oversized puppies!!!

Imagine meeting Cerberus for the first time. Let’s say in the vain of Hades’ love ending (where you/Yui ended up living in the Underworld with him). 

Imagine you exploring your new home more or less alone when you find the three headed beast. 

Imagine the way the saliva glistens off the sharp teeth and the low growl from Cerberus’ three throats. 

Imagine Hades’ surprise when he finds the two (four?) of you, with Cerberus belly up as you give them the best belly rub they’ve ever had and you asking “who the cutest little three headed baby is in all the underworld?” in the Baby Voice™

Imagine you regarding the hell hound as nothing more than an oversize puppy. Cerberus would do anything for you except let you and Hades have ~alone time~.

The shades are given even more reason not to mess with you after that.

not-sad leo headcanons
  • He names his biceps because he’s very proud of them.
  • Leo does not care at all if something is illegal. He will have his fun anyway.
  • Super strong?? why does he even have so much muscle? Can accidentally crush you with hugs.
  • He loves platonic cuddles and kisses, and constantly needs affection.
  • When someone dislikes him, he either uses 90% of his energy to get them to like him, or he will try to fight them all the time. There’s no in between.
werewolf ashton [part 10]

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Ashton felt horrible these last few days. It had been about a week since he last saw (Y/N), and his body was craving you, the wolf was craving you as well. He felt weaker than normal, almost as if not being near you, drained him of his strength. But was worse is that this pain in his chest, he knew it was (Y/N), he could feel your emotions. He wasn’t sure of it at first, but when he first met you in the forest as Pup, he felt scared and intimidated, he wasn’t sure how, but he knew that these feelings were yours, because they were certainly not his. He tested it out more and more that day, trying to make you laugh as an oversized puppy and when (Y/N) laughed, part of him felt lighter and happier as well, the despair he felt also melting away.

He didn’t understand the connection between the two of you, but he knew it was there. He couldn’t put it to words, but he just wanted to be around you, wanted you so much and he didn’t understand why. He was used to being alone, used to relaying on no one besides himself after leaving the place that he once called home. But when he noticed that you weren’t pushing him away, like everyone else did, he knew that deep down he didn’t want to be alone anymore. He wanted to be with you, you wanting to fill the void he wasn’t sure that he had.

The pull in his chest was leading him to you; he knew that much, that’s how he found you that night in the woods. He was about to shift, when he felt your presence in the woods, the tugging in his chest was pulling him to you. Ashton could feel you panicking in the woods, scared, and he just had to set aside the need to shift to find you and make sure you were safe. His body although wanting to shift into a wolf form, he didn’t want you to see it. It pained him to keep himself from shifting, but he hoped that maybe (Y/N) would leave before he couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Just being around you made the wolf inside uneasy, your scent just distracted him, everything about you distracted him, that he wondered how he was able to keep himself from shifting for so long. The tug on his chest was strong, literally wanting to drag him to see you. He padded through the forest, knowing he would get to your home faster than if he was human.

He soon was standing in the forest that was in front of your home. The pull in his chest wanted to push him closer to your home, but he knew that you may not want him there. Ashton felt hat you didn’t want to see him since that night, you haven’t even bothered to look for him. His phone received a few phone calls, and then nothing. You haven’t gone anywhere near his home or into the woods, he would have known. But the main reason he knew that he wanted to go see you…was because he could feel your pain.

The pain he felt in his chest was yours. He could tell that you felt betrayed and lied to. All the sorrow you were feeling was because of him. There must have been a reason you weren’t looking for him, and he would respect that. He just needed to give you space, he was thankful that you haven’t told anyone of his secret, seeing as how there weren’t any people tearing down his home to drag and most likely kill him.

But still you needed space and he would give you that space, despite his body begging him to go to you. He wanted to go and see you, hoping that you weren’t going to push him away, but he could remember seeing the fear in your eyes, you finally saw him for what he felt all the time…a monster. You and him promised that you two stuck with him, but would you keep the promise know that you knew his secret.

He didn’t expect you to, even if he wished you did.

He could see your shadow in the window; it took him everything to walk away, although the weakness from being away from you was slowly going away, he knew that he left, and the weakness would come back. His strength was because of her.


