oversized collar

British Culture Gothic
  • Some say that his tears are adhesive, and that if he caught fire he’d burn for 1000 days. Some say that his ears aren’t exactly where you’d expect them to be, and that once, preposterously, he had an affair with John Prescott. We suddenly realise that we have no idea what the truth is. Who is the strange creature? What does he want from us? All we do know, is that he’s called The Stig.
  • It’s the year 2056. Bruce Forsyth is now 141 years old. He’s outlived his family, he’s outlived his old co-stars. He’s outlives everyone he knows. He’s outlived all of us. The apocalypse happened 10 years ago and Brucie is the only one left. He is the last man on Earth.
  • You’re in Tescos just before Election Day. You stop by the news and magazines section expecting to find some quality political analysis on the front page of your favourite paper, but all you find is rows and rows of the same image. Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich. At least that’s what the headline says he is doing. But you look closer. And that most certainly is not bacon.
  • You’re on the settee. You’re sort of half asleep-half scrolling Facebook for quality bants. ITV is on in the background but you haven’t been paying attention since Jezza Kyle went off. Something suddenly forces you to snap back to reality. In the corner of your eye you see an oversized white collar, thick rimmed black glasses… No, no, I thought it was over, please tell me he isn’t back, isn’t it over?? You turn to see the collar is now poking through the telly, and he’s there. Staring. There’s only one way to find out… FIGHT
  • LAD culture is taking over. Every word in the English Dictionary is quickly being replaced to include with word “bant” in it somewhere. All dinosaurs have been renamed Bantersauruses. At Christmas the only thing you can watch at the theatre is a Bantomime. Law dictates that the only things we can put in our gardens are blants, particularly of the chrysbanthemum variety. We don’t even wear normal underwear anymore. We literally wear bants. 
  • I wonder what ever happened to Dec, you wonder as you watch Ant presenting Britain’s Got Talent solo. You’re suddenly very aware that you haven’t seen him in a while, but Ant has never mentioned where his counterpart has gone. But wait. Ant looks different. The more you stare at his face the more obvious it becomes, but somehow only you can see it. Dec is trapped inside Ant’s massive forehead.
  • It’s been a long time since Freddos were 10p. A long time. And the price of them is no long a humorous topic used to express faux-indignation at the ever rising cost of living. They are a sad subject now, and it is deemed rude to even bring up the topic of Freddos in good company. Every time your gazes flickers to the £1 label beneath the untouched stack of Freddos at Morrisons, you die a little bit inside, a tear rolls down your cheek.

Is anyone else absolutely in love with the oversized, stretched-out collar, grey sweater look when Ned finds out Peter is THE Spider-Man from youtube? I mean Tom looks so good in that sweater. It kills me each time I see it.  And, actually, that entire scene I love because his voice gets all high-pitched and he goes into teenager freak out mode if Aunt May were to find out and then Ned just always manages to make me laugh. Jacob does wonderfully.  

That entire scene is just so pure and precious and perfect. Must protect Peter and Ned at all costs. 

High School Sanvers Science Team

Maxwell Lord is furious.

Which makes sense. He’s always furious about something.

Last year, it was that sophomore Alex Danvers had the nerve to say no to him – a junior – when he asked her to the junior prom.

Whatever, he’d figured. People think of her as a hopeless nerd anyway, he’d figured. Especially with her new tag-along little sister, he’d figured. She’ll just be like all the other sophomores and have to wait for their own junior prom, he’d figured.

He’d figured wrong. 

As it turned out, he hadn’t been the only junior with an eye for the almost unfairly brilliant sophomore girl.

Because Alex had turned him down, and had gone to the junior prom with Maggie Sawyer.

That had been bad enough. But this year? This year, things were even worse.

This year, Maggie was a senior, Alex was a junior, and they were unmistakably that couple.

The couple that all the younger queer kids – especially that freshman boy with the oversized collared shirts and silver stud earring – followed around and genuinely befriended.

The couple that most of the straight cis couples were jealous of, because how could a high school relationship – or any relationship, for that matter – possible by that healthy? That happy?

Not that the girls didn’t have their problems.

He’d heard rumors that Sawyer’s parents had kicked her out for being gay, and even though they definitely weren’t friends, Max had to admit that the rumor made his blood boil.

He’d heard that Danvers had almost gotten suspended for breaking that Malverne kid’s nose after he kept following them around, taunting them about what team Maggie had convinced Alex to play for. He’d smirked when he heard that Danvers had broken the kid’s nose and then high-fived that Schott boy.

