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The Paladins get back to Earth and go and see their families for a while. They go to check on Shiro after a couple of days because they haven't heard from him and find him eating a jar of peanut butter, surrounded by 5 dogs ranging from a massive oversized dog that's trying to sit on his lap to a tiny little yorkie that is attacking his shoe with the ferocity of a dragon.

Keith: I was gone for a DAY to deal with the shack.  Where did these dogs come from??

Shiro: Mine now not telling

Pidge: ….Share.

Shiro: the dogs or the- oh.  Right.  Peanut butter.  Uh, yeah, help yourself

Noodle dragons headcanons

Just a collection of Noodle Dragon headcanons that pop into my head immediately and I gotta have to share If ya want to add something just do it!

(Also LI means “Love interest” . Gonna make ship specific posts separately)

  • They can change from small noodles to big dragons in like 2seconds
  • both Shimada were told, that the dragons are powerful, proud and mythical creatures, they should be treated with respect
    -> It was Genji who found out that the dragons are like cats and enjoy playing with lasers or with little toys
  • personally I also believe that the Shimadas named them Soba/Udon + Ramen. Or something after food, bc training was tiring and the whole dragon-process had been tiring and they just wanted to go and eat and not think abt a name for hours.
    (I also love Mochi/Gyoza + Ichigo for the three)
  • They got their own feelings and personality but they also low-key reflect the mood of their owners. Means:
    -> If they see their LI coming back from a long mission and feel their owner is happy/relieved to see that they are okay, they kind of make it a bit extreme and fly to the LI and hug and purr and chirp to show their happiness about the return
    -> same goes if the LI is injured. They curl up and protect the injured person. 
    -> Sometimes if they are not stopped, they reveal too much about how their owner feels and if someone knows it, they can easily read Hanzo/Genji and how they feel about a person
  • Dragons stealing food
  • Dragons getting food and candies from the other OVW members
    (making Hanzo slightly surprised bc ‘You are spirits why do you eat?!’)
  • Dragon Kisses are small, tender and leave a really strange feeling on your skin
  • Dragon Kisses from big dragons are sloppy and it feels like you are crushed by an oversized dog. But you feel all the love. (You decide if they leave a wet trail on someone’s cheek )
  • imagine them sneaking out from training and when Hanzo/Genji want to summon them just…nothing happens. Just…No dragons. The sword is not glowing, the arrow just goes into a wall without a spectacle, making a fool out of themselves bc they screamed without any effect
    And they have to search them.
    Finding them either sunbathing or playing with one of the younger members. 
  • Dragons love scratches. They follow the person that gives the best scratches. 
  • LI is important. LI has to be protected. Often finding the dragons there instead of their masters who can call them at any time.

If I remember more I will add more. 
I can talk the whole day abt noodles.


Found some pet photos to share: a grumpy old lady cat, my new baby cat that repeatedly falls into my bath, an oversized wiener dog, and a fluffy mutt

What a lovely compilation. Thank you.

Falling Stars (4)

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Pairing: Slight Lindir x reader and Fili x reader in here. Send me your requests!
Word count: 2404 (lmao its so long im sorry)                                                Summary; You just wanted a normal day for once but turns out you just can’t and end falling into middle earth and accompanying Thorin’s epic quest         Warnings: Swearing, oblivious!modern!reader                                                   A/N: Hey guys I promise this chapter is actually good unlike the last one lmao. Also there’s a little lindir x reader in here so be warned haha.

—-> (1) (2) (3)


Everything hurt, and when you said everything you meant everything. Even your arms hurt and you were given the lightest pack!

You wished the ponies hadn’t run away… Or you know, eaten.

It wasn’t your fault you had stumbled upon the trolls when you went to pee, they just sort of popped outta nowhere carrying away the company’s ponies. Your brain couldn’t even process what you saw and to top it all off after Kíli, Fíli, and Bilbo found you hiding near a fallen log, the princes forced you an Bilbo to go check them out. Some friends they were!

The trolls were probably the most ugly things you had the pleasure of gazing upon and you certainly did not want tocheck them out’ as Fíli put it. You weren’t a warrior or Bilbo’s size and so once the two of you stealthily padded over to where your captured ponies where, the one sharpening a knife, William, had spotted you.

Bilbo of course-that lucky bastard, escaped once Tom, the one with the cold, snatched you up by the ankle.

