*people taking photos of me* caitlin stop trying to make this sexual your boobs are on display
*me* im sorry i have a large chest?? im sorry I was born this way?? im sorry society has taught you to shame me and equate large breasts with promiscuity??? let me live just because i fill out clothes doesnt mean im dressing for attention! and if i am that’s no problem either!


This giant NES controller, completely functional and made almost entirely out of LEGO bricks, was created by Baron Julius von Brunk. It’s a super geeky, super awesome project.

“The Baron connected the bricky buttons and the d-pad to small push buttons, which are in turn connected the circuit board of a NES controller. He built spring-loaded modules using Technic pieces to prevent the big LEGO buttons from getting stuck on the small push buttons.”

Because the Baron enjoys playing NES games on his PC, the giant LEGO NES controller also hooks up to a USB converter.

Check out Baron Julius’ blog to learn more about this fantastic project.

[via Technabob]

Based on a discussion which I had with my friend: she was playing Campbell’s mission and found The Young Prince of Tyvia from Overseer bunkhouse and we joked how the Overseers would spend time reading it to each others and since there was so little amount of books to read, eventually everyone would know it from cover to cover by heart.. which escalated to them having spontaneous drama acts on Friday nights. I laughed to this mental image so much that I just had to doodle it.