You could feel the strings of your heart being pulled, similar to that night when you saw Ashton, the night you realized that he could transform into a wolf. This pull in your soul making you want to go outside, you looked out your window, hoping that it was Ashton, but all you saw was the vast forest. You wanted to see Ashton, run to him to tell him that despite everything, you still cared about him; you still wanted to be around him. But he ran away from you that could only mean that he didn’t want you around him, that despite everything you two had promised each other, he wanted you gone.

But right now, the familiar tug was back, literally pushing you out the door. Not being able to ignore the pull anymore, you went outside, letting the pull take you wherever it wanted you to go. You walked into the forest, feeling your soul become elated, something stirring it to life. You heard something snap, your eyes quickly searching for the sound.

Your soul was so bright and happy, you didn’t need to know what made that sound, but as you turned around you saw that large familiar wolf. He still kept his distance from you, looking tall, but if you looked closely into his eyes, you could see how broken he was.

“Hey Pup”, you said with a soft smile, “I’ve missed you Ashton”, you whispered, knowing that he could hear you.

No reaction, he just kept staring at you, waiting for you to tell him to go away.

“You are Ashton right?” thinking that maybe everything that happened that night could have been a dream, that maybe you fell unconscious that night, and dreamt the whole thing, and Pup and Ashton were not the same person.

Pup nodded his gaze now on the floor. You took a step closer to him, his eyes quickly focused back on you, making sure that you weren’t going to do something to hurt him. You walked up to him; his body tense like a spring, waiting to run off should he start to feel threatened. You raised your hand slowly, Ashton’s eyes closing shut, almost preparing himself for the pain you could cause. But instead he felt your warm hand pet his fur, coaxing him to relax. He opened up his eyes, your eyes meeting his hazel eyes. Despite his eyes looking like a wolf’s, you could still see the tenderness that Ashton’s eyes had every time he looked at you. You knew that Pup’s eyes were familiar, and now you knew that they were familiar because the whole entire time they were Ashton’s as well.

“I don’t get how this is possible, but you’re still Ashton…my Ashton”, you whispered into his fur, smelling the familiar scent that Ashton had, the smell of the forest, how could you miss so many coincidences?

You felt your heart swell with happiness, but at this point you didn’t know if it was because of him or it was your own, you smiled as you wrapped your arms around his neck, his fur tickling your face. He was still so warm, making your body relax, as well as his.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner Ashton, you knew I liked you, you knew I liked Pup, didn’t you trust me? I promised I wouldn’t leave, I would keep it despite this”, you whispered into his fur, your arms tightening a bit, feeling a bit hurt that he didn’t trust you. Sure you barely knew him, but there was something that you felt that made both of you feel connected to each other, something strong that tied you to him, almost as if you were meant to be together.

Pup didn’t move at all, still not bothering to acknowledge anything that you had just said. You grew a bit irritated, didn’t he know that you were practically worrying yourself to death because of him.

“Damn it Ashton”, you said letting go of him, “please just change back…be Ashton, I need to talk to you, I need to see you, please I have been worried and scared for days, the least you could do is talk to me” you said hoping that maybe he would listen to you.

He shook his head, his gaze fixed on his paws, not wanting to see the pain etched on your face.

“Ash”, you said feeling as if you were going to cry, “I can’t do this Ashton, and I just can’t. I don’t care if what you are, or how you got to be that way, but I need to talk to you, I am driving myself insane” you admitted, “can’t you feel it, because I can feel your pain…can’t you someone feel mine?” you said clutching your shirt in the area over your heart, wondering if maybe your connection with him was one sided.

Ashton looked at you, worry in his eyes, you were going to speak again, but he sprinted into the woods, leaving you alone like that night on the full moon. You felt rejected, despite telling him that you didn’t care about him being a werewolf, he still didn’t want you. You couldn’t let him get away.

“Ashton come back please”, you said running after him.

“Wait (Y/N)”, he shouted, making you come to a stop, you didn’t realize how much you missed hearing his voice, till now, “I’ll be right there, let me just find my clothes”, he said hearing a lot of rummaging behind the trees.