You really hated your life right then.

Though, just as the trolls decided to make you into a pie, your heroes, beards and all, came to your rescue. Yet, as brave as they were it didn’t go as planned and poor Bilbo almost had his limbs ripped off. And so, you were all shoved into burlap sacks while some of the dwarves were strapped onto a spit. You were included in that bunch lucky enough to roast on the fire and strapped on under Bofur’s stinky feet and above Dwalin’s tattooed head. You made sure your feet dug into his back each time he complained about your own smelly feet or how the fire singed his skin.

But, as always, Gandalf came to the rescue just as the sun rose and cracked the giant stone. Just like in Narnia! Anyways….

Now you had no ponies, and that meant you could feel the full wrath of your Converse shoes plus thin socks. Helllooooo blisters!

At first you didn’t think it was such a terrible idea to walk the rest of the way, like, Erebor couldn’t be that far away right? Also, the weather wasn’t terrible and although you hated walking, it was better than getting sore muscles from ridding a pony all day.

Boy, were you wrong.

The first bad thing to happen besides the trolls of course, was the strange other wizard with bird shit in his hair and screamed about evil and spiders and shit. The only good thing that came out of the chance encounter with Radagast the Brown was that Fíli and Kíli had the balls to actually apologize to you for forcing you to meet with the trolls. You gave them each a good punch to the stomach, not that it hurt them in anyway at all…Really, it hurt you instead to the point of your knuckles bruising.

Damn those dwarves! At least they gave you kisses upon your injured fist and a group hug that left you gasping for breath when they squeezed too hard.

At first you thought nothing about the howls that echoed around the forest but after a wolf, which most definitely was not a wolf, nearly killed poor Bofur, but your Hulk with tattoos whacked it over its head with his intimidating axe before it could do any harm.

And now you were running. That’s right, running while the Company and you bolted across the land covered in yellow grass to God knows where.

It was no secret that you weren’t the most athletic human being to ever live, but sometimes a girl gotta lift some weights every now and then. So in no way you were considered weak(at least for human standards) but running! You despised running.

Goddamnit, I knew I should of used the treadmill, you thought gloomily.

“(y/n)! Keep up!” Thorin barked, yanking you from your horrid thoughts of impeding doom.

“I could if I didn’t have short fuckin’ legs.” You hissed under your breath while picking up your pace.

You legs burned but the thought of being consumed by an angry pack of oversized dogs and strange mutated goblin things kept you going. That is, until you were surrounded by the snarling beasts.

Oh, what have you gotten yourself into?

“(y/n)!” Thorin shouted, snatching your arm to pull you out of the way as one of the wargs charged.

His blade easily sliced through its pelt and you winced as the beast fell. You sure hoped you’d never be on the receiving end of his blade…

“Stay behind me,” Thorin ordered, glancing behind his shoulder. “I intend to keep you alive.”

“Great.” You breathed, glancing behind you to see if there was another escape rout. There wasn’t anything but rock behind you. Or so you thought.

“This way, you fools!” The sudden voice of Gandalf ordered, his pointy hat popping out from the rock.

You didn’t hesitate in throwing yourself into the alcove of rock, desperate to escape the threat of a having your face ripped off. Try explaining that to your mother once you returned home.

The rest of the dwarves and Bilbo barreled in after you, some of them landing right on top of you. Namely Bombur.

For some reason the idea of getting squashed by a massive dwarf was better than being eaten in your mind. Maybe it was because Bombur gave you food. Yeah, that was it.

Anyhow, with a devious smirk from Gandalf and moody grumbles from the dwarves, you all piled into the narrow passageway that smelled like wet rock and moss. You tried you best not to trip over the stones that jutted out on the path, but it happened every so often anyways. Thankfully Fíli caught you each time.

“Careful, lass.” He chuckled, blue eyes twinkling. “Wouldn’t want ya to hurt yourself.”

“I’m surprised I haven’t yet.” You laughed. “Knowing my luck I’ll probably be sliced into pieces soon, or thrown off a cliff, or maybe eaten…”

You missed the flash of worry present on Fíli’s face, too occupied with trying to maneuver safely out of the crevice, or as you deemed it, a secret passage. You for one wanted to get out of the small space as quickly as possible.

And as if someone answered your prayers, the passage opened up to probably the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen. You let out a gasp and wandered to the edge of the small cliff that led into the valley.

