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Pit-A-Pat (Part 1)

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fuckboy!jungkook // high school au

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Smuttish, Romance

Word Count: 3.1K

Description: It all started when Jeon Jungkook moved into the house next door during the first year of high school. His popularity was given as his looks are extraordinary, and not to mention his outstanding grades. Everyone thinks of Jungkook as the perfect person with his good looks, perfect grades, and rich parents. However, Y/N thinks apart from that.

A/N: This wasn’t supposed to be a series but oops. 


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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 5

A/N: I was gonna update yesterday, but yanno school is stressful yet a top priority. I don’t have much to say, but I'm glad you all like the last part and I’m thankful for all of the nice feedback in my dms. (You get to learn a small ounce about my childhood you guys lmao) I hope you guys enjoy part 5 and remember as always I need 100 notes to release part 6💕

I coulda ended it better too, sorry bout that. It’s past two in the morning on a school night and I ran out of ideas…

**WARNING**: Slight smut, not much though

Parts: One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/

“Y/N…” Calum grumbled, flipping onto his side to see you better and rubbing his eyes tiredly.


“Do you think fish go to heaven?”

You couldn’t help but to snort as the sleepy boy asked the question. You were currently in his bed and watching Law&Order SVU on Netflix as he struggled to stay awake. He had called you over an hour or two ago because he was bored out of his mind and now it was just a little past two in the morning. You were hesitant at coming over at first, not wanting to be seen by his roommate, but he convinced you his friend was heavily sleeping since it was so late at night. You also gave into coming over because you hadn’t seen him in almost a week and missed his scent and cheeky smile.


“I’m pretty sure they do, Calum, why?”

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okay I’m just gonna say something real quick…. can you just idk stop bringing Louis into your messes??? because he is literally just doing his thing, he isn’t bothering anyone, he is just out there dressing with oversized clothes, being soft and sitting on roofs with red tracksuits. so please, let him be… just for once.

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What are some gay clothes besides plaid

lesbians love hats- beanies, baseball caps, all that jazz. doc martens or just black boots, bomber jackets- preferably oversized, henleys, mens dress shirts paired with jeans, and slightly sheer tank tops. lesbians take pride in thrifting and antiquing for their consumer goods. also a sick tattoo sleeve is very much an accessory.

like crazy pt. 1

Pairing: reader x Jimin

Genre: fluff, angst, smut

Word Count: 6.3k

A/N: This story is based off the film by the same name. If you haven’t seen it, I would highly suggest not reading any spoilers. I don’t know how true to the film this story will be, but it is highly influenced by it.

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Part 1 Part 2

You shifted the weight of your groceries on your shoulders. You knew you should have brought your bike. You always got carried away when you came to the Saturday market. But you couldn’t help yourself. The stalls were filled with so many colorful foods that you had to buy them all. Even though you had no one else to cook for, you didn’t mind.

You weaved through the crowd, careful to not bump into anyone. You didn’t want your tomatoes to end up on the ground. Going to the market was your own little tradition. It was the one day a week that you made time for yourself. . Cooking was the one thing that made you feel at home, even from thousands of miles away.

You were waiting to cross the street when you could feel someone hurriedly rushing towards you. Before you could move out of the way someone was slamming into you. Your new groceries tossed across the sidewalk. “I am so sorry!” you heard a soft voice say behind you as you bent down and tried to salvage the rest of your tomatoes.

“It’s fine” you sighed, chasing down an onion that had started to roll away from you.

“Let me help you, after all it is my fault” you turned to look at the owner of the voice. The ruiner of your vegetables. Your eyes widened as your face took in his features. Even though his face mask was covering most of it, you were able to recognize him anywhere.

“Jimin?” you asked nervously. He was one of the most handsome men you had ever seen. In class you would day dream, chewing on you pen and thinking about what it would be like to kiss him. But you never had the nerve to speak to him. Only when he was handing back exams or taking attendance.

Your former TA pulled down his mask and flashed you a smile. The crinkles on his eyes made your heart skip a beat. “I’m really sorry about that Y/N. I guess I should never text and walk” he said as he laughed nervously.

