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Twenty One Pilots Album Aesthetics
  • Twenty one pilots: graffitied walls, shaved hair, torn tee shirts, beat up converse, gas station chip bags, earbuds with only one side working, eyeliner from the day before, Japanese baseball jerseys, frost in the early spring.
Regional at best: ¾ sleeve shirts, chipped nail polish, secondhand instruments, messy hair covered with beanies, broken speakers, wearing the same jeans until holes form at the knees, stick and poke tattoos.
Vessel: clear skies, growing your hair out to place in a messy bun, pale lips, wearing oversized sweatshirts, the smell after the rain, bags under your eyes, random poetry written on your hand, fairy lights
Blurryface: sharp eyeliner, wearing boots until the leather wears off, hot cups of black coffee, oversized headphones, skin tight pants, black cats, full moons, the smell of burnt out candles, slam poetry at your local college.

Title: Lazy day at home 

Summary: Its all in the title, Dean and you spend a day bumming around the bunker.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 799

Warnings: Fluff, light swearing, hinted smut

A/N: hullo! So this is just a quick read, check out my masterlist.

You lie on your bed staring at the bunker ceiling. You sigh turning to the clock on your wall only to see a total of three minutes has passed since you last checked it. The boredom was killing you, you weren’t built for this, you were built for action, for hunting, not staying at home all day. The radar had been clear of leads for weeks now and you were sick of waiting around for Sam to announce where you would be hunting next. You jump up off the bed with a huff and lightly walk down the hallway your bare feet padding against the wooden floor. Slowly your head pokes around the corner of the room which belongs to Dean, you see him eyes closed oversized headphones cladding him, no doubt yelling classic rock into his ears. Despite the fact that the chemistry between you and Dean was something you’d both never experienced, you both knew that a relationship was impossible in this line of service. You kept it casual, you didn’t tell Sammy about the late night visits and kisses behind the library shelves.

“Dean?” You said with your head still the only part of you visible from behind the door.  His eyes stayed shut, the music easily heard by you despite the fact you were metres away. “Dean!” You say louder… no reaction. With a sigh you heave your pyjama coated body into the room flopping down on the end of the bed with a humph. Dean’s eyes shoot open and he sits up, after seeing it was just little old you, he leans back as if he never saw you, closing his eyes again. “Deaannn” You sit up with your brows furrowed; he ignores you, a little smirk on his face “oh come on” you wail crawling up next to him “I’m bored, lets do something”. He grunts a reply his eyes shut, you shake him violently his smirk growing but his eyes still closed tight. “DEAN quit it” You straddle his chest staring at him from your vantage point, his eyes slowing open and his takes his headphones of.

“Oh sorry y/n did you want me” He says lazily. Your wack him on the chest lightly

“Asshat” You mutter. His eyebrows raise.

“what was that?” His smirk grows and his arms wrap around you resting on your waist.  

“I said you were an asshat” You said loud and clear. His eyes amused, he chuckles.

“That’s not very nice is it?” He stares up at you. You lean in whispering in his ear “well you’re not very nice” With that Dean used his arms to flip you to the other side of the bed, switching positions so he was now straddling you, holding you hands down with his own, his weight heavy enough to keep you in place but his legs stopping him from crushing you.

“Oi! Come on…get off” You wiggle trying to get free but not making much of an effort.

“I don’t think I will” He says not breaking eye contact with you “I do remember that time though you said you weren’t ticklish though” He paused “why don’t we put that to the test” Your eyes widen in fear shaking your head in a no.

“Okay you win you win I’m sorry I disturbed you!!!” He gives you a cocky smirk rolling off you and lying next to you. You stay still a while breathing in and out before you speak “I’m so freaking bored” You don’t break your stare with the ceiling, Dean rolls onto his side his arm supporting his head, his gaze on you.

“I can Think of one thing to postpone that” He smoothly quotes. You look at his to see his eyebrows wiggle, you punch him lightly. “you wish” You giggle. He grabs your hand intertwining in his own, a new experience for you. You smile at him timidly; he leans forward kissing your forehead lightly before retreating slightly so that your lips are only centimetres apart.

