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Hey Thomas! What did you think of Pearl's song 'It's Over Isn't It' in the episode 'Mr. Greg' and could you make a cover of it? I and many of your fans would love to hear your vocals in it.

Lots of people have asked me to do so, and I would love to! I wanna just make sure, should I keep pronouns the same or switch them to keep it gay? I just wanna make sure I’m not overstepping boundaries. The song does mean a lot to me, because I identify with the song all too well. I suppose many do.

batman fighting criminals: punch in the guts, direct kick in the teeth, carefully implemented plan not to overstep and hurt them fatally but still heavy enough damage that they feel like they’re dying

batman fighting criminals after superman has given the okay they don’t go down easily: well fellas [takes out chainsaw] this is going to be [revs it up] a pretty wonderful day [gives it a few spins] for me in particular

A Note on Cultural Appropriation

If you’re not Native American, its not smudging its smoke cleansing.

If you’re not Native American, its not a spirit animal, it’s an animal guide, patronus or daemon. (And no it’s not a totem animal either.)

If youre not African American or Afro-Carribean, it’s not a voodoo doll it’s a poppet.

Yes, you’re not wrong in pointing out that i just gave you a list of synonyms. No one is saying that these CONCEPTS are inherently appropriation. But specific terms carry their specific ties. Know what ties are for you, and what aren’t.

when they die, they become legendary
they get remembered as heroes who died in the line of duty, and what is a greater honor than being called a hero?
their memory will live on through their loved ones who won’t be afraid to speak out about their fallen friend
their smiling faces are all we get to see when their name pops up
they’re remembered as good people, with big hearts, who helped as many people as they were loved by
they get full honors and a master of ceremonies
they get to rest in peace

when they die, they become hashtags
they get remembered as thugs and criminals, as gang bangers and villains
their friends and family are evermore silenced when they try remind us how they died
their mugshots, no matter how old, and other incriminating photos will fill up Fox News headlines
their past gets drugged up and even the slightest misdemeanor will be used to taint their life
they don’t get justice
they don’t get respect
they don’t get to rest in peace

so don’t try to convince me “all lives” matter when it’s clear that some matter much more than others

—  (cc, 2016)
Making out with Peter Parker would include...

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Request Are Open!!!!

  • When you and Peter first start making out he would be gentle and needy but in a good way
  • He would need to touch you and hold you close because your the one thing that makes him feel normal
  • You would probably hit your heads a couple of times
  • You would both roll of the bed at least once
  • Peter would kisses you in a sweet innocent way that would make your heart flutter every time
  • He would whisper sweet things to you in between kisses
  • “You are so beautiful”
  • The first time you moan would make Peter and you blush like crazy but he make it his new life’s mission to hear you moan again because he absolutly loves the sound
  • The first time that Peter moans would make you smile because that means that your not the only one thats enjoying it
  • Peter would also never start the make out session first because he’s afraid that he would overstep his boundaries or make you uncomfortable
  • You having to tell him that its okay to touch your ass every single time
  • Peter blushing every time you do so
  • After a while he becomes more comfortable so he starts the make out session 
  • You being surprised every time time but secretly loving it
  •  Like sometimes when he comes over he would just come up to you and grab you face and kiss it with so much passion that it could almost be described as overwhelming 
  • When he starts the make out sessions it’s mostly his teenage hormones that take over control
  • He would definitely really go for it after a while of dating especially after a fight and has adrenaline coursing through his veins
  • Sometimes it would go to the point where neither of you would care about knocking things over or holding in moans 
  • He absolutely loves it when you wrap your legs around his waist or when you pull the ends of his hair
  • Running your hands over his abs because lets be honest we all want to do it
  • Peter always making sure that what he’s doing is okay with you
  • He would always look into your eyes to ask permission like to take off your shirt or whatever
  • Each time you moan it gives him this surge of confidence and make him smile because he knows he’s not messing up as much as he thinks he is
  • Whenever he feels really confident he will let his hands wonder around your boobs
  • Let’s be honnest he would get bonners 
  • “Oh my god this is so embarassing! I am so sorry Y/N”
  • You giggling because you love how flushed he gets when he’s embarassed 
  • Peter always wanting to make out
  • Like always
  • Like it comes to the point that you run out of lip balms
  • “Let’s ditch French and go make out in the bathroom”
  • “We can’t we have a test”
  • Peter glaring at the French teacher for the rest of the class because he blames him
  • “Peter I’m going to the bathroom”
  • “No let’s make out instead!”
  • “Peter I really have to pee!!”
  • “Fine. Choose peeing over your own boyfriend”
  • “You’re such a baby”
  • You and Peter making out in Tony’s lab like a dozen times and Tony catching you two like every time
  • Omg so many freaking hickeys
  • Peter would suck at telling guys off when they flirted with you or when they simply talked to you so he would give you hickeys to show them your his
  • Aunt May loving that the two of you are happy together but loves being a cockblock more
  • She would know when you guys were making out and would knock on the door and not even come in
  • She would sometime not do anything because she’s happy that Peter is having a normal teenage boy experience 
  • It being without a doubt perfect