You were surprised he remembered your name. You didn’t talk to anyone in that class. Your cheeks flushed as he handed you another tomato, “Thank you” was all you managed to choke out. There was an awkward silence as neither of you knew what to say next.

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one more cup of coffee

title: one more cup of coffee
relationship: percy de rolo/vex’ahlia
words: 1.6k
warnings: nah son
summary: vex’ahlia loves waking up to find someone has already made coffee for her
notes: dont. ask questions. just dont. let it happen. 

Vex’ahlia enters the kitchen with bedhead and an oversize dress shirt that most certainly does not belong to her. “Morning, Percival.” She yawns, wiping the grogginess from her eyes.

Percy turns to face her, leaning against the kitchen table. “Morning,” he drawls in response. When she reaches him Percy grabs the mug of coffee resting on the table and holds it out for her. Vex gives him a grateful peck on the cheek when she takes it, letting the warmth stir her before the caffeine can.

“Oh, by the way darling, have you seen my husband anywhere?”

This prompts a quirk of an eyebrow from Percy, her husband. He hums, “Your husband?”

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Of all the fashion trail blazers, Audrey Hepburn arguably had the greatest impact. Hepburn, solidified her place in the fashion and film history with her iconic look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, sporting a black cocktail dress, oversized sunglasses, and elegant pearls. Before that, Hepburn prompted the beatnik look in Funny Face. The actress launched black turtlenecks and black cigarette pants into the public eye. This look would greatly influence the beat generation throughout the fifties and the sixties. Even today, people still sport the beatnik ensembles, although that’s usually because they’re trying to be ironic. 


Just worked on a new dress tonight that I am hoping to release soon!  I’ve been looking for something with this fit for a while now….and I’m super happy with how it turned out!  Will probably release a distressed version also!  Maybe do a small print at the nape of the neck too.  Hooray for creative bursts!

Necklace by @ostealjewelry and it goes perfectly with this dress!!

Caught 2 *Isaac Lahey Smut*


A/N: Its late as all hell but shit…its here. Please enjoy the second part of Caught. Love you guys

“Lahey!” Y/N marched into the livingroom where Isaac sat perched at the edge of the sofa watching a football game “We need to talk.”

“About?” He asked uninterested, never taking his eyes away from the TV.

“You know…” Her words trail off in hopes he’d figure it out.

“No, I don’t.” Isaac lied. Y/N walked over to where Isaac lounged, snatching the remote from his hand she turned off the 60 inch flat screen and stood in front of it, gaining his full and undivided attention.

“3 days ago you came home from work a bit early and…”

“Ate you out like it was my last meal?” Isaac smirked raking his eyes up and down her body “Yeah, I’m starting to recall.” Her outfit was simple enough. One of his shirts fitting her like an oversized dress, stopping at her mid thigh and shorts, and yet he was hard.  Isaac firmly believed she wore his clothes better than he ever could, and his cock agreed.

“Yeah? Well that won’t be happening again…ever again.”

‘Like hell it won’t’ Isaac thought glaring up at Y/N “And might I ask why? And I know it’s not because of a bad performance.”

“I have a boyfriend.” Y/N blurted.

A tense few seconds of silence ensued before Isaac spoke again. “Come again.” He had to have heard her wrong. Y/N, his Y/N had a boyfriend. “Break up with him.” He demanded. Isaac wasn’t sure where this overwhelming possessiveness was coming from. He’d never considered himself the jealous type. He’d passed a fair share of his conquest down to his friends, but it was different where Y/N was concerned.

“What? No.”

“No?” Y/N wasn’t able to put the proper amount of distance between herself and Isaac so that he became nonthreatening. He’d pulled down so that she was pinned beneath him in what seemed to Y/N in an instant. “Break. Up. With. Him.” Isaac hissed.

Isaac sat on the couch watching the door. He could hear the jingle of Y/N’s keys as she tried to get into the apartment. For three days, three whole fucking days she was MIA. After their fight, she’d managed to get away  He was ready to pounce when an unfamiliar man walked.

“You must be Isaac!” He damn near squealed upon seeing Isaac “I’m Kris Y/N’s boyfriend. I’ve heard so much about you.”

