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What’s Life Without A Little Risk?

Negan X OC, Smut, Oral, Negan-like language. Continuation of Unexpected.

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I relax against the door of my Sanctuary apartment.  The walk of shame wasn’t much different now than it was before. But this time I wasn’t really ashamed. I probably should be. He was ‘married’. Though I guess there was no divorce court or did it count that the man had a dozen wives.

And I sure as shit wasn’t gonna be one. Not that he’d asked.

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Bad Moon Rising: Part 7 [Modern!Kylo x Reader]

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A/N: Sorry for leaving y'all hanging earlier this week. I didn’t realize how long the last part was when I wrote it so I split it up, and I love a good cliffhanger. I’m trying to plan the rest of this series out to 10 parts, but we’ll see!

Word count: 2,200+

Your heart was beating so quickly that you felt faint. With all the strength you could muster, you snapped around quickly to attempt to defend yourself.  "Let me -“

A hand muffled your yelling and you were pushed against the wall. You fought hard, still trying to talk or yell or scream beneath the hand. Until you met their eyes. A pair of more familiar eyes. Brown eyes.

"Quiet down. He’s still here.” He removed his hand after he was sure you had relaxed.

“Kylo? You came?”

He only nodded curtly. He didn’t look pleased.

“Wait,” you whispered, pausing. “How do you know who ‘he’ is?”

“It’s Hux.”

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Oversize sofas, a banquet-size dining table and a massive architectural plan cabinet recast as a sideboard complement the generous, airy spaces, their ample proportions creating a dialogue with the smaller furnishings and accessories. “Texture also comes from the interplay of large and small pieces,” says Hare. In the family room a custom sofa from Fanuli, ‘Oxo’ coffee table from Mark Tuckey, Foscarini ‘Twiggy’ floor lamp by Marc Sadler from Space Furniture…

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They finish their wine & go inside to sit down at a candlelit table. Sam prepares her plate of steamed muscles over linguine in garlic sauce & they begin to enjoy the muscles w/their fingers. Discussion leans to his proud Cait is of Sam’s sm posts this week. They discuss how they will not let the show run them through. They remain grounded. Cait clears as Sam is at the sink & they both settle into the plush oversized leather sofa, while Cait puts in an old Geena Rowlands film. It was a good week

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So, the reader is muggle-born, Hufflepuff so she is with relationship with Draco, but no one know, they keep it a secret, due to that's is muggle-born and they are from different houses and they will get judged, so pansy is flirting with Draco, even though he is not paying her any attention the reader gets really jealous of that. and they get into a ''fight'' and then she got really mad and hits him, but then apologise and starts crying and Draco hugs her and tells her that that alright.

Title: Jealousy
Warnings: fluff
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 846
Y/B/F - your best friend
Y/C/H - your color hair
Y/F/N - your full name
Hey guys! I’m back!!! I haven’t posted in a while due to a relationship that didn’t end well and left me in a serious depression that was hard to get out of. Fortunately though now that I’ve moved past it I’m thankful for everything that happened. Even more thankful for having all of you here supporting what I love to do. I hope all of you love this imagine, and have a fantastic week. Expect many more in the near future!! Love ya to bits! ❤️❤️
- s

You sat in the great hall gossiping with some friends about the latest drama. “So I hear Draco has a new love instrest!” Y/B/F says. You feel your heart rise in your chest, not even your closest friends knew you were secretly dating him. “Oh really, who?” You said your voice slightly cracking in the middle. “I hear Pansy is ALLL over him!” She said giggling totally unaware of how this was making you feel. “wow” you said unenthusiasticly, they didn’t notice and continued talking amongst themselves about how Draco and Pansy would be the ultimate evil couple. You knew he would never do anything to hurt you but knowing someone else was giving him that attention stung. You weren’t one to get jealous either, but you always knew she had a thing for him. You started questioning everything you had with him, “I’m a mudblood for gods sake!” You thought to yourself, you excused yourself from the table, them barely noticing, and headed towards the Hufflepuff dormitories. “Why would he ever actually be serious about me. I bet this is all a prank set up by Crabbe and Goyle to see how far he could get with me” the tears started to spill onto your pillow the mascara probably staining it for good.
A few days later you were sitting in the Hufflepuff common room studying for potions, or at least attempting to. You couldn’t seem to concentrate, you had barely eaten lately and even more rarely spoken to Draco. Whenever he would send you little secret messages you just smiled and looked back at the teacher pushing any thoughts of him away. You hoisted yourself up from the oversized yellow sofa where you were sitting, your y/c/h frizzy from the static, and walked out of the common room to go ask professor Trelawney a question regarding Tarot cards. As you were walking up to the tower you felt someone grab the back of your sweater and pull you into a nook of the castle that you would never know was there if you didn’t look, the person turned you to face them and it was none other than Draco. “What are you doing” you asked slightly shaking your head, “I just want to talk to my beautiful girl is that a problem? I feel like I never see you” He said cocking an eyebrow at the first part. “Why don’t You go talk to Pansy and get all cozied up with her by the fireplace” you said rolling your eyes to try and stop tears from spilling. “What on earth are you talking about?” He asked sounding concerned and slightly confused. “You know exactly what I’m talking about!!!” You practically screamed, you then slapped him across the face causing your hand to sting. He grabbed his cheek in shock and looked up at you. The tears that you had tried so hard to hold back were now flooding your face, “I’m sor-ry” you said your voice slightly cracking from the tears. You turned away and started to walk away thinking it was all over and he would hate you, when you felt him grab your wrist. He gently pulled you over to him and put his arms around you leaving your face burried into his chest. You both just stood there for a moment, you were trying to get ahold of your emotions as he rubbed small circles on your back to calm you down. Once your body stopped shaking he pulled back so you were looking him in the eyes but his arms were still around you, “y/f/n I would never do anything to hurt you. I love you, completely and entirely. Pansy is nothing to me, she can flirt all she wants but she will never EVER top you. If it makes you feel better Tomorrow we can tell the whole school about us, I’ll even tell my family. They might not approve but I’m sure they’d come around.” Your eyes started welling up again, that was the first time he’d said I love you, “I love you too Draco.” You said In a slightly shaky voice. He then placed his index finger under your chin and pulled your body into his so that your lips met. The kiss was so much sweeter than anything before, it wasn’t hot or steamy, but instead full of love and knowing that everything would be ok. As you pulled apart you saw Pansy standing in the hall just outside where you were, her mouth hanging open. “Honey I’d close your mouth or a Dementor might take the opportunity for your soul.” You said cockily, which was rare for you considering you almost never stand up to people. “I’m- I’m telling everyone!” She said In shock, then sprinted off towards the great hall. “I hope she does” Draco said drawing your attention back towards him, you simply nodded and quickly pecked his lips and grabbed his hand as you two happily walked for the first time, hand in hand.