But those hardships?

Only seemed to make Maggie Sawyer and Alex Danvers even more legendary at Midvale High.

And that was all fine.

But this latest development?

This latest development was simply unacceptable.

“How could I not be on the A Team, Ms. M’orzz? Is there anyone in this school – except maybe Luthor and Schott, if they’re having a good day and I’m having a bad day – who can handle the building events as well as I can?”

Ms. M’orzz regards Max evenly, somewhat resignedly, over her glasses, over pressed-together fingertips and slightly raised eyebrows.

“Max, Science Olympiad isn’t only about technical mastery and scientific smarts. Which you undeniably have. Science Olympiad is about teamwork and generosity of spirit. Which you’re still working to develop. I have no doubt that you’ll bring home medals for us. On the B Team.”

“But Ms. M’orzz, everyone knows that the A Team is for smarter students – “

“No, Mr. Lord. It isn’t. Both teams represent our school at the competition, and both teams – “

“So Sawyer gets to work with Danvers on both Forensics and Astronomy?”

Ms. M’orzz smiles slightly through pursed lips. “They’ve proven throughout our in-house events to make a really great team, Mr. Lord. I have every confidence that you will shine on the B Team, just as they’ll shine on the A Team. Perhaps think of this as a leadership opportunity.”

He does shine on the B Team during the competition. He brings home silver medals in events from Boomilever to Electric Vehicle to Helicopters, and he isn’t bested by any other schools; just by Winn and Lena from his own school.

But Alex and Maggie?

They make sure the silver medalists from other high schools don’t even come close to touching their event scores. 

They work seamlessly in the lab during the Forensics event.

Other teams come in with a plan to divide the work between them: who will analyze the polymers, who will dust and identify the fingerprints, who will analyze the fake blood spatters and who will take charge of the entomology component. 

But Alex and Maggie come in with a deeply organic understanding of how the other thinks, what the other knows, what stresses the other out.

So Maggie reads their simulated case while Alex matches whorl patterns; Maggie takes the striker out of a frustrated Alex’s hand with a kiss to the back of her neck that pushes her goggles into her face, sending them both into a soft spate of giggling before Maggie successfully lights the Bunsen burner; and they murmur together over the polymer samples, the photographs of footprints, the descriptions of fake larvae at their false crime scene.

Together, they do what no other Sci Oly team has done – they complete the Forensics event, the entire exam, even though it is always designed to take too much work, to be too difficult, to possibly complete within the hour they’re given.

They have no time to do anything but kiss briefly, excitedly, adrenaline coursing through their veins and their brains buzzing, as they strip off their gloves, lab coats, and goggles, hastily and efficiently – their hands always seeming to anticipate where the others’ want to go – packing up their forensics kit and passing it off to Winn, waiting in the hall, fresh out of his Circuits Lab event.

“How’d you do?” he asks as he takes their kit from Maggie’s hand.

“How’d you think?” Alex grins, and Winn whoops.

“Awesome, yes! Okay, I don’t have another event until twelve: I’ll take this back to the room. Astronomy’s on the third floor, room – “

“334, I remember! Thanks, Schott!” Maggie smiles over her shoulder as she and Alex dash for the stairwell, hand in hand, for their Astronomy event, starting promptly in five minutes.

Alex knocks out the calculations while Maggie jots down all the definitions. They whisper together, in a classroom full of other astronomy nerds from across the region, all adorned in t-shirts designed by and for their different schools.

They whisper about the most effective methods of exoplanet detection and whether the question on quasars was supposed to already include knowledge of gravitational lensing or if they should scribble a brief explanation for that phenomenon in their answer, as well. (They do: never can be too thorough.)

They make a point to kiss in front of everyone at the award ceremony, when their medals are clanking together on their chests and their entire team is cheering, chanting, because they won, they won, they won, and their school gets to go to States.

They make a point of it because we should kiss the girls we wanna kiss, and they’re flush with victory and adrenaline, and god, god, do they wanna kiss each other.

They both hand the picture Winn snaps with his phone on the inside of their lockers when they get back to school on Monday.

Because if they can’t help but being amazing nerds?

Might as well be amazing nerds together: even Max Lord’s got to admit it.


Unleash Your Persona!

By: KL Tiago

Persona 5, the JRPG from Atlus, is one of the best games of this year as well as all time.  In my opinion.  But also it’s true.

