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10 Days of Hell Yeah, Delain- Day 1: Favourite Album

The Human Contradiction

The Human Contradiction and We Are The Others are my two favourite albums of Delain, but in this case (or at the moment) I would say The Human Contradiction is my favourite one. I mean, my favourites change really often depending on what I am listening to. But I just love the power and this kind of mystery. Furthermore, it reminds me of my first (and sadly only yet) concert of Delain and I really loved that show. Lotty gave me such a good feeling just because she was there

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Overseer Pradclif
  • Overseer Pradclif
  • Overseer Pradclif & Daud
  • Delilah's Masterwork

“Please. No. Don’t make me eat anymore. I can’t…Brother Marcus. I denounce. I denounce the Abbey! Wandering Gaze. Lying Tongue. Restless Hands. Roving Feet. Ramp… Rampant hngh!

The Seven Strictures are seven lies. The High Overseer is the whelp of a wolfhound bitch. The Seven strictures are seven lies. Seven lies. Seven lies.”

“What happened to you?”

“(whispers) I denounce. I denounce the oracles…the oracles…they… they saw. The Kaldwin girl is the key. The girl in the painting.”

“Where’s Delilah?”