Minseok; that’s how

✉and that’s how Minseok likes to spend his day off with you
►1386 words | scenario
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The sound of the alarm blaring seems to stir you from your sleep, groggy and tired but you have enough energy to stretch, feeling your joints pop as you reach for the alarm and flick it shut before you groan, falling back into the softness of the sheets and the arms of your lover who playfully pulls you back before you can leave. He grins and snakes his nose up and down your neck, deciding to press a lingering kiss on the exposed skin before he playfully nips your earlobe, “Good morning, darling,”

With a sigh and your palms smoothening over his forearms, bare because he likes to sleep in just his boxers, you’re looking over your shoulder to see him smiling with closed eyes, “Good morning, Min,”

His arms contract around your waist, his smile attached to your skin as he mumbles, “Where do you want to go today?”

You take a moment to think, leaning back against his shoulder when your head tilts, facing part of the ceiling and his face that he blinks up from your neck, grinning widely at your blank and confused expression—your eyebrows seem to furrow when you can’t think of a place and his thumb smoothens over the skin of your forehead “Hey, don’t overthink now, Einstein,”

You disregard his words to look at him, frowning, “I don’t know where to go…”

“Then let’s stay home,” He suggests, leaning over to steal a quick kiss on your lips, that soon escalate to something much more than what you have in mind.


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Pref- Humble

Liam: “Babe, look at this.” Liam turned his phone around so the screen was facing me. He had his twitter app opened. “Babe, 20 million people follow me. That’s crazy.” Liam had the biggest smile on his face. “20 million people want to know what I have to say.” He went on for minutes on how cool it was that he had 20 million followers. “I can’t believe 20 million people find me interesting. That’s a lot of people.” Liam kept going on about it but I didn’t mind, things like this mean the world to Liam. Whenever his fans trend something for him or anytime he gains a big amount of followers he’s always so grateful. “I love them. All 20 million of them." 

 Niall: “Ahhh!” Niall flailed his arms in the air as he ran over to the door leading outside to the balcony. He opened the door and instantly screams filled our room. “Babe.” He called over. “Look at this! Look at everyone.” I didn’t need to look; I knew the streets were completely full of fans. “Come here.” Niall kept begging so I joined him on the balcony. “Babe.” He draped his arm over my shoulder. “All these people are waiting out there in hope they’ll see us. It’s amazing.” Niall waved to the fans before going back inside. Niall has never complained about fans, he is always more then willing to take pictures and sign autographs. “Ya know that never gets old. They are the best part about this job. I love them and I owe everything I have to them.” 

 Harry: Little laughs escaped Harry’s mouth every few seconds. “What are you laughing at Styles?” He motioned for me to come over and sit by him. “I just got on Twitter and #getahaircutharry is trending.” We looked through his mentions for a minute so I could see what was so funny. “The fans sounds like my mom, it’s crazy when you think about it. They care that much about me. Well my hair. But it’s the same thing.” Harry scrolled through the trend for a little longer, still laughing at everything the fans were saying. “For them I’m going to cut my hair, I need to listen to my girls.” 

Louis: “Wow, thank you.” Louis looked around the room; he was trying to take everything in. The boys just won their first Grammy and they all were in complete awe. They were standing in front of at least two thousand people in the arena and then they knew there were a countless number of people watching at home. “Never in a million years did we think we’d be accepting a Grammy. Thank you to everyone who voted for us. Thank you to our fans that got us here. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. We owe this award to you. I love you all.” Louis looked around one more time before leaving the stage. This moment reminded Louis how lucky they are.  

Zayn: Zayns has been getting a lot of hate on twitter lately. His own fans have been telling him he doesn’t deserve to be in the band. He’s trying not to take it to heart but I know it’s hard when you have millions of people telling you that you don’t deserve to be happy, which is what this band makes Zayn. “Hey babe.” I didn’t expect to see Zayn standing in front of me. He locked himself in bedroom for the last hour. “You good?” I asked as he sat down next to me on our oversized sofa. “Yeah, for every mean tweet I have at least twenty girls tweeting me telling me they love me and I do deserve this. I don’t know what Id do without them. None of them want me to be sad. I love them.”