The characters are thought out and interesting. The story is deep and engaging. The gameplay is fun and strategic. The soundtrack is out of this world. It’s overall just an amazing piece of work.

One of the best things about this game, beyond the aforementioned points, is its visuals.  Persona 5 bleeds aesthetic.  The anime-style comes through in the character design, the musical choices, the fonts; everything.  It’s all very uniquely Persona and all very amazing.

What I want to dissect specifically, is the fashion. The costume design of this game is top-notch.  Character outfits are fashionable, stylish, funky, and on-trend. I’m going to go one by one through the Phantom Thieves’ battle costumes to discuss what a fabulous job this game did with its aesthetics and their fashion choices.

First up, the main protagonist Akira Kurusu aka Joker.  Black trench coat with an oversized turned up collar?  Yas.  Boots with the hint of a heel and slightly curled toe?  Yas.  Fit-ted vest to snatch that motherfucking waist to Hades?  Yas, bitch.  A secretive, white, pointy mask to hide all of the Joker’s got-damn secrets? Yas.  Red accent gloves?  You betta believe it!  Akira is serving some midnight-warrior-Protagonist-realness and will lead you straight to fashion nirvana.

Ryuji Sakamoto, your first friend, goes by Skull. Henny is giving you knee pads for safety and fun.  Pants tight like the bonds of friendship, complete with anime-trope-doubled-up, X-crossed belts.  Yes they’re functional too, miss-miss.  Where else would Skull hold his shotgun shells?  Fashion and function, yes, ma’am.  Did I mention the yellow gloves and thin red scarf to maximize the accessorize?  I did now.

Who’s that blonde in the drastically-impractical zip-up, red leather body suit?  Miss Panther: Ann Takamaki.  It is what?  Glued to her body.  She is where?  Covered head to toe except for a very-practical boob-window. Mmm-hmm.  Do those thigh-high boots zip up?  NO MA’AM: they are pulled high as Heaven brought up by the Lordt.  And don’t think for one motherfucking minute Ann left her accessories at home.  Her purr-fect primadonna mask faces some feline features and her hot pink gloves are giving Barbie, Kirby and Kimberly Ann Hart respiratory problems.  She is painting the town red with her colour-palette, honey.  Live.

Yusuke Kitagawa, the stone-cold Fox with a mask of a Kitsune. HUH-KNEE.  Yu-su-ke-is-snatched-like-but-ter-he-is-run-ning-with-this-look-to-the-run-way.  That collar is up to HERE, honey.  His outfit is fitting like his ice-blue gloves–like butter!–creamy, silky, smooth. Sleek, is his look.  But wait!  Flounce, darling!  Flounce!  Are those sleeves puffed like a pastry?  Mama, yas!  Are those knee-high boots white like a wedding dress?  Bitch-is-PURE.  What’s that striped blue and white sash hiding, Yusuke?  Mr. Kitagawa, is that a fluffy tail, you furry trash?  MA-MA, YAS!

Next up is queen, kween and also codenamed Queen: Makoto Nijima.  Her outfit is black as?  Night.  Her corset-inspired leather is? Dangerous.  Those spiky shoulders are giving me Balmain in a war-zone, honey.   She is a steel-toed, iron-masked, deadly-fisted honor-student from the right-side of the tracks and she will rip out that throat and help you study arithmetic, honey.  She is a whom?  Multitasker.  Ask Miss Makoto if you can borrow her lengthy, flowing, beautiful black sash to hang yourself with because her look will leave you deceased.

Sakura-comma-Futaba.  Baby-girl better get herself out of her socially-anxious closet because the world needs to see her LOOK.  Little lady isn’t called Oracle for nothing honey.  Those cute, bug-eyed, red goggles of hers can see into your soul, can see into your mind, can see into the future, Miss-Honey.  Which is where she pulled this Tron-gone-fashion aesthetique.  Those neon green lines are pulsing over that slight frame, Futaba.  Those popping green fingers, heels and toes are hacking into fashion, Futaba.  You may not know how to hold a normal conversation, Futaba, but honey can hold an outfit.

