oversized windows

Signs Aesthetics: Part One
  • Aries: combat boots, guitars, neon signs, sunglasses, video games
  • Taurus: barefoot, dewy grass, hot chocolate, oversized sweaters, raindrops on windows
  • Gemini: existential quotes, joker card, motorcycles, ripped jeans, sports cars
  • Cancer: bubbles, fluffy socks, ice cream, ocean, puppies
  • Leo: crop tops, gold, long hair, peace signs, smartphones
  • Virgo: autumn leaves, chapstick, knitted sweaters, old books, white fences
  • Libra: eyebrows, gardens, lace, pastel colors, seashells
  • Scorpio: black eyeshadow, full moon, jungles, playlists, tattoos
  • Sagittarius: bouncy balls, denim jackets, high heels, railroad tracks, vintage maps
  • Capricorn: apples, dark nail polish, greenhouses, nude lipstick, polo shirts
  • Aquarius: colored hair, dreamcatchers, lava lamps, pixel art, trains
  • Pisces: bubble baths, lips, marshmallows, pearls, wind chimes
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  • So guys, what was your favorite aesthetic out of these?
  • OR
  • Did you like your aesthetic?

It was first time where Selena wasn’t able to have a good night sleep. She felt horror and very much tired.

The sunlight peaking through her oversized windows may her head spin. She forced herself out of bed to close the curtains completely before growling softly to herself as she pinched the bridge of her nose as she tried to recollect parts of dream….


2188 Burquitlam Dr, Vancouver 

OPEN HOUSE SAT & SUN May 2 & 3 FROM 2-4PM. Come have a look at this beautiful house!

- Built in 2012

- 40'x130’ Lot

- 3,727SF House

- $15,000 Touch up Bonus (Ask Harry)

- Sweeping Sunny South Views

- Two 1 Bedroom Mortgage Helpers

- Triple Car Garage

- Beautifully Landscaped

- $55,000 Appliance Package   

   - Sub-Zero Wolfe Fridge   

   - Jenn Air Commercial Grade stove top   

   - 36" Commercial Grade Hood Fan   

   - Built in Ovens and Microwaves   

   - Custom Combo Electric Ceramic & Gas stove top  

   - Built in Miele Coffee Machine

- Wok Kitchen

- Oversized Porcelain Tiles

- Air Conditioned

- Radiant Heat throughout

- Quartz Counter tops throughout the house

- Beautiful Engineered Hardwood Flooring

- Crystal Chandeliers

- Tasteful Dropped Ceilings

- Top Quality Crown Mouldings

- Outside Security Cameras

- 6 Large Bedrooms

- 7 Bathrooms

- Built in Vacuum

- Large Oversized Windows

- High end hide-away sprinklers

- Entertainment/Theatre Room

- Large Sun deck with Natural gas connections

OPEN HOUSE SAT & SUN May 2 & 3 FROM 2-4PM Come by, I’ll be here!

2188 Burquitlam DR, Vancouver. 

Close to Victoria DR. & Fraserview DR.


this was the last place he thought he would be. stuck in a snowstorm and stuck in his exes apartment as they both watched the snow fall from her oversized windows. “is it just me or is this the universe’s way of telling us something?” offering her a smile as he brought the bottle of hennessy up to his lips he took a long sip. they had ran into each other at a party, one of those shitty new york fashon week events where everyone looked as though they wanted to be anywhere else. he had been dj’ing a set and she well-she was busy shaking her ass. it had been almost two years but she looked just as good as the last time they were together like this, before she had walked out of his life. “thanks for letting me come over i forgot how shitty this weather can get. it never snows in tokyo…”


Jumeirah Frankfurt: A Luxury Urban Hotel

The four-year-old Jumeirah Frankfurt’s 216 rooms and suites all have oversized windows for great skyline views. A body heat detection system regulates room temperature. Yet for all the advanced technology, the rooms possess a soft palette, with silk carpets sharing space with wood flooring, and furnishings in walnut, and appropriately, honey tones. Read more >

The signs as things in a house

Aries: Knocked over tubes of red lipstick, scented candles, wine bottles

Taurus: Wooden tables, pot plants, money

Gemini: Phone, magazines, nail polish

Cancer: Ice cream, photo frames, notebooks

Leo: The fire place, mirrors, jewellery/accessories

Virgo: White cotton pillows, stacks of books, freshly sharpened pencils

Libra: Open windows, piano, oversized shirts

Scorpio: Kitchen knives, dark hoodies, game consoles

Sagittarius: Running shoes, backpacks, shoe laces

Capricorn: Carpeted floors, bookshelf, winter scarves

Aquarius: Sets of colour crayons, telescope, precious rocks

Pisces: Fish tank, headphones, watercolour pads

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“That man is not truly brave who is afraid either to seem or to be, when it suits him, a coward.”

Drowning out the sounds of Dino mocking him, Nick just watched the human idly through his yellow orbs, lighting up the umpteenth cigarette. Of course, Dino was just a suck-up to Skinny Malone – that’s all anyone ever was to that pathetic excuse of a ‘mafia boss’… Even his girl. 

Cutting off Dino’s long, ever-winding speech with a gentle threat of the mysterious ‘black book’, the black-haired instigator was immediately shaken down and darted away from the Overseer’s window – leaving Nick in silence.

There was going to be no way out of this damn office… Who’s bright idea was it to have the terminal outside the office in the first place? Sure as hell couldn’t have been a smart one – then again, after listening to all the interview tapes… It’s clear that this vault was another nasty experiment on the richer population of Boston back before the bombs. 

Now, it was time to play the waiting game. Surely, Ellie would have sent someone his way, right…? Or, perhaps nobody cared enough to come help. Nick was leaning towards the latter at this point.