Isaac struggled not to growl. This was the infamous boyfriend? Isaac didn’t think Kris was Y/N’s type. He was a little too bubbly and airheaded. Not too mention Kris looked like one of the saps that would stroke his lover’s hair, whispering sweet nothings as he “made love” to his partner. His Y/N liked it rough. Biting, scratching, choking, spanking: That’s what she liked. What she yearned for.

“Aren’t you gonna say ‘hi’, Lahey?” Y/N emerged from behind Kris.

Isaac had planned to give Y/N the cold shoulder making it known that he was pissed, until he laid eyes on her. Y/N had never been one to dress up…for anything. Her wardrobe consisted of sweatshirt, leggings, T-shirts, and jeans. Isaac was positive she didn’t own a skirt, much less a dress. But sure enough there she was, standing in a short bright yellow sundress. If Kris wasn’t there he’d have surely ripped it off her body like some sort of animal. For that, Isaac was almost grateful. It would’ve been ashame if he’d torn to shreds perhaps the only dress Y/N owned, not to mention she looked absolutely ravishing in it.

A strange look spread across Isaac’s face; one that scared Y/N. He looked like some sort of sex starved predator. He made no effort to hide the tent that was forming in his sweatpants, or his eyes from roaming Y/N’s body. She shifted uncomfortably. The dress didn’t seem so short before, but now she was trying to tug it down. Y/N quickly ushered Kris into the kitchen, praying he didn’t notice Isaac semi erection.

“I’ll be right back, babe.” Y/N said “I have to talk to Isaac.”

Isaac stood and walked silently to the bathroom (there place of gathering when privacy was needed from guest). He waited until Y/N followed im to close and lock the door behind them.

“What the hell is your problem?” She whispered. Being annoyed, Y/N made the mistake of shoving him against the wall. “You’re being a fucking asshole.” She hadn’t realized the danger she’d put herself in.

Isaac responded by lifting Y/N onto the sink, and lacing his hand on her throat he gave her a firm squeeze. Not enough to restrict her airflow, but just enough to send a warning. The other he placed on her thigh digging his claws into the soft flesh. He breathed in familiar scent of her arousal, smirking at the realization that she was enjoying this. Y/N was enjoying him being rough with her, as he knew she would.

“You are soo fucking disrespectful.” Isaac growled. Reaching under the dress he tore away her panties causing a loud cry to escape her lips “Careful now Y/N, we don’t want Kris to hear us, do we? Do we? She shook her head.

“I didn’t think so.”  Taking his hand away from her throat, Isaac was able to pull down his sweatpants revealing his swollen angry cock. Y/N stared down at it in a mixture of awe and terror.

“Isaac wait.” She pleaded. Kris is still here

“I can’t.” Isaac sank to his knees, taking in Y/N her scent and the sight of her wet folds he gave her  clit a firm like “I’ve barely touch you, and look how wet you are, sweetheart.”

“Fuck Isaac.” Y/N whined. Tangling her hands in his curly hair she pulled him closer grinding her pussy into his face.

Right as she approached her peak Isaac pulled away, wiping her juices off his face, and standing.

“AH- No.” She cried reaching out for him, but he’d moved just out of her grasp “I need…”

“You need what?” He asked. “You need to cum?”

“Yes, please.” She moaned

“Tell me you won’t see him again, and I’ll let you cum.” With his arms folded across his chest, he smiled down at her mischievously. Y/N wouldn’t say no to him. “Promise me.”

“I won’t see him again! I promised”

“Tell me you want me to cum on my cock.”

“I want to cum on your cock, so bad Isaac. Now fuck me!”

In one swift motion Isaac plowed into Y/N. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and dug her fingers into his shoulders. Isaac gave her a second to adjust before picking her up from the sink and pushing her against the door.

He repeatedly slammed into Y/N, enticing loud cries of pain and pleasure. Loud enough for her dick of a boyfriend to hear and come running. From outside the bathroom a loud banging could be heard as well as the smacking sound of flesh colliding, Y/N sopping pussy, and a mixture of her cries and Isaac’s groans.

“He’ll never fuck you like can. Do you understand me?” Y/N was unable to answer being that her she was too focused on reaching her climax “Answer me or I’ll stop!”

