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Outfit 133: “No Chill”

Breaking Bad S04x07 “Problem Dog”

Our hearts break as we get a great view of this truly awesome jacket. Its got weight and texture and a very flattering oversized collar. J looks very put together as he comes undone.

“If you just do stuff and nothing happens, what’s it all mean?”

This is the moment Jesse’s outlook on life, on existence, is verbalised for us. I’ve tried to do some readings to tackle this one…Nietzsche, Camus, Sartre, even crusty old Heidegger, but I haven’t found what I was looking for (does anyone, ever?). So I’m going to freestyle this shit & apologies in advance.

This line is like the moral equivalent of ‘if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound?’ - I’m sure that is a terrible equivalency, but it takes me where I want to go. J’s trouble is that he expects judgement and punishment to fall upon him from others in the world since he has broken both the law of his land and his own moral philosophy. But, there have been no external consequences: no imprisonment by the state and no punishment from Gus (scare tactics notwithstanding). So, is an act still wrong if there is no judgement?

If you believe in an objective, universal morality then the answer is certainly yes. A Christian would believe Jesse will get his when he’s zapped down into the depths of Hell. But, Jesse ain’t religious. He’s a moral relativist, meaning his understanding of what is right and wrong is subjective to his own experience. I see J as essentially Nietzschian and we are privy to the edges of his moral philosophy quite often in the series. We know he’s against harming children or involving them in criminal pursuits - this is a hard and fast Jesse commandment. Selling drugs he qualifies with to whom they are sold. Mothers? Okay if you’re a hooker and I haven’t met your son (Wendy) but not cool if I’ve met your son (Andrea). Recovering addicts? He was okay with it but seems to have changed his mind. Selling drugs to everyone else? Not a problem! What about generalised stealing, like say from your employer? Totally okay. Dude is  pretty down for greed and lust if we want to get traditional with our sins. But, murder…J’s not entirely sure. He’s into wrath/vengeance as this is one of his greatest flaws (more on that another time) and at one point thinks he’s fine with murder under this condition. But, in the contrived us vs. them scenario of murdering Gale, Jesse falls to his conscience. Still, we opened this episode with him practicing murder. He’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma if I ever saw one. 

Although he is confessing in this scene, he’s is also pleading for punishment. When the NA leader validates his wrongdoing, he escalates the stakes by confessing again. He needs consequences. His outlook on the world is in chaos without them. Without punishment, he has no choice but to restructure his moral code. It’s his only chance to alleviate his guilt.

My Attempt At An Eddie x Reader fic...

You have been to a charity performance of a Newt Scamander theatre production. Eddie is obviously playing Newt.

At the end of the performance, you go to the stage door hoping to meet Eddie and ask him to sign your autograph book, which is very decorative with leather bindings and relief cover.

When you get to the stage door, you seen a group of people, each carrying messenger bags bursting with glossy photos of Eddie, probably printed from the Internet.

The stage door eventually opens, not before you hear someone grumbling “I wish this guy would hurry up, it’s freezing out here!”

Eddie appears, wrapped up in a woolly sweater with an oversized collar and a denim jacket.

He is very polite to everyone, even the ones with all the photographs, although he does explain that he can only sign one item each.

Gradually the group of people dwindles and soon Eddie gets to you.

“Hello,” Eddie says, smiling warmly as he notices that you are clutching the autograph book nervously.

“H…hello,” you say, “Please can you sign my book?”

“Sure,” Eddie replies, as he takes the book and pen from you, “Your hands are cold,” he adds, with genuine concern.

You smile shyly, not knowing what to say at first. You find your voice eventually, “I loved the play.”

“Thank You.” Eddie replied, “You’re the first person to say that since I stepped out of the Stage Door. What’s your name?” he asks.

You tell him and he continues writing in your book.

“It’s been lovely to meet you.” he says.

You smile and thank Eddie for his time and the two of you part company. To your surprise Eddie takes off on foot, there’s no driver waiting for him.