“The Valley of Imladris,” Gandalf spoke. “In the common tongue it is known by another name. Here lies the last Homely House East of the sea.”  

It was gorgeous and magical all at once from what you saw, with it’s ornate buildings built upon the various rivers and cascading falls. Already you could feel the spray of the waterfalls from up on the ledge, a bubble of excitement building inside you.

The rest of the dwarves seemed to be as mystified as you were but after a few angry words from Thorin in that harsh language of theirs, they were snapped out of the spell. You, not really giving two shits about what Thorin said, happily trotted along with Gandalf who led the line of dwarves down the pass and onto the beautifully carved bridges.

“Gandalf?” You said dreamily.

“Yes, dear one?”

“What is this place?”

“It is called Rivendell in the common tongue. The elves call it Imladris.” The wizard answered with a smile.


Your second question was left unanswered as you crossed a final bridge and into a courtyard. Trees with shimmering green and golden leaves swayed around the circular area, the rushing river hugging the left side of it. You spun around and breathed in the sharp mountain air as it rustled your hair, the scent of lilacs lingering as an after taste. If magic had a smell this would be it.

Just as you did another spin to memorize the scenery, a man with long brown hair with a silver diadem placed upon his brow, gracefully descended down the steps towards the Company. He wore a purple robe, but as he got closer you realized the cloth wasn’t just purple; t was black and silver and gold, and the deepest shade of something similar to purple that you could not name. It truly was magic.

In your confusion to name the color of the mystery man’s robe, you also took note of his not-so-human like ears. They were pointy. When Gandalf mentioned elves your mind took the courtesy of imagining little tiny people with brightly colored clothes with golden bells and pointed shoes, not drop-dead gorgeous men with long flowing locks.

“Mithrandir.” The elf called.

“Ah! Lindir!” Gandalf greeted, placing his hand on his heart, the elf doing the same.

The rest of the conversation went right over your head as the two fell into some other kind of language you couldn’t hope to comprehend. It sounded nice though. Much more gentle and smooth compared to what the dwarves spoke, like comparing water to rock.

At least while they spoke you could dreamily stare at ‘Lindir’, as Gandalf called him. Unfortunately it didn’t last long since the sudden sound of a horn being blown echoed around the valley. An iron fist wrenched you away from Galdalf’s side and threw you into the center of a smelly dwarf circle along with Bilbo. The dwarves all bared their weapons as at least 50 horses surrounded them, towering over the party.

They were all so pretty even if the carried swords and spears.

You were too lost in your thoughts and overwhelmed by Rivendell and its inhabitants to notice that the Lord of Rivendell had welcomed you with open arms. Too overwhelmed it seemed that even as the company followed Lord Elrond up the stairs, you didn’t even notice.

“Excuse me, my lady.” A soft voice spoke as you leaned over the edge of the courtyard to peek at the running river.

You whipped around, you fascination now fixed on a certain elf who stood before you. He was even more impressive up close and seeing his near perfect self you realized you probably looked like utter shit. Dirt covered your clothes and shoes and you probably had mud streaked across your forehead along with a couple of bleeding scratches you hadn’t bothered to worry about. In all honesty you were surprised you were even allowed in here. Speaking of not being allowed in places…where did your friends go?

“Um…hi?” You stuttered, faltering under Lindir’s intense gaze.

“I do not mean to be insensitive, my lady, but you are not a dwarf.” He stated, his head tilting to the side. “Why would a human girl such as yourself be traveling with them?”

Why indeed, you thought bitterly, flashes of that night where you had fallen into Middle Earth spinning inside your head.

You shrugged and gave Lindir a wry smile. “Dunno, it wasn’t like I had much of a choice.”

Lindir’s puppy dog eyes widened. “You were kidnapped?”

“What? No!” You laughed, scratching the back of your head. “It’s just-it’s a long story and I’d probably bore you out of your mind if I told you. Plus you’d never believe me.”

Lindir gave you an empathetic smile and brushed a pale hand over your shoulder, the touch sending shivers through you. “Come, I will bring you to your friends, and if you wish you may tell me your tale while we walk.”

“Oh, o-okay..” You said, blushing a fiery red that put tomatoes to shame. “Your name is Lindir right?”

“Yes, my lady.” He said, folding his arms behind his back as you both climbed the marble steps.