The Heiress of a hamburger fortune, lemme take a bite out of Haru Okumura: M’ilady of the dark, mademoiselle Noir.   Let’s start from the top, shall we. Bitch-that-feath-thered-hat-is-give-ing-me-ev-ry-thing.  It’s cute.  It’s Shakespeare.  It’s delicious.  Lady Okumura, where did you get that lilac pink blouse because I need it.  I need that adorable vest to make it an ensemble, and the lil’ silk tie to circle dat throat.  Mm-kay?  Call Ryuji, his shotgun shell belt just became last season.  Haru is holding.  Grenades that is.  Which she launches, honey, like she launches us into fashion celestiality with those poofy short-shorts, black leggings and good-girl loafers.  Haru may be armed with an axe, but she’ll behead me with her own two hands in those hot-purple leather gloves, ma’am!

Is the dissection over?  NO MA’AM!  It is NOT! No team of heart-stealing fashion-bandits is complete without animal aid!  Meowing Morgana pulls up to the curb in them-got-damn-self because Miss-Codename: Mona can transform into a bus. Yes queen!  This feline accessorizes with a 2.3L turbo-4 engine and 300 horesepower!  Handy and fashion: because that bus has ears.  For what?  To hear the haters coming and drive the fuck away, Miss-Miss!  Morgana is serving adorable-counterpart-reality with a cute yellow handkerchief collaring that cute, kitty-cat neck.

The Phantom Thieves are what?  Sickening.  They have stolen what?  Your heart.  Why?  Because: fashion.

If you still doubt me in terms of the incredibleness of Persona 5, I can’t help you.  Honestly, seeing them should have been enough to make you place an Amazon order or get your ass down to a GameStop.  Love yourself: play Persona 5.  Or do one better: dress like Persona 5.

Turn up that collar.  Accessorize with too many belts.  Feather that hat, honey.  Make yourself into the person you wish you’d be with all the craze and fabulous you deserve. Unleash your Persona!  Unleash fashion!

Persona 5 is available for PlayStation 4.

title: rolling dance and glitter
rating: g
word count: 1200
summary: when in spain, why not put glitter on your face and go 70’s disco rollerblading?

[read on ao3]

whoops get ready for glittery fluff.

By all accounts, he really shouldn’t be having this much fun. The music is loud, the bass pulsing heavy and deep. He can feel it in his bones. The neon lights are pinky purple and spotlights dance across the wooden floor. There are people absolutely everywhere, most of them with vlogging cameras and a tendency to overshare the images and videos they capture. His calf muscles burn from the exertion of pushing them forward and working them in ways he would never willingly choose to do. It’s literally his worst nightmare.

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  • dazai/atsushi
  • spy au fic preview

The edge of a bullet smarts his heels.

Dazai rounds a corner, his back pressing up against brick wall. For a moment, the world freezes in silence—with nothing else but his pounding heartbeat. He swallows down a panting breath, ears straining for the barest hint of movement.


His hand cocks the pistol at his hip, hidden under the flap of his vest.

Stray footsteps at his right.

Dazai lifts his gun and steps into the shadow of a nearby fire escape, his eyes glinting in the darkness. Drops of moisture from last night’s rain fall onto the concrete floors. They tick by ominously, each drop louder than the last.

A dark silhouette cuts through the morning smog.

It raises a hand—

Dazai skids to the side, his finger coming down on the trigger. The bangs ring out loud clear, and he ducks to avoid a retaliating bullet that buries itself in the wall behind him. But the two shots hit their target, and soon a dark stain begins to spread all over the man’s torso. He falls to his knees, the thud muffled and final, and Dazai Osamu exhales, smoothing back his hair.

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anonymous asked:

What are art hoe clothing essentials? I know it's like striped shirts, yellow cardigans, and stuff. I feel like an idiot for asking but yeah (-:

no no don’t! I’m not the “typical” art hoe if that’s what people call it but I can maybe give u some help?

»mom jeans (distressed or not)
»boyfriend jeans (distressed or not)
»thick knit cardigans and sweaters
»jean jacket w/ pins (maybe?? idk)
»mustard coloured things
»(cropped) turtlenecks
»jeans w/ paint splatters
»big, baggy, thrifted t-shirts
»oversized, collared button ups with tights
»high waisted denim shorts
»sunflowery things
»birks (I personally don’t think they’re worth it but go for it if u like them)
»platform shoes (heels maybe?) in white or black
»long fall coats
»doc martens
»mary janes
»oxford shoes
»stripes (like u said)
»art socks (my advice is don’t buy the Frida Kahlo ones bc I really don’t think she’d like it but that’s just me)
»halter tops

stuff that’s not exactly very “art hoe” but that I would wear (this is just for inspo):