A moment or two later you see one of the guys with the messenger bag full of photographs begin to follow Eddie. The man is talking quietly into his mobile, “Yeah, I’m gonna catch him up and get some more stuff signed.”

You decide to take action by breaking into a run, calling Eddie by his first name as you catch up with him, having gone past the autograph guy.

Eddie turns as you reach him, “Hello again Y/N,”

Before nerves set in, you place a hand on his arm: “Sorry to be so informal but there’s a guy who has followed you from the theatre and I heard him tell someone on the phone that he is going to get some more autographs from you.”

Eddie glances subtly over his shoulder, “Ah, yes I see him.” he says.

“I have an idea,” you say, “We could pretend we know each other really well, start chatting as if we are catching up while we walk. Maybe then this guy will give up.”

Eddie grins and the two of you begin to walk, talking animatedly as you go. To your surprise, the conversation flows easily. Neither of you pay any heed to the autograph seller.

Eventually Eddie stops, “This is me,” he says.

You look up, you’re on a quiet residential street. Some houses have lights on, others in darkness. You glance behind you, the autograph hunter is nowhere to be seen. Neither you or Eddie noticed when the man gave up on following Eddie.

“Y/N, do you live nearby?” Eddie asks.

At first you consider lying, but the prospect of wandering the streets doesn’t appeal.

“Um, no.” you reply shyly, “I’m staying at a hotel.” When you tell Eddie which one, he looks horrified!

“That’s miles away in the opposite direction from the theatre! There’s no underground station near here.

Next thing you know, Eddie is opening his front door and beckoning you inside; “C'mon in, let us call you a cab.”

You realise then that Eddie’s wife is in the hallway and Eddie is introducing you to her, “Y/N came up with a genius plan to scare off a persistent autograph hunter,” he says, with a wide grin.

Eddie’s wife is kind and welcoming, inviting you into the warm and making hot chocolate while Eddie is contacting a cab company for you.

A little while late, after chatting with Eddie and his wife, the taxi pulls up outside. Eddie speaks quietly to the driver and hands him some money.

When you realise that Eddie has just paid your entire fare plus tips, you look at him in surprise, “How do I pay you back?” you ask.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s the least I can do after you helped me. Now you take care, enjoy the rest of your trip to London. Let me know when you arrive home,” he says, handing you a slip of paper with an email address on it.

Finally, Eddie and his wife each give you a hug and you climb into the cab exhausted, realising that you can’t tell a soul about this, it would be an invasion of Eddie’s privacy and besides no-one would believe you anyway. Instead tonight will remain a fond memory…

This one is inspired by @acciobookstvshowsntea who told me anyone can write…

ohhh man…here comes jataro…

his outfit is. incredibly complicated. he wears his patched up mask, an oversized tan collared shirt and copper tie, copper shorts, white socks, brown slip-on shoes, and a work apron. he has a few tools strapped onto it alongw ith a pouch of some sort, and his warriors of hope symbol is superimposed onto the front, and is branded on the handle of each tool. his pin is on his breast. he also wears a neato backpack of some kind…with a symbol and stuff on it? it appears to be cream colored.

with his mask off, he has short, mousy brown hair in a bowlcut.

hope that helps!

-mod n


Alright! Pirate coat is complete, and Captain Di Angelo is a go!
Coat is based on Sabertooth Racoons pirate!Nico designs, though I added a blue lining. (And accidentally way oversized the collar. Again.)
Small detailing may be done around the buttons, but for now I’m happy with my ten hour long wool coat. (Seriously, I live in arizona what was I thinking buying a wool blend)


Next up is Madeline Hatter! 💙 ♠ I love love love this girl! Her shoes are easily my favorite of this line ^^ Her coat is very true to her fairytale with the swirl print, bold collar, and oversized bow! ^^ her hat kinda bugs me probably because it’s literally on the side of her face -.- I’ll be fixing that when I do her restyle hopefully ^^ Compared to her basic her facial features seem more angular which I really like! This is my 3rd Maddie doll and this is probably my favorite one! :D 💙 ♠ definitely recommend! 💙 ♠