“That’s a nice name.” You said without thinking. After processing what you did, you hurriedly blurted out something before Lindir realized what you said. “My name is (y/n), by the way. Not that you care or whatever. Just thought you should know since you keep calling me 'my lady’. I’m not a princess or anything…ha..ha..”

You swore at yourself for rambling. Goddammit (y/n), this is why people think you’re crazy!  

“(y/n).” He repeated as if testing to see how it sounded on his own tongue. You blushed again. “A lovely name for an equally lovely lady.”

You swore you just had a heart attack. This man- or rather elf, was a smooth talker and eye candy. Though, he was probably just being nice. I mean, you looked like a hobo and you were  a guest and all. You sighed.

Oh well, at least you could say you got complimented at least once by a hot guy even if it was just out of hospitality.

As Lindir escorted you through the swirling designs and patterns of Rivendell, you couldn’t help falling a little in love with the place. It was so peaceful and lovely here, much different from your journey here and the urban life back at home.

You rounded another corner and Lindir stopped in front of an ornate looking door. Flowers hung from the ceiling, framing the wood and you reached out to thumb a scarlet petal, marveling at the color.

“This is your room Lord Elrond has provided you, lady (y/n).” Lindir smiled, pearly white teeth flashing behind his lips. “A bath has been drawn and clothes are laid out for you if you decide to dine with Lord Elrond and your Company tonight.”

Your heart swelled at his kindness. “Thanks Lindir.”

He bowed his head in acknowledgement, his hand unclasping from behind his back to reach for your own. His soft hand held your forearm with a certain tenderness and swept down towards your wrist, his nimble fingers brushing against the fragile bone, then finally down to grasp your hand in his, knuckles faced up. Meeting your eye, he brought your hand to his lips and placed a gentle kiss upon your bruised knuckles, much like how Fíli and Kíli did earlier that day.

“I hope to see you at dinner, (y/n).” Lindir murmered. “You still have not told me your tale, and I wish to hear it.”

“Alright.” You hummed sheepishly, your face matching the scarlet flowers that hung from the potted plants.

With one last smile, Lindir turned gracefully on his heel and disappeared down another corridor, his purple robes and his dark hair flowing behind him. You couldn’t help the dopey smile that lingered on your lips.

Rivendell was rockin’.  

At the park
  • Beagle: I'm sniffing I'm sniffing important business finding smells much smell very explore wow
  • Lab: NEW FRIEND!!!!?!! BOOOOOOOUNCE bounce bounce bobbaunce bounce!
  • Beagle: ..... Not bounce.
  • Lab: BUT BOUNCE??????!?! :)))))))))
  • Beagle: you're bouncing on my smell
  • Beagle: Look, kid, you are more than twice my size and half my age and you have way too much energy and walks are Serious Business STOP BOUNCING ON ME MY VOICE IS MUCH LOUDR THAN YOURS
  • Lab: ......!!!?? you yell at me? Um :(((((( ????
  • Beagle: Humph.
  • Lab: solution - BOUNCE!!??!?!! Hopefully?
  • Lab: you yell again you don't like me how to fix this
  • Lab: I have limited social vocabulary?
  • Lab: um
  • Lab: how about
  • Lab: B... b....
  • Beagle: don't do it
  • Lab: BOUNCE!????!!???!??!!!!!! :))))))))))!!?
Gintama 5 (Season-01)

» » » EPISODE-01

The Amanto, aliens from outer space, have invaded Earth and taken over feudal Japan. As a result, a prohibition on swords has been established, and the samurai of Japan are treated with disregard as a consequence. However one man, Gintoki Sakata, still possesses the heart of the samurai, although from his love of sweets and work as a yorozuya, one might not expect it. Accompanying him in his jack-of-all-trades line of work are Shinpachi Shimura, a boy with glasses and a strong heart, Kagura with her umbrella and seemingly bottomless stomach, as well as Sadaharu, their oversized pet dog. Of course, these odd jobs are not always simple, as they frequently have run-ins with the police, ragtag rebels, and assassins, oftentimes leading to humorous but unfortunate consequences.

From [x]

Old cabins were great. They smelled like nostalgia and wood and nature, and in the spring time many of them were left abandoned waiting for the summer and fall months when their owners came back for vacations and eventually hunting season. In the meantime though if you knew how to nose your way in they were anyone’s resting place.