Much as I’m low-key hoping for that fake marriage/engagement angle re: Taliesin’s “bomb” for next week, I just had a thought:

It’s more likely that Percy intends to title her. Have her introduced or adressed as Baroness/Countess Vex’ahlia Vessar (or whatever) of Whitestone. 

It’d make sense, right? The Brairwoods did it. Percy has the authority. A noble title is a fitting reward for helping liberate the city, it’d be a slap in the face to the people who looked down on her, and it carries considerably less risk of overstepping personal relationship boundaries than claiming her as an intended without her input. Also, less risk of Vax shanking Percy in his sleep.

(Of course it’d also be less dramatic than the fake marriage thing, and Taliesin is nothing if not keen on narrative drama so who knows. Maybe it’s both.)

But in its blind unrestrainable passion, its were-wolf hunger for surplus-labour, capital oversteps not only the moral, but even the merely physical maximum bounds of the working-day. It usurps the time for growth, development, and healthy maintenance of the body. It steals the time required for the consumption of fresh air and sunlight. It higgles over a meal-time, incorporating it where possible with the process of production itself, so that food is given to the labourer as to a mere means of production, as coal is supplied to the boiler, grease and oil to the machinery. It reduces the sound sleep needed for the restoration, reparation, refreshment of the bodily powers to just so many hours of torpor as the revival of an organism, absolutely exhausted, renders essential.
—  Marx - Capital Vol 1 Ch.10 1867

i’m going to be honest. i don’t know how to say this, because i am privileged, i am a white girl and that comes with benefits. and i am truly horrified. and i just want to ask poc… what can i do? is there anything? i do not want to overstep and make it my cause, because it is yours, and i want to fully respect that. but i also feel deeply uncomfortable with sitting around watching, there’s no way. so whatever you tell me to do, i will do. just you tell me what, as a white person, i can do for this and for you. i’m… i’m sorry. and idk how to say any of this so i… i’m just saying this. let us know. i’m in.

Healthcare Law’s Fate Now In Supreme Court’s Hands

The Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide the fate of President Barack Obama’s healthcare law, with an election-year ruling due by July on the U.S. healthcare system’s biggest overhaul in nearly 50 years.

At the heart of the legal battle is whether Congress overstepped its powers by requiring that all Americans buy health insurance by 2014 or pay a penalty, a provision known as the individual mandate.


At a goddamnedfricketyfracketing POLL noless! Be/larks have a 10k vote majority on Clexa, we NEED to fix this right now; the closing date is in 6 days.
I repeat:



(There’s also the best couple of all time we’re behind by 10k votes-ish, again we can maybe snatch another win?)

Sorry for invading/majorly overstepping, and if you don’t want to be mentioned just pm me and I’ll take your name out it’s all cool beans (seriously though, who WOULDN’T wanna be involved in the beauty of clexakru polls?) but ima tag the big blogs to help spread the word, SO:

@hedaclara @clexabrasil @lexist @commander-wanheda @clarkestiddys @natblida @clarkes-murphy @clarkeandlexaarmy  @lgbtvdb-why-it-matters @decaheda

If there is more you wanna tag (and there are TONS more, I’ve literally just gone through the first ones off the top of my head) PLEASE do, we gotta spread the word and win dis! B)

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If there is a BLM protest in my town, would I as a white person, be overstepping my boundaries if I attended and protested along side them??



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Hello, I apologize in advance if this is unwanted. I ship Finnrey. I have had two or three people in my inbox, off anon, inform me that the latest released pictures with Carrie Fisher's service dogs is indicative that Poe and Rey will be a couple and that any pushback against that is being anti-Latinx. I am almost certain that this topic came up on your blog when you pointed out that this ship would actually be quite anti-black. I am white so I know I have no place at the table overall (1)

But I admit to being somewhat confused/chastened by the anti-Latinx argument because I feel that it is likely true and accurate that Latinx want to see representation in media as well, and having a non-white-passing Latinx as the love interest in a major movie franchise would certainly be representation. I am just not certain what this would mean for non-Latinx blacks who wish the same when talking about Finn. Again, I apologize if I am overstepping in asking this question. (2)

I mean. Anyone coming to your inbox when you actively ship Finnrey to tell you that a bts pic on social media is indicative that Poe and Rey will be a couple and you’re anti-Latinx if you disagree is being a dick. And yes, coming at Finnrey fans with that is antiblackness.