“So get this” A voice comes from the hall, you pull back eyes wide and alert. By the time Sam has made it to the room Dean is lying down with his headphones on and his eyes closed and you are crossed legged at the end of the bed with a book in your hands. Sam nods at you in hello and Dean takes his headphones off as if only just noticing Sam’s presence. “I found a case, Illinios, man found dead in a bathtub with signs of struggle, heart missing, window smashed.” You smile in relief “Thank god I’m bored out of my wits here.” You state, Sam looks at you quizzically and you return his stare. “What? do I have food on my face?” You ask. “No, its just… your reading that book upside down”.

things i associate with bangtan members

jungkook: doc martens boots, marble sculptures, a crackling bonfire, museum trips, cuddling on the couch, silver earrings, exploring in a new city, quiet evenings, the way your muscles tremble after exercise 

taehyung: vintage sweaters, blanket forts, fruit popsicles, sprinklers in the summertime, old volkswagon vans, gentle touches, contagious joy, 1940s swing music, deep kisses, seeing snow for the very first time 

jimin: sweater paws, long showers, blinding smiles, dark leather jackets, hot cocoa on a cold day, unexpected gifts, lazy sunday mornings, small succulents, open windows, waking up in the arms of someone you adore 

namjoon: secondhand bookstores, single-malt whiskey, tight hugs, late nights, secret glances, city skylines, oversized cardigans, string instruments, coffee shops, the fondness felt when watching a loved one succeed 

hoseok: coca-cola, grassy fields, baseball caps, early mornings, wayfarer sunglasses, city traffic, bubbling laughter, dance studios, post-workout adrenaline, the first rays of sunlight after a storm 

yoongi: television static, cassette tapes, embroidered bomber jackets, cigarettes, oversized headphones, the ocean at night, broken headlights, much-needed rain, wordless embraces, falling asleep after an exhausting day 

seokjin: round glasses, rose gardens, the smell of pavement after a storm, collarbone kisses, making breakfast, softly humming, turtlenecks, reading in the crook of a window, counting stars, holding hands just a little bit tighter

EXO (OT12) Reaction to You Saying ‘I Love You’ For the First Time (By Possible Admin)

This possible admin will be called P.A. Li

-Admin Kat

All possible admin work will be completely unedited

Xiumin: It would be at the breakfast table, while you two shared a cup of coffee. You usually did this, almost as a ritual. After he’d finish his coffee, he’s kiss you on the forehead and say ‘I love you’ as he walked out the door for work. You’d never been confident enough to say it, but today was different. When he said it today, you’d reply “I love you too, baby.” He wouldn’t have time to respond, but when he met up with the boys, he’d be gushing.

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Luhan: You were taking a stroll to McDonalds, to get some lunch together, despite your conflicting schedules. You being in school, and him working all the time, it’s hard to meet up during the day. Thankfully, your schedules matched up, giving you the same lunch time. So, you planned it out and found the the closest and easiest place to meet was McDonald’s. Not the healthiest, but it works. You looked at him, looking like a bit of a chipmunk with his cheeks full of food. He would catch you staring, and question you. You would reply with, “I’m just thinking about how much I love you.” He would leap over the table, and shower you with kisses. Surprised that he managed to get a girl to love him, and ecstatic that it’s you.

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Kris: Kris is never really one to show emotion. His stoic features and deep voice usually give him a sort of harsh look. Which I guess isn’t far off. Stress from his agent, manager, and fans builds up easily. Seeing and hugging you gives him joy, and helps relieve stress, since in his eyes, you give the best hugs. One day, you sense that it had been a tough day at work. You immediately power walk to him and pull him in close. You say softly, “it’s hard, I know, but just remember I love you.” His mood would lighten, and the stupid grin you fell for would show.

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Suho: His kind, caring nature is one of the best. He constantly makes sure you are healthy and happy. He showers you with compliments day in, day out. Knowing that your language of love was skinship and speech, he would constantly tell you how much he loves you and how amazing you are. You, on the other hand, find it hard to say those three words. He always waits though, and when it happened, he would be over the moon. Thanking you over and over, and giggling like a schoolgirl would be the best way to describe it. The big softie would be astounded and proud of the amount of courage you managed to build up.

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Lay: He would have just arrived home from rehearsals, to see you passed out on the couch. Shaking his head, he would gently lift you up, and carry you to bed. You had woken up slightly during the transit, and were a little confused as to what had happened, but guessed pretty quickly when you saw Yixing climbing into the opposite side of the bed with you. He’d begin to cuddle you, as you rolled over. While dozing off, you said ‘I love you, goodnight.’ That night, he’d dream of all good things, and wake up in an especially good mood.

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Chen: Warming up for rehearsals that he had to leave for soon, he’d be singing ‘What Is Love’ while walking around, picking up what he’d need for said rehearsals. When he reaches the line, he’d belt out “Tell me What Is Love~.” You would be in the kitchen, preparing some food for him and the rest of the group, when you’d yell out “Love is what I feel when I look at you. Now, hurry up and get this food, unless you want your bandmates going hungry.” He’d shut up real quick, realizing and taking in what you said. He’d walk into the kitchen, back hug you, and just stand there, whispering ‘I love you too.’ You two would stay like that, until you scolded him about rehearsals.