Anyone including a guy that liked to spend most of his time as an oversized wolf dog. When the boy entered, he was already sprawled out on a bed and more like than not shedding fluffy fur all over it. But while he didn’t move from the sunlit spot of comfort there was no doubt that he heard the kid poking around and smelled him even before that.

Well, maybe he had some snacks on him. Soon enough the large from had given way to a smaller version, more like a lovable stray than a fearsome beast, and by the time Lann said anything he was lying on the bed, tail thumping against the bed covers in a friendly manner.

the signs as bellarke moments
  • aries: that one scene when bellamy was showing clarke how to shoot and his hand brushed against her shoulder and he got all flustered and we all screamed
  • taurus: "fiNN DOESN'T NEED TO KNOW"
  • gemini: that one time when they're arguing and then clarke's like "i can't lose you too okay"
  • cancer: the moment in season two when bellamy was in the mountain and clarke knew for sure he was alive and okay (and she closed her eyes and she looked so relieved and now it hurts bye)
  • virgo: when they pulled the lever together in the mountain [distant sobbing]
  • scorpio: "this is on you, princess! you should've kept your mouth shut!" -bellamy before he went from fuckboy to oversized puppy dog
  • sagittarius: that one time in season one when bellamy wanted to run away but clarke convinced him to stay ("I need you I forgive you we all need you" fuCKFUCKFUCK)
  • capricorn: that split second when clarke was dangling over the spikes and bellamy just kind of LOOKED at her
  • aquarius: that time when they were sitting together at the table and bellamy's like "next round's on me" and it was a date it was 100% a date
  • pisces: when clarke mercy-killed atom and bellamy was staring at her and wE KN E W

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From Across The Hall

Title: From Across The Hall
Rating: General Audiences
Fandom: Critical Role
Relationships: Keyleth/Vax’ildan
Tags: Modern AU, Domesticity, Slow Burn, Drama, Romance, Fluff

So maybe it takes Vax a little longer to get his life sorted out than his twin sister. So what? She might be CEO of her own thriving company at the tender age of twenty six, be married to the (stuck-up, poncy, irritatingly old-money-nobility) man of her dreams, have the house and (ridiculously oversized) dog and white picket fence of their childhood dreams – but Vax has just bought his first flat. So there.

The thing is, no matter how much he refuses to admit it to his sister, or to himself, he’s… drifting. He’s got it all figured out, sure, a solid job and good friends and now flat – but he hates it. The tedium of it, the predictability, the day-in day-out boredom with no end in sight… Turns out, financial stability isn’t as exciting as he’d once assumed it to be.

As it turns out, though, the simplest of actions – crossing the hall, say, to sheepishly ask one of his new neighbours if he can borrow some milk for his morning coffee – can have the most exciting of consequences. Between a crisis of faith, a blossoming romance, and a voyage of (unexpected, and not entirely comfortable) self-discovery, Vax must make a simple choice: to be safe, or to be happy.

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Friendship headcannons with Monster Kid, Flowey (regular or Floweypot), Muffet, Grillby, Gaster… basically any of the non-regular/"main" monsters of the "Big 4", Asgore and Toriel. I'm just wondering! Bonus: if the friend was sick, how would they react? (optional)

Monster-Kid Friendship Headcanons:

- Yo, you need help with something? Well, they’re the monster for the job! It doesn’t matter that they don’t have hands, just put the box or whatever on top of their head! No, they won’t trip–maybe.

- They have a lot of role models, & try their best to emulate the aspects of every one of them. Once they decide to add you into the mix, you might catch them copying the poses you make, or the things you tend to say. It’s adorable.

- If they ever find out that you’re sick, they’ll sick by your side the whole time. Of course, they’re gonna make some jokes about how icky your germs are, but they know that they’re too tough to catch a little cold themself, so you can just sit back & let them help you out!

Flowey/pot Friendship Headcanons:

- He’s actually always got good advice for any problems you have, but it’s gonna take some reading inbetween the lines to actually get anything decent out of the malicious comments & suggestions he piles over it.

- The quickest way to calm him down is by petting his petals. It reminds him of when his parents & Chara would pet his ears back when he was Asriel, so it’s a comfort he tends to take with a grain of salt.