I don’t think anyone has a problem with Dame/rey because Poe is Latinx. Let’s not pretend that Poe and Finn, both characters of color, are treated the same by fandom. Poe has a small role in TFA and is treated as if he’s a main character; Finn is a main character who is treated as if he has a small role. So any time you talk about these two characters, this imbalance is an issue.

TFA established Rey as a lost soul who found what she had been longing for her whole life in Finn. He came back for her. Deciding that she is a better match with Poe when she didn’t interact with him in the movie at all (and whom she was happy to meet in the novel because he’d helped Finn) is antiblack. A bts pic on social media doesn’t change that or suddenly make shipping Finnrey anti-Latinx.

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I know this isn't a beauty question but... Would it be inappropriate for me (a white personal) to wear a BLM wristband, pin, etc? I want to show my support for the movement but I don't want to overstep any boundaries

You should definitely support. Just make sure that the company you’re buying from is black owned or more importantly, that the money is going to the actual black lives matter movement. I keep seeing non black folx selling BLM Merch and it’s kinda suspicious whether they donate the money or not.
-mod S

how much the companions Share about their sex lives

every sordid detail, with accompanying hand motions:

Hancock will tell you everything you want to know, and a few things about ghoul sex that maybe you didn’t. also slips in mini lectures of how to do everything safely. will egg on Piper and MacCready if they’re already tipsy and in a sharing mood, but he’ll stop them if it sounds like they’re telling stories they’ll actually be legit ashamed of in the morning or something

Cait might even grab someone close by and demonstrate. makes the most hand motions and tells dirty jokes to go with it. she’ll definitely egg on Piper and MacCready and hit on pretty much anyone, but she’ll stop as soon as someone mentions being uncomfortable. it just doesn’t really occur to her to think if she’s overstepping on her own

Deacon has a ton of stories but how many of them are true?? will tease people as long as he’s sure it’s all in good fun, and he encourages people to banter back with him. either by asking more about his “totally wild sex life” so he can tell even more outrageous stories, calling bullshit on said crazy stories, or teasing him about them. as long as everyone’s laughing and having fun, he doesn’t mind

Curie probably hasn’t experienced much, but she is very open about what she wants to try and who with, and doesn’t really understand anything about “embarrassment” or “appropriate timing.” once happily announced at the breakfast table that her masturbatory experiments have been going great, but she’s ready to move on to experiences with a partner. passes out application sheets complete with a full list of “activities” she wants to try

needs to be drunk first, then overshares WAY too much:

Piper once told the whole bar she was a squirter, and it’s only thanks to Hancock picking her up fireman style to put her to bed that she didn’t tell everyone what caused it. she tends to ask questions that are a bit too person if someone’s already sharing. also has a tendency to snoop and eavesdrop, but she gets to nervous to actually hit on people and she won’t keep bothering someone if they say they’re uncomfortable

MacCready is all blushy and “no one wants to hear that sh—crap” when he’s sober, but he overshares SO MUCH when he’s tipsy, and he gets really handsy he’s drunk. but less in a “grabbing other people” way and more of trying to sit in everyone’s lap and sidle up for hugs and basically being very needy for affection. will make out with pretty much anyone, tbh, but will also be very embarrassed in the morning and not make eye contact with anyone

X6-88 refuses to talk about such crude matters and acts like all surfacers are just horny barbarians with no higher thought processes. if teased too much by his partner(s) however, he will shove them up against a wall where no one else can see and calmly list all the ways he’s going to wreck them and then deny them orgasm. does this throughout the day and forces them to act like everything’s normal in front of the others who have no idea what’s going on. when drunk–has to be absolutely wasted to show any sign of intoxication at all–he says all of these things overly loudly no matter who is nearby and WILL make his partner(s) come regardless of the audience

doesn’t really talk about that sort of thing in public:

Nick will make the occasional witty innuendo or snarky comment about something sexual, but is mostly too classy to discuss the details of his sex life with anyone other than his parnter(s). he also doesn’t think it’s respectful to them, taking about what he does with them without their knowledge. does do a lot of dirty talk for his partner(s) when they’re together though