You waited, your heart thumping against your chest. You have been waiting to see Ashton for a while now, and finally you would be able to see him. Ashton walked out, straightening out his shirt, looking fine, his wound on his arm was finally gone, leaving no trace that it was ever there to begin with. You remembered seeing it an open would a few days ago, and heavily bleeding when Pup came to you. but now his skin was just flawless. He really was something extraordinary.

Ashton looked directly at you, both of you unsure of what to do next. You could feel your soul jumping to life, wanting to be close to his, wanting to be held by him. You couldn’t hold back as you went to hug him, to make sure that he was real and not a figment of your imagination. Your arms wrapped around him, your body colliding against his strong one. He was real, he was here, you couldn’t imagine the way his body would feel, this was Ashton.  You didn’t think you would cry from not seeing someone for only a few days, but you were.

Tears were shedding from your face, this was Ashton, and you really thought that after finding out he was a wolf that maybe he would no longer want to see you, but yet here he was, not pushing you away.  You held him close, thinking that if you let go for even a second, he would be gone, and who knows when you would see him again. Your body was tingling with excitement, soaring with happiness, glad that once again you were so near him.

Ashton’s arms wrapped around you, making your heart race even more. He rested his chin on top of your head, enjoying the way your body molded against his, fitting perfectly like two pieces of the same puzzle. He could feel his wolf purring with excitement and happiness that he was finally in your arms, you literally made the strong powerful wolf that he was, into a docile puppy that only craved your affection.

“Ashton”, you whispered into his shirt, glad that he was real.

“(Y/N)”, he said with a smile on his face, “I missed you too” he said placing a soft kiss on your head.

“It didn’t seem that way when you ran away from me that night”, you remembered.

“I was scared that you were going to hate me, I could tell that you were scared, I didn’t want you to be any more scared than you already were”, he explained.

“I was scared because I thought you were in pain, I was scared because I didn’t know what to do, I felt completely useless at that moment. But could never be scared of you, even if I tried”, you admitted, feeling your face heat up as you told him the honest truth.

“I was in pain, because I had to keep myself from changing, my body wanted to change and I wouldn’t let it, I just didn’t want you to see me, I’m glad that you aren’t scared of me, because I guess I can’t stay away from you either”, Ashton said , looking into your eyes, his eyes reflecting the love that he felt for you, but then it shifted to see the pain he felt, “so you aren’t scared of me, you don’t think I’m a monster?”

“Ashton, you haven’t given me a reason to call you a monster or be scared of you and I know you never will”, you said with a small smile, “a monster wouldn’t try to save me, but you did, a monster wouldn’t try to make sure I was fine, but you would, it wouldn’t try to make me smile, or laugh, or anything like that, yet it seems that you want to do that and more”, you firmly answered, “Because when I look at you, I don’t see a monster, I see Ashton Irwin, a guy who I know has a heart of gold, a really nice guy who just wants to be accepted, a guy that will do anything to make me smile, I see a guy that I am falling in love with”, you admitted.

“Can you really love me, all of me, me and Pup”, he said gently taking hold of your shoulders to look you in the eye, wanting to make sure that your answer wouldn’t be a lie.

“I can if you give me a chance. I can’t love you, if you push me away all the time”, you answered him firmly.

Ashton’s eyes searched yours; looking for something that would make him thinks

 You were lying. He tried to listen to your heartbeat, but he could hear it pounding against your chest, he couldn’t tell if you were lying or not. But when his body was overcame with a wave of love and tenderness, he knew you weren’t, he was feeling the love you held for him, although you never said you truly loved him, he could feel it growing. His doubts were melting away; he wasn’t alone as he thought. 

His hand caressed your face, feeling the skin that he had neon needing to see. You leaned into his warm hand, enjoying eh way his fingertips glided across you skin. He held your face as if it was a precious glass that would easily shatter. He leaned your face up towards his, his hazel eyes flickering. You studied his face, memorizing the small details of his face, burning the image into your memory. He closed his flickering eyes, starting to close the space between your lips.