- When he first figures out you’re sick, he makes fun of you. God, you humans are so weak! But after seeing you try to push yourself to keep working through it, he takes it upon himself to keep you constrained to your place of rest, remarking that he’s not gonna let you do something as idiotic as letting the sickness get worse through your own pig-headed stupidity.

Muffet Friendship Headcanons:

- She’s always complimenting you in some way, even if her compliments sound more like someone pointing out things they like about a meal more than someone being nice to their friend. At least now you know that you smell pretty delicious.

- Her cupcake monster pet adores you. It’s pretty much like an oversized dog, give or take a couplea’ sets of legs & eyes. Whenever she invites you to come see it, it’s immediate reaction is to try & jump on your lap to give you big spidercake-monster kisses. You end up covered head to toe in drool & silk by the end of it.

- If she found out you were sick, she’d insist you stick close by so that she can keep an eye on your health. & by this I mean she’s going to keep you wrapped up in a snuggly little cocoon somewhere while she makes you soup & tea. She also has her spider friends come play with you to keep you company, but the sensation of tons of tiny legs crawling across your bound limbs is, uh…not the best.

Grillby Friendship Headcanons:

- Free meals all the time. Or cheaper ones, at least. How do you think Sans has gotten by without paying his tab for so long? You end up racking up a tab of your own, but you actually pay it off, which may or may not make Grillby appreciate your seat at his counter a little bit more. Just don’t tell Sans.

- He mixes in your favorite things with whatever you order. You like fried onions on your burger? You got fried onions. You like curly fries more than normal fries? You got curly fries. Of course, the only thing you still can’t order is water.

- Finding out that you were sick made him worried. He’s a quiet, reserved individual, but that doesn’t mean he frets over you any less. It’s kind of funny, because even though you’re not there to see it yourself, everyone else can see that he’s worried sick behind the counter. He insists you stay home for a few days, & has Sans deliver you a custom-cooked meal every day until you’re back on your feet.

W.D. Gaster Friendship Headcanons:

- He’ll compliment you in the form of observations. They don’t really come off as something sincere, but he means it with every molecule of his body. It’s just how he tends to speak, & after knowing him for a while, you pick up on this habit, & start to jokingly reflect it right back at him. It gets him flustered every time.

- Whatever plans he has linking to his research, he’ll come to talk with you about. Even if you have no idea what he’s talking about, he’ll just sit beside you & ramble on, because he knows you’re listening. & even if you don’t get it, it still feels good that he trusts you that much, to talk about something so private.

- His immediate reaction to your sickness is to run tests. At first you can’t believe he’s going to do research on you when you’re in such a vulnerable state, but then you figure out that he’s trying to locate all your symptoms so that he can make plans to combat them. Finally you have to just talk him down & explain that all you need is some soup & sleep. It suffices to calm his nerves for the time being, & he complies with all your requests.

On Love

My very first Viktuuri drabble yay!! Pure fluff to soothe my soul and hopefully yours ^^ Enjoy! (I tried to incorporate both Russian(thank you Soul!) and Japanese here because I find it’s an integral part of their relationship, feel free to correct me on any of it though it was pretty minor) Edit: thank you to homewriters and to Lili on Ao3 for the Russian correction!

“Yuu-ri!” Viktor called from the attic, pushing his way through the boxes, “Are you sure they’re up here?”

“That’s where you put them last year,” Yuuri called from the kitchen, before stuttering iie, iie, iie at Makkachin, because his Japanese always slipped out when scolding the poodle. Viktor giggled, picturing his darling Katsudon trying to keep the cookie dough away from their oversized dog.

Viktor definitely remembered putting the Christmas lights up in the attic at the beginning of January last year, but they’d accumulated so many boxes, and they were all just so brown, Viktor didn’t really know where to start.

He sighed, kneeling down against the first box he saw. He’d need to organize these better one day. Maybe after it stopped being so cold.

He pulled the box closer to himself, flipping open the side. No lights. Paper? What did they have paper for? Oh, not paper. Posters. Yuuri’s old trophies.

Viktor smiled. That was nostalgic. Some of his own were mixed in too.

He reached for another box, hoping to find more.

Nothing but his old costumes. The one Yuuri had worn for his Eros performance. Viktor held it up, admiring the sparkle from the black piece, wondering if he could convince Yuuri to wear it again. He’d gained a bit of weight since then (so had Viktor) but they were both still in relatively good shape, skating together on weekends and off days. The costume would be a little tight, but somehow that only excited the Russian further. A happy pink rose to his cheeks, the way it did after a few sips of vodka.