Danse gets flustered too easily, and he thinks conversations like that are inappropriate. if you have enough free time to be gossiping about sex, you can clean your weapons or go muck out the brahmin pit, soldier. (will be absolutely wrecked if his parnter(s) talk dirty to him in bed however. just doesn’t want any of that shared. too possessive, and it’s none of anyone else’s business anyway)

Preston sort of has the same problem about getting flustered, but he also just doesn’t really see the appeal? conversations like that aren’t interesting to him, and he’s not interested in sharing. also worries that his partner(s) might not appreciate him talking about their private moments together with other people. he doesn’t really want to share something so intimate like that with anyone else anyway



Codsworth has discretionary protocols built into his programming to make sure he doesn’t accidentally make a revealing comment and embarrass his sir / ser / ma’am. still somehow finds ways around that to make passive aggressive comments the next morning. “Good morning! will you be needing coffee then? I presume you were also kept awake last night. those dreadful alley cats, yowling like that into the wee hours. I imagine the neighbors might complain. also, I can fix you tea if you would prefer, if a sore throat is an ailment you might happen to have this jolly good morning.”

over the past year or so, i’ve become quieter, not talking enough about the ongoing genocide of black people in our country, partially because of assuming that friends already knew, partially because of being worried about overstepping boundaries, but whatever the cause, the effect has been that i’ve been too silent aside from simply reblogging posts on tumblr, and i’ve only started to rectify this recently.

as white people we have to do better than this. while social media is important too, it’s not enough to just reblog and retweet the posts and hashtags and documentation of deaths on tumblr or facebook or twitter and then go on with our days. we cannot allow ourselves to be lulled into silence and effective indifference. we cannot allow ourselves to be desensitized to or repress our awareness of this violence. we have to think about this. we have to talk about this. we can’t work to change it by only acknowledging it in passing and only relaying the words of black people; we need to speak up ourselves, talk to our white friends and families about this (even if they already are aware of it/acknowledge it!), call out the racism we see, and be prepared to defend black people in any way we can.


Gif source:  Damon

Imagine being voluptuous and getting bullied because of your extra weight and Damon coming to save the day before he tells you how he feels about you.

——— Request for native-snowflake ———

“I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t taught to overstep my boundaries and put in my unwanted opinion on another person’s body type,” Damon snaps from behind you at the mean girl who had been making fun of your size. You jump, having realized he was standing there for God knows how long, “Then again, I also wasn’t raised in a barn, like you must have been.” Draping his arm over your shoulders, he begins to maneuver you away from the bully. When you’re a good distance away, he moves in front of you to get a better look at you. You study his face as he studies yours, noting how absolutely enraged he looked, “I should have snapped her neck for what she said to you, but there’s that whole turning over a new leaf thing you’ve been encouraging lately.”

That makes you chuckle, and you wind up sniffing your nose in an attempt to keep yourself from crying, “Y-Yeah, Damon, you probably shouldn’t kill her because she said I was fat.”

He sighs, rubbing his thumb over your cheek to catch the stray tear that fell, “Everyone should see you how I see you: beautiful.”

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How about modern au for everyone's favorite balancer, nemesis?

Nemesis, the calm girl, the quiet one, smiling gently as she goes about her work as an accountant for a large bank. Tallying figures, keeping count, never forgetting to note a sum, an action, however small it may be. Always making sure nobody oversteps their bounds.

Day after day, she deals with cocky men, bankers, full of themselves, bragging loudly of their accomplishments, telling each other about all the people they have taken money from and swindled, of all the people they have ruined. Nemesis smiles, listens to their demands, makes loans, notes down the numbers. 

And lo and behold, the favor which has so far smiled upon these men begins to fade. Their luck is swiftly reversed, they start losing money. Hoping for more luck, they borrow more. Nemesis smiles, listens, notes down the numbers. 

Her vengeance is swift and sure: These self-assured men are reduced to rubble as she demands the money, as they find themselves in the position of their former victims, unable to pay. They spread rumors, say this young woman, so innocent-looking with her calculator in one hand and her pen in the other, treads the corpses of men she has ruined and driven to despair underfoot when she walks. But Nemesis is not bothered. She knows it is their own fault - trampling on other people, feeling themselves to be so powerful - such hubris is surely unforgivable. They deserve their own destruction. 

But she never tells anyone this, how the mightiest are powerless before her, how she can ruin men with the twitch of her little finger. She is just the accountant, after all.