“No.” Y/N whimpered as Isaac’s pace began to slow “Please don’t stop.”

“Tell me what I want to hear.”

“He can’t f- AHH” Isaac unexpectedly slammed into her one time

“Louder!” He roared.

“He can’t fuck me like you can!”

“You’re damn right he can’t” He started jackhammering into Y/N’s pussy. The wetness from it running down thigh.  Her orgasm crashed over her like a wave. A particularly loud wail fell from her lips, as she clenched and spasmed around his hard cock.

Isaac prolonged her orgasm, moving at the same pace even after Y/N came. She’d become overly sensitive and was begging Isaac to stop if only for a few seconds, but her plea fell on deaf ears. After he came then she’d have her break. He’d hold back his climax for as long as he could to punish her.

“It’s too much!”

Y/N second orgasm was quickly building as Isaac mercilessly pounded her. A well aimed thrust at her g-spot sent Y/N over the edge.

“Take it like a good girl.” He felt her cunt contract around him, trying to milk his seed. He howled (literally) as ropes of hot cum shot into her awaiting pussy.

Y/N shivered as her climax began to subside. Isaac used the door to support her weight, resting his face in the crook of her neck he began to talk between breaths.

“Think Kris heard us?” Y/N could almost see the smirk on his face.

“You’re such an ass, that was your plan all along, huh?”

“Yup.” Dick

“Well, jokes on you.” Y/N had a smirk of her own plastered across her face.

“And how is that?”

“Well everyone knows how incredibly insanely Isaac Lahey gets when some guy has the audacity to even look at what Isaac Lahey thinks belongs to him. I just wanted to make certain you were interested, and that was the only way I knew how. Kris was in on it too.”

“Seriously?” How could he not have seen through Y/N’s trick? Clever girl “Do you know how close I was to ripping his throat out?”

“So you think I belong to you Mr. Lahey?” She scoff

“There’s nothing to think about, sweetheart. You belong to me.”


A/N: You guys are the best! Thanks for reading, and request are still open, but not for long.

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Forgive me, but I beg for your wisdom. I am a smol unfashionable child of the jeans-and-tshirts-no-makeup-hair-braided flavor, BUT I recently got a Great haircut and went shopping and got some Excellent clothes!!! But how do you get the motivation to put together a Look every day, when jeans-and-tshirts are so easy? Like??? Is there a secret to it? Do you just have to go for it and wear the fancy dress even tho its just a normal Tuesday? What if it looks weird??? I beg your kind and wise advice.

well your question is actually about two different things, as I see it.

1) can I be fancy on a normal Tuesday and will I look weird if I do? 

don’t overthink this, if you feel like wearing something dramatic and fancy, wear it. people may be surprised at how polished you look, but that’s not a bad thing. as our gay patron saint oscar wilde said, you can never be overdressed, and he wore capes everywhere, so he knew what he was talking about.

2) how do I find the motivation to put together a Look every day?

you don’t. that’s just a fact. I probably put together a Look four days out of seven, and the rest of the time I’m going to be comfortable. the key is to own fashionable things which are comfortable, and no one will be able to tell the difference. you’re living in, to borrow a phrase, the best of all possible worlds when it comes to the comfy/fashionable flashpoint, because current trends are all about oversized silhouettes and dressing up loungewear. sneakers are in. block heels are in. dresses with balloon sleeves made of sweatpants material are in. jumpsuits, slouchy coordinates, baggy culottes, big sweaters, this is your time. add metallic accents, fishnet, a bright lipstick, and you’re done. check out brands like ASOS White and Monki for your Pajamas On The Street needs, and use those pieces to fill in the blanks on the days you’d really rather not get off the couch. we all have those moments, even exceedingly extra people like me. you just have to make sure you have the arsenal for them.

Laurent was alone in the bedroom, waiting for Damen to finish his bath so they could go to sleep together. He was lying down on some pillows, fingers idly playing with his lace, when he spotted Damen’s chiton draped over a chair. He stared at the white cloth for a moment, glanced at the closed bathroom door, before slowly sliding off the bed. 

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