With childlike giddiness, he reached for the next box, popping it open and pulling out more posters. He pushed those aside, grabbing for the sets of trophies. Cute ones. Little ones. From so long ago that they had to be when Yuuri first started skating as a child. And he squealed in quiet glee at the sight of a few pictures, Yuuri probably around twelve or thirteen, cheeks red with cold and smile swelling with pride, holding up the medal around his neck.

Too cute.

“Viktoru!” Because Yuuri always added a ‘ru’ to the end of his name, “Did you find them?”

“Ah, almost!” Viktor quickly shoved the trophies back in the box, as if he’d been caught doing something bad. He grabbed for the pile of posters, which of course managed to all spill out of his hands, spreading out across the attic floor.

And Viktor stopped for a moment. Really looked at them.

All of them. Every single one, was of him. On the bottom corner of each poster, in handwriting that seemed to get sloppier as the Viktor in the posters got older, were dates. Or, at least, Viktor was almost sure they were dates. He knew that much kanji at least. But not enough to be overly confident about it. Especially when there were a few other things scribbled along the sides.

And then, between one of the many posters, was a picture of Yuuri, about seven or eight, and a poodle that was just about as big as he was.

He stared at it for a long time, seeing the happiness in his young lover’s eyes, squinting from smiling so hard, the poodle’s tail obviously wagging from the blur in the photo. Yuuri’s arms were wrapped around the dog in nothing but pure excitement.

Viktor continued to smile as he flipped the picture over, finding neat, even handwriting that didn’t match the ones on the posters.


And Viktor knew at least that much. Recognized his husband’s name, alongside his own. Knew that it was actually the poodle’s name, not his, but it almost felt like it was, like some strange wish that had been set on that day, fate placing the two names side by side. Maybe that’s why Viktor began to tear up. Or maybe it was out of frustration, because he couldn’t read what followed, didn’t recognize enough characters to.

These Japanese and their kanji.

Viktor wiped his face, putting it all away carefully, considered bringing down the posters to wave in his husband’s face, if only to see the blush that would follow.

Have you loved me for this long?

But that would be a ridiculous question. So he decided against it. Put the posters back. Kept the picture. Found the christmas lights easily after that, because they were in the box he’d labeled рождество last year, along with all the other decorations. He knew he’d done a bit of organizing.

“Did you find them?” Yuuri said, still stirring the dough with a wooden spoon, like an old-timey housewife, despite the fact that they owned the latest state-of-the-art mixer.

“Yup!” Viktor beamed, holding up the box, setting it down on the counter. Yuuri smiled in response, muttering some sort of sweet nothing to Makkachin in Japanese. It was too low, or too fast, or maybe both, for Viktor to catch.

“Lyubimiy,” he said, capturing Yuuri from behind, mindful of the bowl Yuuri still held. “Look what I found.” He held up the picture in front of their faces, Viktor pressing his cheek against his lover’s so that they could both see.


“You named your dog Viktor?” He grinned, “Was it after me?”

His husband set the bowl down and took the photo, admiring it with smiling eyes. “You were my inspiration for skating, back then.”

“Mmmm, only back then?” The Russian puffed his cheeks, “What about when I became your coach?”

Yuuri hesitated for a moment, giving a half, lopsided smile to the picture before setting it down on the counter, next to the bowl of dough. “When you were my coach, you stopped being my inspiration.” He cocked his head, so that their noses touched, blue eyes meeting brown. “You became my reason.”

It was now Viktor’s turn to hesitate, his eyes going wide, but then softening around the edges as they fluttered closed, placing a kiss on his husband’s cheek.

“You shouldn’t say things like that,” he warned, “I might just fall in love with you all over again.”

Yuuri smiled, turning his neck just a little bit more, so that this time, Viktor could kiss him on the lips. With bright eyes that shined behind his glasses, Yuuri gave a small giggle of a sound, the tops of his slightly chubby cheeks tinting with warmth, as he leaned in for another kiss. 

“Is that a promise?

And Viktor couldn’t help but smile, inhaling deeply and pushing his hair back, holding up his hands to catch Yuuri’s cheeks. “Mm,” he said, giving him another peck, “Promise.”