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Baekhyun: Because he rarely has time to himself because he works so hard, when he gets home, he lets off stress by stupidly dancing and singing around the house. You’d be used to it, after being with him for a while. The songs he tries to perform are almost always in english, and because he isn’t quite able to pronounce some words, you’d giggle to yourself as he tries to say them. One day, you’d walk in on him mocking MYM, and shaking his bottom in the middle of the lounge floor. He’d jump up when he hears you say “sometimes I question myself on why I love you…” almost immediately latching onto you. His only words would be “you have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say those words.”

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Chanyeol: Composing was what Chanyeol does best. He writes with reason, he sings with passion, his lyrics a story to tell. So, it’s not surprising when he asked you to review one of his latest works of art. He placed the what-felt-like oversized headphones on your head, and pressed play. You watched the screen with precision, skimming over each of the tracks. After it ended, you took the headphones off. He gazed at you intently, asking how it was. You’d happily reply, “I love it, almost as much as I love you.” Reaction King mode would kick in, and he would jump around with glee. Once he’s calmed down a bit, he would say “thank you so much, Y/N, I love you too.”

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D.O: He would be giving you the cold shoulder because you joked about his cooking, but he took it seriously. You’d tell him over and over that you meant it as a joke, and that you actually thought it was the best food you’d ever tasted. But, despite your best efforts, he still wasn’t budging. This was really getting on your nerves. You were a little sad that he wasn’t listening. Eventually, you said, “come on Kyungsoo, you know I love you and your cooking, can you please drop the act.” He’d turn around, smiling a little at you, only to turn back around and blush like a little school girl.

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Tao: His birthday was coming up, and you had bought him the perfect present. A limited edition gold Gucci backpack. You had been paying it off for the last 6 months, leaving you with little money, but it was worth every cent. His birthday rolled around, and he’d plan the most elegant birthday party to celebrate. Black tie event, in some small mansion, or very large house, whichever you’d prefer to call it. He was sitting there opening each of the fan gifts, which included many watches, suits, and handmade items. He then got to yours. Wrapped in a silver wrapping, he slowly opened it. His hand flew to his mouth as he saw the bag of his dreams. He looked up as you. “Why did you spend so much money on this?” he’d ask, knowing how much it was. “Because I love you, idiot.” You’d reply. He’d hug you tightly, thanking you and returning the love.

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Kai: We all know how much he likes chicken (and the boy should eat some), so he would be overwhelmed when practicing, he’d see you walk in with a big bucket of his favourite food. He would take a break and sit on the couch in the studio, inviting you to sit next to him. While filling his stomach, he would ask why you would do such a thing for him. Hearing “because I love you,” fall from your lips would set him into a fit of giggles, his heart full of joy. He’d latch onto you like a koala, still not believing what he said to you. This boy would return the words, between the giggles, of course.

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Sehun: Ironically, you two would be fighting about his health, and well, SM. He would question why you cared so much about his health. You would yell back, “because I love you too damn much to just watch on.” He would slowly turn back, to see you turn away in tears. Embarrassed and ashamed of his previous actions and words, he would slowly walk over and wrap his arms around your shoulders. ‘I’m so sorry’ and ‘I love you too’ would resonate over and over, with him slowly realising how much you care for him. 

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music aesthetics

troye sivan: gentle ocean waves breaking on the shore, getting up early to watch the sunrise, love poems, and impulsive road trips

halsey: stick and poke tattoos, bruised knees, empty train stations, oversize headphones, and chainsmoking

the 1975: ridiculously over-shredded jeans, sexually confused, purposely messy hair, probably has an obscure vinyl collection

melanie martinez: crop tops, body paint, silent films, halfhead dyed hair, and street art

paramore: studded jackets, lava lamps, candy colours, oversize rings, black eyeliner, lots of angst, and chipped nail polish

twenty one pilots: dog eared journals smeared with ink, surprise parties, keeping lists of personal goals, and bonfires

pvris: wears mostly black, always doodling, loves obscure poetry

panic! at the disco: techno beats, weed, lots of glitter, elaborate halloween costumes, probably also sexually confused

Start of Something New (Chris/Darren)

Start of Something New
Rated: PG
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Word Count: 4.2k
Summary: Who is that weird new kid obsessed with Chris? Oh, yeah. That’s Darren. 

Thanks to Sarah and Mav for beta reading, and to my anon for the prompt! I hope I did it justice.)  [Read on AO3]

There’s a new kid in school. Two of them, actually. The older one seems cool, the kind of guy that makes friends wherever he goes.

