oversized necklaces


eliza is the cool mum that forms rap duos with her child, ham is their number 1 fan

The Signs as Trends White Boys Hate
  • Aries: high waisted shorts
  • Taurus: oversized sweaters
  • Gemini: statement necklaces
  • Cancer: beanies
  • Leo: uggs
  • Virgo: peplums
  • Libra: floppy hats
  • Scorpio: dark eye-makeup
  • Sagittarius: red lipstick
  • Capricorn: dyed hair
  • Aquarius: pixie cut
  • Pisces: fake nails

colorful floral statement necklace with red, pink, blue, purple, burgundy, orange and green crocheted flowers - Anemone Coronaria by irregularexpressions by irregular expressions