-light, small-printed floral skirts
-flowy short shorts
-plain black & plain white tees (pun intended)
-off the shoulder (crop) tops
-crochet net cardigan (hard to describe, but if u want I’ll post a pic)
-fitted (ish) combat boots
-jelly heels
-army green flowy pants (also hard to describe, but I can post a pic)
-lightweight dresses (possibly w/ a sheer bit or a collar)
-plain black highwaist skirt
-lilac things
-cropped spaghetti strapped tank tops
-midi skirts
-oversized sweaters
-and you’re never fully dressed w/o a smile☺️

hope that this was helpful😌💓


Now you see it, now you see it again 

Pt 11  - Carte blanche

Women think of all colours except the absence of colour. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.
― Coco Chanel

Phryne’s white textured wool crepe overcoat makes several appearances in Series 1 and 2.  The single-breasted coat flares slightly from the waist giving it movement, the oversized fur shawl collar oozing the luxury and style we associate with Phryne Fisher.  She wears it both with a white felt cloche and a leopard print with feather detail, and white, pale yellow and/or black accessories.

It first appears in The Green Mill Murder (S1, Ep3) in the  ‘who dunnit’ reveal at City South towards the end of the episode.  The coat contrasts the night club barely-there evening wear of sleek black fringing and sparkling rhinestones.  It is warm and elegant and appropriately formal for an interview:

Phryne reveals the modus operandi first to an impressed Jack:

Phryne: See, he’s made modifications here and here. 

Jack: I don’t know who has the more fanciful imagination… Rogers for coming up with it, or you for working it out. 

Phryne: Jack! Me, obviously.

then nails the perpetrator, Rogers:

Case closed.

In the next episode, Death at Victoria Dock, the coat reappears with black and white accessories, mirroring the surrounds not only of the convent hallways and tiled floors, but the inhabitants themselves:

In Raisins and Almonds S1 Ep5, Phryne wears the coat and hat as she tracks down the relationship between a cottage garden and a deadly poison.  The coat with its soft trim and felt cloche blend with the pastel flowers and the painted backdrop of the terrace house.

The outfit is part of the reveal of this episode too:

 - as Phryne reveals a little more of herself to Jack:

- and Jack reveals a little of himself to Phryne:

Jack: I went to war a newlywed. 

Phryne: But you came home. 

Jack: Not the man my wife married… 16 years ago. 

Phryne: War will do that to you. 

Jack: My wife’s been living with her sister for some time now. But a marriage is still a marriage, Miss Fisher. 

Phryne: Especially to a man of honour.

In S1 Ep7, Murder in Montparnasse, the personal intrudes but this time it is Phryne who must divulge something of her life. She wears the white hat and coat as she insinuates her way into an investigation of a motor vehicle accident that ultimately leads to memories of a very  painful episode in her past.

Her light-hearted response to Hugh’s recreation of the scene of the crime has Jack too letting down his usual reserved guard.

The following scene shows the pair maintaining comfortable rapport.

As in Green Mill, the white coat provides a stark contrast to the later scene in the restaurant where Phryne wears all black, perhaps a symbol of the darkness of the abusive past relationship - and Jack and Phryne’s rapprochement continues…

Flowers and revelations recur when Phryne wears the outfit in Queen of the Flowers, S1 Ep9.

Jane’s mother reveals her presence, with devastating impact on both the surrogate mother and Jane:

The image above shows the detail on the cloche, bronze floral motifs with hand-painted beading, so appropriate for episodes with flowers as thematic trope.

Phryne wears the outfit to her appointment in the hall where the flower maidens are preparing for their festival performance, and we see the line and fall of the coat.  But not for long.

Phryne removes hat, coat and gloves to ensure the girls in her care are better prepared to face an, at times, hostile world than finishing lessons can provide:

Phryne: And I wish I could have taught Kitty something more useful than dancing or deportment or etiquette. …Take your coats off, ladies, and I’ll show you. 

Jack too appreciates what she shows them:

Then on to Season 2, Episode 8, The Blood of Juana the Mad. 

Phryne wears the coat with the leopard print cloche and feather corded detail, and black accessories - gloves, bag and shoes. Her outfit here appears too, to pay homage to the surrounds and the dress regulations of those within the medical faculty.

Her estrangement from Jack is most marked at the beginning of the episode with some settings foreshadowing a later resumption of more harmonious relations.

Their exchange highlights the tension between the two - Jack determined to separate himself both personally and professionally from Phryne as he realises he can no longer isolate each of the two facets of their relationship; Phryne on the other hand believes they can and should.