The younger one is… weird.

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friends with benefits rap monster? ;)

i would sell my soul to be namjoon’s fwb

  • he’s not that smooth in general, but he’s greasy af with you but it’s it’s only because he’s trying to cover for the fact that he’s super in love with you and you don’t see him that way lmao he’s so tragic
  • he texts you to come over when he’s pulling a late night in the studio, because u bring weed and he just wants to rest his fried brain for a minute and grope ur ass
  • he pulls out the headphones and plays the music that he’s working on for you while you rub his shoulders and he rolls a joint. you lock the door and hotbox in the recording booth bc it’s late at night and no one else is home. namjoon strips off his shirt so he can roll it up to block under the door, and that’s pretty nice too.
  • he wants your opinion on the music he makes, and you get lots of snapchats of him rapping, or editing, wanting to know if you like it
  • he’s like a genius, of course you love it, everything he makes is beautiful
  • it’s the best when you sneak over to the dorms and can just hang with namjoon in his room. jin clears off on his own pretty quickly,  s/o to seokjin for being a chill roommate
  • you sit on his bed, wearing panties and one of his sweaters, while his oversized headphones around you neck from whatever song he was having you listen to and y’all could just make out like that for hours at a time
  • he loves when you wear his clothes, he loves anything that makes it feel like you’re dating him and not just fucking him, and he’s totally using that angst to fuel his raps
  • he’s makes for such a good friend though. you love the really deep conversations the two of you have when you’re lying on your bed after a round of particularly nasty sex, maybe sharing a cigarette, and lying with your limbs tangled up, not yet ready for round 2 in the shower
  • you worry about his diet, and make sure he has a good home-cooked meal whenever he visits. 
  • Sometimes he brings you really beautiful and thoughtful gifts from when he’s been traveling for a while and you are really floored but also you have to remind him that you two are just friends, and he doesn’t have to treat you like you’re together

Listen, whatever you do, don’t picture Harry and Louis’ kids waving at them from the crowd of a One Direction show; up past their bedtimes ‘just this one time, guys’, standing there excitedly with Anne, Jay and all of their aunts and uncle, homemade signs in their hands, all of them wearing oversized protective headphones on their tiny heads, singing along to songs they’ve known their whole lives and others that their dads and uncles only wrote in the last year.

Harry and Louis sticking close to their side of the audience most of the night, waving back to them, blowing kisses and just beaming at their happy little faces shining in the crowd, both desperately thankful that the kids aren’t quite old enough to understand the lyrics to No Control yet.

Don’t do it because it’s too damn painful.


Klaine, 1900 words, A03.

Part of a series of canon compliant “Season 7” ficlets that look at events in the early married life of Kurt and Blaine.

January, 2015

Kurt tugged at his blanket, trying to find a corner to pull up over his shoulder. It was hopelessly tangled, and he was cold, but he really didn’t want to wake up enough to straighten everything out. He turned over, reaching for Blaine – a sure source of heat – but he wasn’t there.

Kurt squinted one eye open, looking for his husband. Although their shades and curtains were drawn, the lights of the city street outside their window filtered in, giving him enough of a view of their cozy bedroom to confirm Blaine’s absence. Kurt considered just rolling over and going back to sleep, but it wasn’t like Blaine to be up in the middle of the night – that was generally Kurt’s domain.

He rolled out of bed, pulling on the first sweatshirt he could find. If it happened to be the new NYU one he had bought Blaine for Christmas, heavy and soft and smelling comfortingly like Blaine, so much the better.

He found Blaine sitting on the floor in their living room, his laptop open on the coffee table in front of him and papers spread all around. His eyes were closed, and with his oversized headphones on, Kurt knew he probably didn’t even realize anyone else was in the room. Kurt chuckled to himself at the way Blaine’s curls poked out around his headphones, and sat down gently next to him on the floor.

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A little drabble. High school AU, Charles is in love with his best friend. 

Erik looks strange straddled over the seat of the moped. It an odd juxtaposition, his long, tall body and the shining, compact machine geared to hipsters who buy them in order to wax nostalgic over their summer in Italy then sell them when the rain started. Charles thinks his friend might look better leaning against the lean, strong lines of a Harley Davidson. He doesn’t say anything though, because the smile Erik flashes him as he walks down the school steps is wide and unusually sunny. It also steals Charles’ breath away, so even if he was going to question his best friend’s decision to use his meager savings on the powder blue scooter he was standing over so proudly, he couldn’t have. Life was funny that way. Being head over heels in love with your best friend has a way of stealing your words away. 

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