His kiss was tender, much like everything when it came to you. This one wasn’t urgent like the last one but the emotion that you felt was just as strong. You melted into his kiss, your body feeling small electric sensations the more he kissed you, your soul coming to life, almost feeling like it was intertwining with his. His lips felt perfect against yours, more pieces that fit perfectly together. More things that really did make you feel that Ashton was made for you, the same way you were made for him. you were addicted to his kisses, addicted to him. you could feel the vibration against your body, he was moaning, grolwing, letting his wolf instincts take over for a moment. You wanted more, but as you wanted to make the kiss more heated, he stopped kissing you, seeing the red blush on his face. He always got carried away in your kisses, he wanted more too, he wanted to kiss down your neck, wanting to find that one spot on your neck that he knew would make you weak in the knees, wanting to leave small bites, so others would know you were his. But he needed to control himself, needed to remind himself that you needed to that you were important to him, that you were one thing that he would try his hardest to keep and never let you go.

His hands still held your face, letting you see the beautiful dimple smile that was etched on his face, “You know you’re the first person that has tried to love me, all of me”; he whispered, letting each syllable brush against your lips, in an almost sensual way, as his other arm snaked around your waist, pulling your body close to his, making them mold more together, proving more that your body was made to fit against his.

 “I really doubt that, what about your family, they must love you”, you said not believing that you were the first person to love all of him, yes maybe romantically you were, but still the longing that was in his voice, it made it sound that you were the only one who accept all of him.

His body stiffened, his breath stopped. You could feel your heart slightly stinging with despair, his despair. You wished that you could take it back, wished that you never brought up his family. You looked up, seeing his eyes, a bit darker, his face giving away that he was not ok, that remembering his family was something that brought him great pain. Part of you was glad that there was some sort of bond between you and him, because at least this way, despite the smiles that he forces on his face, you would be able to know when he was truly feeling underneath.

His arms unwrapped from your body, feeling the cold air hit your skin, and you already missing the feeling of being in his arms. His eyes still looked broken, despite there being a forced smile on his face, “come on, I think we should find somewhere to talk, I’ll explain everything you want to know”, he said extending his large hand for you to take.

You placed yours in his larger one, his hold so kind as he filled the spaces between his fingers with yours. He walked deeper into the forest, the forest that had become his second home over these last few years. He was taking you into the direction of his home. He walked into his home, with your hand still in his, never letting go. You were once again inside his small home. This time you wondered if he would tell you why there were no pictures of his family anywhere on the walls, why it was just him alone and no one else.

Ashton led you to his couch, sitting down as he still held your hand close, because right now he needed an anchor to reality, he needed to know that he wasn’t alone.

“I really don’t know where to begin, I never thought I would ever tell anyone this”, he said with a forced laugh thinking of everything he was going to admit.

“Well…start anywhere you want, I just want to know more about you”, you said leaning on his shoulder, kissing his arm.

“My family”, he struggled to say, “My family hates me, but I think it’s better to start from when I became a werewolf”, he said, looking over at you.

“Whatever you want”, you repeated.




OK SO THIS GOING TO BE OFFICIALLY A FANFIC (I’m sorry if that is not what you want, but I was reading though a lot of messages, and I think most of you are ok and I want to make this a fanfic, so yea…) I will post it soon on wattpad once I make a cover for it, and come up with a title



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Other masterlist

How can you say that George isn’t a puppy anymore?  I mean, I know he’s getting on in age, but at heart he’s still a puppy.  I can still carry him like I did when I first got him and he still loves chasing his tail.  George will always be a puppy to me.  Now what do you say we take this oversized puppy for a long walk?



Imagine: Kylo Ren having no concept of how big he actually is. Kylo Ren curling up in Hux’s lap like an oversized puppy, long limbs everywhere, knocking the breath out of Hux. Hux laughing at him, aiming for condescending but coming closer to fond. Letting Ren drape over him, resting his chin on Ren’s shoulder when Ren buries his face in the crook of Hux’s neck. Brushing Ren’s hair back with one hand while he signs off on work with the other. 


Imagine Steve’s in love with you and when you ask him on a date he’s the happiest man on the planet

“Hey Steve?” Steve looked up from his spot in an armchair. A smile graced his lips as he realized it was you.

“Yeah Y’n? What’s up?”

“You wanna go dancing later? There’s a bar that’s having an oldies night. Thought we could swing by.” You looked away from him, a bit embarrassed at your request.

“Y/n I would love to.” A large smile spread across Steve’s face that reached his eyes. You smiled as well at the oversized puppy in him.