forgotten, in areas overtaken by nature. I wished I’d had my ex-partner in tow, because it’s the type of thing you just have to share with someone that enjoys your hobbies and your companionship.

The amusing part of the story is I somehow accidentally erased all the images of my daylong explore from my memory card as I was reviewing them in the shadow of the 17-story terminal tower. I was crushed. But thanks to a fellow photographer and explorer I retrieved the images.

The reason for this post is because of the news that the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation has named a designated developer–Harry Stinson–to begin the huge task of renovating, restoring, and remaking the historic train station into a mix of apartment/condos, offices, retail, restaurants, museum and events center. And while this image was taken in a portion of the complex that may never see development, it’s a part of the history of this long-forgotten treasure. Here’s to hoping that BCT will finally become something very grand again.