Jack: I know Dr MacMillan is an old friend, but it would be easier if you left me to investigate. 

Phryne: Without me? What about the safe? You couldn’t have opened that without me. 

Jack: Not as easily. 

Phryne: Or the blood trail. 

Jack: Not as quickly. 

Phryne: What about Hugh? I helped him to… 

Jack: Helped what? 

Phryne: Do you really want me to go? 

Jack: I don’t want you to go. I need you to go. Please go home. 

Phryne: Very well. Sayonara. 

Phryne, in profile and framed by pillars, provides the third figure in the stained glass panelling after Jack’s exit.

Fortunately the episode ends with them in tandem -  so to speak - on a motorbike, and there’s more talk of what the future might hold:

Jack: I think we’re more of a waltz, Miss Fisher. 

Phryne: Not a tango? A good waltz is slow, and close. 

Jack: I’ll try to stay in step, all the same.

And that’s the last of the beautiful white coat although the colour, style and trim may well be a  presage of another scene or two with another white coat… but that would be another post!

2 Guys 550 Ft In The Air Cause They're Not Gay (ZeRoyalChaos)

copied from a text fic on Wattpad

“God, the fireworks are so pretty tonight.”

“Yeah… they really are,” not prettier than you. His thought was pushed away, Chilled struggling to swallow down the words in his throat. Why was he so… God, what’s the word? This is why he was failing English lit. Chilled fumbled around with his beanie, his fingers just itching to move around and do something other than being still. “I wonder how they make them.” Hearing his own words made Chilled cringe. He had always been awkward around crushes which is why during school Galm had to stick around and play the wingman, but now he and Ze sat in a carriage 550 ft above ground with Galm going on rides with Smarty. This was such a bad idea that past Chilled didn’t think over thoroughly.

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Klonoa had a fun design in the first game. I think they really made him look a lot more bland afterwards. Why would anyone ever want to get rid of that oversized collar?


Outfit 133: “No Chill”

Breaking Bad S04x07 “Problem Dog”

Our hearts break as we get a great view of this truly awesome jacket. Its got weight and texture and a very flattering oversized collar. J looks very put together as he comes undone.

“If you just do stuff and nothing happens, what’s it all mean?”

This is the moment Jesse’s outlook on life, on existence, is verbalised for us. I’ve tried to do some readings to tackle this one…Nietzsche, Camus, Sartre, even crusty old Heidegger, but I haven’t found what I was looking for (does anyone, ever?). So I’m going to freestyle this shit & apologies in advance.

This line is like the moral equivalent of ‘if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound?’ - I’m sure that is a terrible equivalency, but it takes me where I want to go. J’s trouble is that he expects judgement and punishment to fall upon him from others in the world since he has broken both the law of his land and his own moral philosophy. But, there have been no external consequences: no imprisonment by the state and no punishment from Gus (scare tactics notwithstanding). So, is an act still wrong if there is no judgement?

If you believe in an objective, universal morality then the answer is certainly yes. A Christian would believe Jesse will get his when he’s zapped down into the depths of Hell. But, Jesse ain’t religious. He’s a moral relativist, meaning his understanding of what is right and wrong is subjective to his own experience. I see J as essentially Nietzschian and we are privy to the edges of his moral philosophy quite often in the series. We know he’s against harming children or involving them in criminal pursuits - this is a hard and fast Jesse commandment. Selling drugs he qualifies with to whom they are sold. Mothers? Okay if you’re a hooker and I haven’t met your son (Wendy) but not cool if I’ve met your son (Andrea). Recovering addicts? He was okay with it but seems to have changed his mind. Selling drugs to everyone else? Not a problem! What about generalised stealing, like say from your employer? Totally okay. Dude is  pretty down for greed and lust if we want to get traditional with our sins. But, murder…J’s not entirely sure. He’s into wrath/vengeance as this is one of his greatest flaws (more on that another time) and at one point thinks he’s fine with murder under this condition. But, in the contrived us vs. them scenario of murdering Gale, Jesse falls to his conscience. Still, we opened this episode with him practicing murder. He’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma if I ever saw one. 

Although he is confessing in this scene, he’s is also pleading for punishment. When the NA leader validates his wrongdoing, he escalates the stakes by confessing again. He needs consequences. His outlook on the world is in chaos without them. Without punishment, he has no choice but to restructure his moral code. It’s his only chance to alleviate his guilt.