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Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe Twin During Mother-Daughter Hamilton Outing (InStyle):

While it’s no secret that Ava Phillippe could easily pass as mom Reese Witherspoon’s doppelgänger, it turns out that the Big Little Lies star also got it from her mama.

As the actress stepped out to watch Broadway sensation Hamilton this weekend in Los Angeles, she proved that she owes her own striking looks to her mom Betty as all three generations of women made a family outing to the theater.

The Legally Blonde alum could have passed as a sister to her mini-me daughter, 18, who opted to pair a white T-shirt and tight black jeans with a cozy camel cardigan, an oversize cross necklace, and round black sunglasses for the show. […]


eliza is the cool mum that forms rap duos with her child, ham is their number 1 fan

Loser club (2017) aesthetics
  • Bill: cloudy weather, walking through tall grass, burgandy button ups, sketching the scenery, messy hair, scraped knees, facing towards soft wind, pencil shavings on a wooden table, chipped paint on an old door frame
  • Beverly: christmas lights, drinking from mason jars, flowers and ukes, thin soft sheets, goosebumps, cold hands, sunsets, standing in a lonely road, reaching out for trees, sharing a latte
  • Richie: hands running through curly hair, facing towards the sunshine, golden highlight, tye dyed bandanas and wristbands, long beach walks, converse all stars, polaroids, light blue denim, old cars, cigarette smoke
  • Eddie: borrowing an oversized sweater, hiding a necklace under a shirt collar, tight hugs, tucking a daisy behind the left ear, waking up early, the smell of an old book, collecting vintage photographs, holding hands, variations of blue, round oversized glasses
  • Stan: waiting for a subway, singing alone, walking across a busy street, finding a silent place to relax, pink crystals, floral scents, traveling, good grades, partly cloudy, dipped ice cream
  • Ben: petting cats, bookshelves, candles, the smell of rain, photography, holding butterflies, long walks to the library, calling a friend, picking fruits, cooking for fun, face paints, calming piano music
  • Mike: campfires and s'mores, acoustic guitar, horseback riding, new boots, flannels, yellow roses, playing cards, gold grommets, laying in the grass, sun shining through thin sunfaded curtains, apple pie
  • Ps yes i know these posts already exist however im just creating my own aesthetics for them

colorful floral statement necklace with red, pink, blue, purple, burgundy, orange and green crocheted flowers - Anemone Coronaria by irregularexpressions by irregular expressions

[image description: a clear plastic capsule pendant containing a clear liquid bubbling at the top and a combination of dark blue, light blue, silver and light pink heart and star-shaped sequins along with small silver glitter pieces. The pendant is attached to a silver-coloured chain and split ring, making a keychain. The keychain rests on a light tan surface against a white binder with gold-coloured clip rings.]

This is a fabulous submission from @hoboraptor in somewhat changed form because Tumblr ate her original post when I added it to the queue. (I hit “queue” after adding image descriptions and the post, which did not post at all, vanished from inbox, queue and draft. Of course this happens on a day of terrible hand pain!) Thankfully, I still had the link to the product page open in my browser, so I remade the post, but I apologise for doing so in a more abbreviated form!

This pretty epic find is a HN Glitter Quicksand Star Keychain, retailing on Amazon for the fabulously inexpensive price of $1.25 USD with $1.99 USD (within the US) shipping! The link offers five different different colour combinations, all at the same price. This would be pretty easy, too, to turn into an oversized necklace pendant…

Thanks so much, @hoboraptor!

Danielle, 27

“I am wearing Sam Edelman mid-calf boots, wideleg denim culottes from Anthropologie, a vintage textile shirt from Held Over, vintage 80s houndstooth wool coat, and oversized chain necklace from Anthropologie. Leather tote bag is from Baggu. My style is inspired by global culture and traditions, as well as history – and the combination of the two. Currently, I love mixing fitted and oversized garments. I’ve always been into layering, so I enjoy combining different colors, textures, shapes, and textiles that way.”

Dec 19, 2016 ∙ Tenderloin