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In retrospect, perhaps it was a bad idea to bring a meal to a mage deep in thought while researching time-based magic.

The resulting magical blast was scary enough for an adult, let alone an adult returned to a childhood state suddenly.  And when the nearby mages all shouted and chased to stop her?  Well, that was downright terrifying.

Clad in an oversized tunic that fit like a long dress, the qunari child ran, scared, down as many sets of stairs as she could find, looking for somewhere dark and quiet.

Instead of a cellar, she found the Undercroft, where she promptly went to the figure that looked kindest.

The bald child clung to Dagna’s leg, tears pooling at the corners of her eyes.  She said nothing, just pressed her face against the dwarf.

I love Monsta X, but I still laugh whenever I think about the “All In” outfits. I get that Shownu and Wonho are sexy, but those shirts with the giant back slits got more and more ridiculous over time. What Wonho was wearing in the dance video couldn’t actually be called a “shirt.” And the funniest part (to me) is that my bias/visual Hyungwon usually wore an oversized tunic or a trenchcoat for all of promotions, even for the time when most of the other members had those shirts with back slits.

In a crowded back lot in Toronto, the King of France is waiting for his close-up.

“I spend 10 months of the year here now,” said London native Toby Regbo, the 23-year-old lead actor who plays King Francis II in the CBS Corp. historical romantic drama “Reign,” currently shooting its third season in Canada’s biggest city.

Regbo, in an embroidered, crushed-velvet tunic and oversized ring on his finger, is standing outside his trailer while crew members scurry to put the finishing touches on a war room on a sound stage at Cinespace Film Studios.(x)